Hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. In October 23rd, reporters from the city of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, for the protection of people eat meat, Xining from November onwards for a period of 2 months of livestock and poultry slaughtering special rectification action, the city’s livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises to conduct a comprehensive rectification of the illegal establishment of livestock and poultry slaughter points in the field of clean and resolutely ban.

rectification action process, will not "slaughter permit", "animal epidemic prevention certificate", "discharge permit" and other related procedures of slaughterhouses were shut down in accordance with the law. At the same time, the existing license is not complete, but the authorities have been accepted; quality inspection management system production is not established, the acquisition is not a quarantine certificate and identification of livestock and poultry slaughter; anti pollution sewage facilities do not meet, or not in normal operation; mortality (harm) of livestock and poultry products harmless treatment facilities do not meet, or not normal use these problems; slaughtering enterprises, import product registration system is not perfect, the problems of the enterprise, the deadline for rectification.
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Recently, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry environmental protection joint office, the provincial food and drug administration, the Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly launched the province’s livestock and poultry slaughtering special rectification action, in order to maintain the healthy development of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry, to ensure the quality and safety of meat dish.

Recently, as long as you log on to the Xining municipal government website, you can see the list of administrative examination and approval items in the home page. Click to enter, the municipal government departments to retain the current administrative approval list, namely "power list" at a glance; continue to click into the project page, each subject of implementation, examination and approval of the approval of the object, set the basis for charges, the materials required to be submitted, the contractor departments and contact telephone are detailed. This is the capital of Qinghai for the first time, drying out power list flashed power family property, it is an important step to promote the transformation of government functions, deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system.

"power list" to ensure a fair and transparent, without aliasing, each city organization department for examination and approval departments have set up corresponding code reserved. On account of the laws and regulations department if changes need to change the project, must be reported to the Municipal Office audit, it is strictly prohibited to change the project. It is reported that in the second half of this year, the city will be organized by the Department of the central and provincial spiritual requirements, the power list and then focus on a clean-up, and then to cancel, adjust a number of administrative examination and approval items. At the same time, will also study the establishment of administrative examination and approval of the matter in the post regulatory mechanism, out of the past, a place on the chaos, a chaos on the land, a dead "vicious circle," the tube, put "two wheels to ensure the achievement of the reform go hand in hand, lock, do not rebound. Xining municipal government will be announced this "power list" as an opportunity, in the reform of administrative examination and approval system in the future, to the public for the first, the better for the public, directly rely on social forces to promote reform, for those who are not good "hoe", without hesitation, a catch in the end.  
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to promote the development of logistics, payment, credit, financing, insurance, testing and certification services, and provide users with hard, software application technology and security service system. The day before, Qinghai full implementation of e-commerce services cluster in Xining city.

cluster commerce can provide users with hard, software application technology and security service system. At present, the first phase of the project has 60 sets of intelligent life convenience terminal in the city of Xining put into use by the end of 2014, Xining city will bring the wisdom of life convenience terminal 300, joined the company 1000 businesses, and under the guidance of all levels of government support, and gradually promote the construction and development of smart city ". read more

recently, the National Tourism Administration announced the national civilized tourism advanced units, the results of the country, a total of 100 civilized tourism advanced units on the list, including 50 travel agencies, hotels and scenic spots of the 25. Selected scenic spots in the list, the Qinghai Lake scenic area has become the only selected tourist attractions in Qinghai.
the selection of activities carried out by the National Tourism Administration Organization, the selection of representative and exemplary civilization advanced unit in the national scope, to further promote the tourism industry cultural tourism work, play the exemplary role of advanced models, and effectively strengthen the tourism operators and tourism practitioners of civilization tourism enhance the sense of responsibility, citizen’s tourism culture.
it is understood that in recent years, the Qinghai Lake scenic area with 5A scenic spot to consolidate and improve the work, increase the civilization tourism promotion efforts, strengthen the constraints tourism behavior, actively establish a civilized tourist image, strengthen the service window scenic tourist center of the civil service standards and norms, improve the scenic area safety tips, care for the environment, civilized travel convention such marked signs improve tourists consciousness; increase the staff of rural tourism policy advocacy and training efforts, to guide the orderly participation of the masses of rural tourism development, create a civilized and orderly tourism around Qinghai Lake area environment; through the comprehensive environmental remediation work, scenic tourism market and the order of the supervision and management work.
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Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial housing security department, as of now, the province’s construction of public rental housing (including low-cost housing) 272 thousand sets, basically built 264 thousand units, stay in the set. In accordance with the province of the two rooms merger reform arrangements, at present, the province has been included in the low rent housing public rental management, to achieve the seven reunification".

try not to dig the old materials, set up grass ditch, the optimal design of high embankment for bridge tunnel construction…… This is the reporter saw a July 31st interview is the construction of the highway to nianbotown town ditch zed two road scene scene.

with a total length of 51.31 km highway is the six run, Panshan centralized traffic poverty alleviation in poor areas contiguous (2011-2020) of the provincial highway planning, but also in eastern Qinghai city group "six vertical and six horizontal" foreign integrated transport channel "four vertical" Tianzhu – Ledu – Longhua highway part. Since the road from Qinghai, Gansu two provinces at the junction of the ditch, zed Mizoguchi, zed Dabanshan, Shou Le Zhen, nianbotown town end point to Ledu district. Along the cross in Beishan National Forest Geopark and Ledu Cang Jia gorge provincial Forest Park, a picturesque scenery, an exquisite scenery. read more

The Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission in chuangxianzhengyou activities, combined with the launch of the "four bright four rated four hit" theme practice activities, give full play to the role of "extensive window units, to provide training services to the grassroots level to provide technology services for schools, enterprises to provide health services, for the people of childbearing age provide equal service activities for flow population, popular

city population and Family Planning Commission in chuangxianzhengyou activities, combined with the launch of the "four bright four rated four hit" theme practice activities, give full play to the role of "extensive window units, to provide training services to the grassroots level to provide technology services for schools, enterprises to provide health services, for the people of childbearing age provide equal services" activities floating population, popular. read more

The morning of October 29th, the center city forestry bureau Party committee held a study group (expanded Conference), organization of the Bureau of the offices, units subordinate kejiyishang cadres to seriously study the party’s convey the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee bureau Party Secretary Zhang Fujun presided over the study

10 29 in the morning, the center city forestry bureau Party committee (enlarged meeting) group held a learning organization, the Bureau of the offices, units subordinate kejiyishang cadres to seriously study the party to convey the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee bureau Party Secretary Zhang Fujun presided over the study. The meeting focused on learning to convey the plenary session of the report on the work of the important meaning and spirit of plenary meeting elaborated, Zhang Fujun comrades I earnestly study implement the spirit of the plenary session put forward specific requirements. He pointed out that this plenary session summarizes the "11th Five-Year" China’s experience in economic and social development, made a strategic plan for the "12th Five-Year" major issues of economic and social development, the global units should convey to study and implement the spirit of the plenum as the primary political task of the current and future periods, to the implementation of the plenum to green go to work in the urban and rural. One is to combine the current work, the control objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year, carefully combing, strengthen supervision, speeding up, we should pay special attention to the implementation of key forestry project landscape, to ensure the successful completion of the annual task. Two is the plan early next year, according to the municipal government requirements, combined with the planning of urban greening in 12th Five-Year ", earnestly planning urban greening construction of major projects, will focus on the construction of the theme park" to pre project intensive construction preparatory work next year, and strive to achieve a good start "12th Five-Year" in urban and rural areas green. read more

In order to improve the rapid response to environmental emergencies and environmental emergency monitoring capabilities, recently, the province launched the environmental emergency monitoring pull drill. Provincial Environmental Emergency Center, the provincial environmental monitoring center station, Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining environmental monitoring station sent a total of 45 people participated in the exercise.

this exercise with no scripts, no notice of the site of the incident and accident type simulation exercises in advance, closer to actual combat. Simulation exercises along the road near the River Dart somewhere, a tanker carrying chemicals accidents in road transportation of chemicals overturned, leaked from the damaged body parts, into the river, and the leak around the volatile, causing a certain degree of pollution of the typical environmental emergencies scenes on the river water quality and the surrounding air. The aim of this paper is to focus on the rapid response ability of emergency monitoring vehicles and the mastery of emergency monitoring procedures and equipment operation. read more

travel to Qinghai Lake, as well as the majority of tourists to travel, do not have to travel around the busy season for traffic congestion, parking inconvenience worry, there will be 10 parking lots along the Qinghai Lake. In May 20th, reporters from the Provincial Department of transportation planning department was informed that, at present 10 parking lot along Qinghai Lake is stepping up construction, is expected by the end of June will be completed and put into use, then, traffic order around the Qinghai Lake scenic area will be improved. read more

Since the founding of new China, Xining and the largest investment in the overall project, the comprehensive transformation of the Xining Railway Station concern. April 9th, Chengdong District, the district government held a media briefing, to the central green and the wall of the media informed the progress of the project of the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project. After a year of hard work, later this month, the project will be completed 1 million 937 thousand and 800 square meters of land, to ensure that the next second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway equipment successfully debugging and commissioning.It is reported that read more

Communist Youth League Secretary of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, comrade Shen Hongxing went to Xining Datong County research, a comprehensive understanding of the work of the County Communist Youth LeagueShen Hongxing, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Qinghai Province, Xining Province, went to Datong County,, a comprehensive understanding of the work of the County Youth league.

during the study period, Datong County delegation around strengthening the work, enhance the county League County Communist Youth League Youth Work Service Ability and level as the theme, focus on rural (community), the construction of grassroots organizations in non-public economic organizations to build infrastructure, service of rural youth employment and entrepreneurship, young farmers practical technical training, young volunteers, youth culture, construction in rural areas to promote the project hope and a report on the work of the Communist Youth League; Doreen town Datong County town rural Doreen combined 2011 (community) branch unified general work, strengthen the construction of rural youth, rural left behind children and the Communist Youth League caring content introduced to carry out the work; Datong County Deputy Secretary Han Ruihua comrade of the party building work in Datong County and the Communist Youth League building work training, group cadres and young cadres Organization of the county Party committee and county government. read more

City Commission for Discipline Inspection recently named the city’s third batch of Municipal Cultural demonstration point. Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Bridge Street community, Mao Sheng Si Datong Street Primary School, Xining City, Da Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun rural independent cultural education center and other 25 units of honor. Up to now, the city has named 72 Municipal Cultural demonstration point.

since 2011, Xining proposed to explore the implementation of the new pattern of "six plus four" independent culture, which is based on the culture into the organs, schools, enterprises, into the community, into the countryside, into the family, build a new model into the project, in the hospital, into the area, enter the mall. In 2012, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other seven units issued on the strengthening of the construction of public facilities in the construction of cultural facilities in the "guidance", the independent cultural hardware construction and city construction planning, with the same construction, with the implementation of. All localities and departments in accordance with the "clean government culture" six plus four "Xining city" mode to create a standard and incorrupt government culture "district brand and industry characteristics to create demand, has to cultivate a group of independent cultural construction works fine. At the beginning of 2015, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "notice" on the municipal honest culture demonstration application, all localities and departments to focus on low-cost Chong Shang Jie theme, dig the cultural resources, and actively carry out various forms of activities to create a clean government culture, cultivate and foster a number of distinctive features, atmosphere and standard management often, the activities of the Independent Commission Against Culture demonstration. read more

November 20th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County held a study to carry out the spirit of the party’s eighteen thematic meeting. Arrangements for the deployment of the county to study and carry out the spirit of the party’s eighteen major work, city and county leaders and departments, towns and units responsible person to participate in the seminar. Thematic learning from the general assembly, the spirit of the eighteen major report, the main spirit of the work report of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and changes in the level of the party constitution to convey the spirit of the party’s comrades of the eighteen.

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On the morning of September 30th, Xining East District, Kunlun East Road, a new intersection of people surging, flags fluttering. Sponsored by the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Xining City, Xining City Workers Cultural Workers Sports Association, Dongchuan Industrial Park Committee, 51 Cultural Palace Bridge Club Co foot walk group climbing season kicked off in the sunny day in an invigorating autumn climate from the city’s 132 teams, 660 athletes.

the entire 12 km on foot, competition to enhance workers physique, build strong team, advocate the concept of environmental protection "as the theme, take the mixed team group entry form.   read more

In November 3, 2011, the city forestry bureau organized the Wenfeng scenic area, Shek Kip breeze Tsui scenic construction detailed planning assessment unit, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Planning Bureau, Land Bureau, environmental protection bureau, Chengdong District People’s government, the District People’s Government of the relevant responsible person and invited experts of state chartered registered city planners Xie Shuxuan, national register city planner Li Qing, researcher Wang Zhanlin, forestry Engineer Zhang Gengquan and Wang Qingping participated in the review meeting read more

recently, as the weather gets warmer, many construction units began construction operations, causing part of the dust pollution. In view of this situation, the relevant industry supervision department joint County Datong County Housing Construction Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, environmental protection bureau, traffic bureau to take measures to further strengthen the housing demolition, earthmoving, construction site supervision and management.

according to the supervision and management regulations, in the windy weather, regulatory departments to increase the construction unit inspection and inspection work, supervise the construction units to implement material, bare ground cover and sprinkler measures of dust prevention and control measures are not implemented corresponding measures or not up to standard requirements will be shut down for rectification. A vehicle checkpoint in Ning Zhang highway, do the inspection work on the vehicle transport muck windy weather, in windy conditions the sediment transport vehicles to take persuasion, forbidding measures. Under the windy weather, all abandoned soil sites in the county are not allowed to dump the waste soil. The abandoned soil field shall be equipped with the measures of compaction, sprinkling and covering. At the same time, the regulatory authorities to increase the prevention and control of solid waste landfill windy weather.   read more

prominent contradictions against the grim situation facing the field of land resources and land and resources department, City Land Bureau in the in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities, closely combined with the problems of our city resources has basically been depleted, further increase the intensity of work to crack problems.

Director of the Bureau of party secretary,

Bao Weizhen said, these problems by conventional means, rely on, follow the prescribed order stereotypes can not be solved effectively. In the next period, the city’s rapid industrialization and urbanization of land resources demand will continue to grow, the new situation and new tasks very conspicuous contradiction between supply and demand, we need to study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, based on the reality of our city to study and practice activities as to promote land resource management and booster multiplier, with Scientific Outlook on Development to guide thinking, to guide practice and promote the work, establish the promoting mechanism and the system worked well, saving and intensive land to achieve incremental stock land utilization; take incentive measures to minimize the illegal phenomenon, put the tube tube well, let go of the tube. To focus on improving macroeconomic regulation and protection of land for construction, promote the conservation and intensive, adhere to the red land, standardize management of mineral resources, safeguard the interests of the masses, strengthening public service, improve the land resource planning, management, protection and utilization. (author: Shi Fei) read more

7 month 28 days, in the province into the "seven eight" key flood control stage, flood control and drought relief headquarters held a flood control and production safety work to promote the video, flood control and drought relief departments at all levels and its member units should conscientiously implement the leadership of the Central Committee, the provincial government for the current flood prevention work instructions instructions. To the party and the people highly responsible attitude, work together, hard work, determined to win the flood prevention and safety production of the two games. read more

spring willow return, a year old gathering.

3 14 am, Beijing railway building. CPPCC National Committee members, President of Hainan Institute of socialism Shi Yaozhong boarded the Great Hall of the people. "I submitted on the revolutionary collaborative development proposal last year, now the local poverty alleviation pace, by the people welcome. Hope that through the efforts of more people’s desire to become a reality."

at this time, from all walks of life of all political parties and groups of more than 2100 CPPCC members, with the expectations of the people of all ethnic groups, from the station to the Great Hall of the people gathered to attend the opening session of the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the four. read more

reporter learned from Xining airport, July 1st, Qingdao, to open to Xiamen, Ji’nan, Taiyuan and other routes to Xining airport, this green counterpart aid flights will open all the provinces and cities, between Xining and green counterpart aid flights to more than 27 provinces and cities, economic cooperation and cultural exchanges will be more convenient for passengers to travel to. More convenient.
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Xining city education bureau Party committee adhere to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activities as an opportunity, in accordance with the "education on Party building, party development" principle, strive to strengthen and improve the party building work in primary and secondary schools, to enhance the level of Party building work, won a provincial chuangxianzhengyou advanced grass-roots party organizations, the title of honor

Xining municipal education bureau Party committee adhere to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activities as an opportunity, in accordance with the "education on Party building, party development" principle, strive to strengthen and improve the party building work in primary and secondary schools, to enhance the level of Party building work, the province’s striving for priority in the grass-roots party organization title. read more

November 3rd, Xining city fire brigade in the north of the City Taihe building held a large fire rescue drills, boost 119 fire Awareness Month activities continue to heat up.

exercise at 3 on the official start of 15. The fire that Taihe entertainment club fire building bapima for electric circuit, the fire quickly spread to the southeast, set 2 residential building exterior wall thermal insulation layer to the 11 layer, trapped an unknown number, the situation is very critical. Xining 119 command center after receiving the alarm, immediately launched a major disaster emergency rescue plan, mobilization of 8 squadron duty, fire engines, 100 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. read more

2013, the city’s private economy to attract employment 15815 people, accounting for more than the total number of new jobs in the community by 50.23%. This means that half of the city’s new employment in the private economy.

substantial increase in private economic practitioners, the direct cause is the rapid increase of private economic organizations. In 2013, the city’s newly registered enterprises 3198 households, with Small and micro businesses as the main body of the private enterprises has reached 14807, an increase of 27.55%; the city’s private economy added value of 42 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of 23.14%, the proportion of GDP increased to 43.3%, an increase of 2.87 percentage points compared to 2012; completed private investment 53 billion 721 million yuan, growth 19.44%, the proportion of the total social fixed assets investment reached 58.05%; the private economy to pay taxes 8 billion 256 million yuan, an increase of 44.6%, accounting for 77.53% of the whole society to pay taxes. At the same time, the rapid development of private enterprises has become an important channel for employment, as of the end of 2013, private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households up to 429 thousand and 700 employees. read more

In order to establish and improve the basic pension service system, and further promote the development of the cause of the elderly, the county actively building the elderly day care centers, and constantly improve the quality of life of the elderly

to establish and improve the basic pension service system, and further promote the development of the cause of the elderly, the county actively building the elderly day care centers, and constantly improve the quality of life of the elderly.

– site selection, speed up the pace of central construction. plans to invest 866 thousand yuan to build a covers an area of 300 square meters in Zhenkang Sichuan DOPA Town, set the elderly activity room, lounge, restaurant and other daycare services as one of the elderly day care center, to carry out services for the elderly, Kang Sichuan Metro residential area living alone, empty nest, poor and living self-care difficulties in elderly people. Currently, the elderly day care center has completed the site selection and construction work, is preparing for internal decoration. read more

alarm services, for the two generation ID card, temporary residence permits, query documents handling…… Life of these large and small things, in the future only need to click the mouse at home, you can easily handle online. Since June 1st, the city will be officially opened in Xining City Public Security Bureau registration service network and 70 online police station and 7 police community, rural areas, schools, hospital room.

May 29th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, in order to be more efficient and convenient service for the masses, for the masses to understand the relevant provisions of the household registration requirements apply, since this year the city public security organs innovative service concept, the household service network and 70 online police station built on the Internet, the relevant provisions, the conditions for acceptance, household management methods, procedures, methods, fees and time to fill in the form, the required certificate issued by the requirements of the public, to facilitate the masses inquiry, but also through the Internet directly download the relevant forms, procedures, procedures. Some police station has also established a QQ service platform, the masses can face to face consultation with the police exchange. Citizens in the field or inconvenience to the police station for processing photos can be uploaded, the police and the population information system in the population information and the original photos and upload photos can be checked after the same agent mail. People in the Internet search, Xining City Public Security Bureau public service network can log on to any police station page. Do not need to go to the police station to understand the requirements of the project through the network. read more

January 7th, Chengdong district government in the city of Ning Road Chengbei District Rueijing riverside home round square held a large "two" condolences activities, to live in the district 150 households per household issued 500 yuan red and 1 bags of flour…… It turned out that these 150 families are the city of East Lin Lin cliff community residents, is in the home of the king of the collective transition.
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open restaurant franchise, the most important thing is to focus on management. In many cases, the quality of a manager will directly affect the store business, if you want to shop in a good direction, you need to develop a or become a good manager. In the end how to do, learn to learn with small.

The contribution of

‘s excellent managers means that it is a practical way to communicate the ideas of the employees in the shop through the action, so that all employees and all activities are focused on continuous improvement. Only mouth or public speaking is not suitable for quality management, managers must be involved in every aspect of quality management and continue to maintain. read more

said we gehangrugeshan, for lack of experience of novice entrepreneurship to successfully open a clothing store, much to learn and master the operating skills, including clothing business in terms of price problem can be said to be one of the most important problem in the whole management process, so that the new investment clothing to join the first to master the knowledge store pricing.

1, clothing to join low permeability strategy, as a business, no matter what kind of pricing strategy, the ultimate goal is to make money, this request must be formulated on the basis of the cost price, can not be lower than the cost to sell. So to keep the competitive price advantage, we should start from the source, large quantities of direct procurement, reduce intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, for manufacturers none other measures, do everything possible to reduce costs, the implementation of small profits, low price to win. read more

in order to enhance the cultural taste of Kumbum Monastery, to attract more visitors, showing the Kumbum Monastery mining and rich tourism resources, Huangzhong county will be the city’s "three section" cultural activities as an opportunity to host the 2013 Kumbum Monastery suyouhua Cultural Tourism Festival, Huangzhong has to show the local characteristics of folk culture and non-material cultural heritage, carry out a series of religious culture, folk culture and the development of cultural industry exhibition. read more

according to the Audit Bureau on 2008 before the release of the section 01 of the audit results announcement shows that since May 12th, after the Wenchuan earthquake, to September 25th, the Civil Affairs Department of Xining city and three counties and four districts, the Red Cross, and other charitable organizations received a total of 17 million 946 thousand and 300 yuan from the public, have been allocated in earthquake stricken areas.

May 12th, Sichuan, a major earthquake disaster in Wenchuan. After the disaster, the whole nation of the cadres and the masses, Our wills unite like a fortress., I spontaneously organized for the donation donation. As of September 25th, the city and the four districts of the Civil Affairs Department of the county, the Red Cross, charitable organizations, such as a total of 17 million 946 thousand and 300 yuan to receive donations from the community of $three. To ensure that all donated relief funds and materials for disaster relief, the provincial audit department issued "on the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake relief funds and materials to track audit notice", the main leaders of our city also made specific instructions, the audit bureau of the rapid deployment of the backbone of the business special audit group, divided into six stages of work overtime of relief funds and materials donated. The tracking audit. Audit results show that nearly 18 million yuan of donations have been fully allocated to the earthquake stricken area, no crowding, interception and misappropriation. read more

In January 28th, the author from the East District of NPC and CPPCC was informed that this year, the district will continue to adhere to the project for the tangible things as an important measure of people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, centralized financial 240 million yuan, completed 5 categories of 18 people look forward to the practical work, good, make the area people of all nationalities share the fruits of reform and development.

the area of this project for the tangible things include: ecological forestry class 1, a total investment of 7 million yuan plan implementation of the North South Mountain 2087 acres of afforestation project. Urban construction 5, a total investment of 35 million 50 thousand yuan. Will complete the rhyme ieguchi resettlement area road construction completed; Huang Zhong Lu, xiadou street pavement isolation installation; complete the area part of the old buildings renovation; complete blocks greening and beautification, lighting projects; complete village road hardening project. Environmental management class 3, plans a total investment of 18 million 400 thousand yuan. The complete coal gas project, construction, information monitoring platform of 3 urban garbage transfer station construction project, allotted 15 environmentally friendly vehicles electric garbage truck. 2 types of education and culture, with a total investment of $105 million 100 thousand. The completion of the Kang Nan primary school, the rich and powerful Lane Primary School and the north side of the street elementary school expansion project for the region’s primary free textbooks, books and necessary equipment for kindergarten. Social livelihood class 7, a total investment of 74 million 200 thousand yuan. Will build a city cultural stage, construction technology style places, carry out cultural activities Huimin; update the legal publicity and education, with legal books; complete the construction area comprehensive service center for the area; 60 years old city residents object, rural five objects, the implementation of key special government purchase pension service; community garden, Dongxing and the completion of the Qinghai Tibet the neighborhood office service room construction; complete the construction of the district government administrative service center; a new university business incubator park; for the elderly aged 65 and above the area and all the sanitation workers for free medical examination.   read more

at present, the city of the country has entered the trial sprint sprint. The West District of Xining City, in addition to the infrastructure, appearance and environmental remediation, volunteer service, purify the environment of minors and other key work, will also improve the "creative city" supervision system, increase accountability efforts to act tough and talk soft ". This is August 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining city district government held the west to create a national civilized city mobilization meeting on the. read more

June 9th is China’s seventh intangible cultural heritage day, the district cultural center in Chaoyang Square held a "north of the city of the 2012 intangible cultural heritage day opera performance". Two from the town of the three office of the folk art team together to show the north wind wind, so that the audience appreciate the charm of traditional folk art.
the festival features: first, "the veteran" second line. In order to encourage students, towns do the field of "elite" stage in the festival in less, provides an opportunity to show their talent on stage is usually less opportunity for opera lovers. Second, the judges are all their own people. In order to cultivate North quyi judged their own team, the festival served as judges work personnel, all is north of the folk art community DeYiShuangXin artists. Third, only collective award. In order to strengthen the folk team team consciousness, the festival only team award, no personal award.
in addition to the festival before to show ninety percent off shadow play. North shadow show had a glorious past. Now on the verge of disappearing. In order to save the art of non heritage, district cultural center to set up a shadow team, and for the first time in the non heritage day debut.
North paper-cut, embroidery art in "Heritage Day" to show the audience, a piece of exquisite works to attract people to watch the feet. read more

  flowers Zhengyan, flag. National Day day, our province Hehuang, on both sides of the Gobi desert, snow grasslands of the urban and rural residents in different ways to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, plateau earth everywhere showing a happy and peaceful festive scene.

in the city of Xining Road West Main Street, victory road, covered with bright flag shops on both sides of the door, with each other the glorious flowers, forming a beautiful landscape in the urban park square; and wall street greenbelt, various other flower pot flower, landscape features, landscape sketch the beautiful colorful, brilliant purples and reds. read more

is to achieve the "four one" as the goal, and constantly establish and improve the community system, strengthen community cadres, Party members and party workers, community workers and volunteers team construction, improve community infrastructure. Through for a higher level of investment, District matching and street community financing, has financed more than 1610 yuan, the implementation of the centralized organization for standardization transformation 11 community Mao Sheng Si community, new bridge community, Beichuan East Road community, to enhance the level of community infrastructure. In strict accordance with the implementation of community cadres remuneration is not less than 1.5 times the minimum wage standards in the region to achieve an average of $1350 per month for community cadres. Implementation of the work of the funds, the community to operate the funds for 60 thousand yuan per community, compared with 2011, an increase of $40 thousand per community of $20 thousand. At present, 23 communities have reached the "four one" community construction standards.  
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began in late September, for excessive emissions of motor vehicles and waste vehicles such as dust pollution sources, Xining city traffic police department to take a series of effective measures to comprehensively deal with motor vehicle pollution. Through 20 days of comprehensive management, the provincial capital of pollution control has achieved initial results.

check: 60 traffic police day and night to check the contaminated car

with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, motor vehicle pollution has gradually increased." In October 17th, Xining city traffic police detachment commissar Wang Wei talked about the pollution control work, "air pollution sources including sewage, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust emissions exceed the standard and muck cars, construction site dust, which is related to motor vehicle pollution control more places, so we present the control of air pollution as a key task!" read more

China City Planning Institute branch "scenic rural scenic environment characteristics of Plateau", held the reputation of Huangyuan city known as Dan Gar county. Experts and scholars, engineers from the China Planning Association landscape branch, have written that the multi angle, multi layer to explore the plateau scenery. China Planning Institute to make such a meaningful meeting held in Qinghai, marking the plateau scenery has entered the field of attention of everyone.

provincial housing department inspector Li Qun said, people pay little attention to the plateau rural scenic environment characteristics, the conference held in Qinghai is a sign that the plateau characteristics have been the discussion topic, Qinghai plateau has served as an important research area characteristic plateau rural scenic environment. read more

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city zone to the grid for the unit, the 232 party and has to report the reasonable distribution of the working party to the region’s 321 communities in the grid, through various forms, a variety of carriers, and carry out the "bundling" working party members into the community activities. Bright identity, do "show" community work. Carry out the "working party report focused on week" activities, guide the working party to residence community organizations to register and claim the post, fill in the "basic" and "working party registration card to card" working party report back to the community, and through the "pioneer", "Red List" form, let the working party liangmingshenfen in area. Brand, do "live" community work. Create a "savings services, targeted services, volunteer services," as the main content of the service brand, with a variety of forms of activities to stimulate the vitality of serving party members. New forms of "real" community activities. By setting up the "wish tree", "love wall", the formation of "colorful volunteer service team", "Ten Star volunteer service team" and other activities of the carrier, innovative service members in the form of community service. As of now, the region received a total of 8366 working party members, organized volunteer service teams 228, collected by micro aspiration 1772, completed in 1322, the implementation of 230 thousand yuan relief fund, initially formed a good situation of the working party "work in the unit, activities in the community, dedicated more than post".   read more

recently, the East District of Xining city tax bureau to carry out the study of the party constitution, know the history of the party discipline.

In order to

to the party’s glorious history and great achievements, stimulate the majority of Party cadres and the masses of patriotic enthusiasm, promote the development of chuangxianzhengyou activities in depth, the IRS organization in Eastern District of Xining city party members and cadres to further study the party constitution. The 77 party members and cadres attended by the Central Party History Research Office, the people’s daily, the Ministry of education, the CYL Central Committee, Guangming Daily, Chinese Youth newspaper, Chinese Institute of the history of the Communist Party of China "to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese history knowledge contest" answer activities. read more

"The market is an invisible hand, the resources can be allocated to the place where it is most needed……" In July 10th, the famous economist Mao Yushi appeared in Xining, had an economic class to open up a fresh outlook more than 200 entrepreneurs.

who are 86 years old this year, is China’s famous economist, April 2014 in the UK PROSPECT magazine "the world’s top thinkers list of 50 candidates, this year is the only selected list of candidates Chinese, and won the honorable title of Fourth World thinkers. The author of "principle", "life in economics", "who", "has prevented us from getting rich to the person you love with freedom", "Chinese moral outlook", "an economist’s conscience and thinking" and a series of books, high attainments in economics. read more

* tourism gold 7 billion 520 million yuan * urbanization rate reached 67.7% * entrepreneurship employment by the State Council in recognition of

March 6th, the reporter learned from the province of Xining 2012 annual meeting of the target responsibility assessment was informed that the city of Xining to complete the objectives and tasks of the year 2012.

last year, Xining city determined the key research topics in the development of circular economy, promoting the construction of high-tech industrial park, promoting green ecological civilization construction, to create national unity and progress demonstration area, construction of "livable and leisure" in eight aspects, combined with the actual situation, clarify the development of ideas in ten aspects of cultural integration the concept of tourism development, adhere to the requirements of ecological civilization, city construction, improve people’s livelihood, ecological protection goals and tasks completed. Among them, the total tourism income of 7 billion 520 million yuan, domestic and foreign tourists received a total of 11 million 276 thousand people, the urbanization rate reached 67.7%, the growth rate of the three indicators were higher than last year. read more

in order to allow migrant workers and rural children in the noon time to eat a nutritious and delicious lunch, Chengbei District invested 793 thousand yuan to the area student nutrition meal plan, North dabuzi primary school will be fully completed the free lunch restaurant, which is the city’s first free school lunch.

It is reported that

, dabuzi primary school was founded in 2009, is the integration of teaching resources of 3 primary school near the north and south, Tao Tao Sunjiazhai, Bao Zhai, Jing Jia Wan, Yan Village 7 Village merged to form the school, because students live wide and more distributed to rural households in the city children and migrant workers the children, so the children can eat healthy and nutritious lunch has become the most concern for the parents, in order to solve the parents let the children here menace from the rear, as well as the city children have a healthy body, North District government construction site free lunch in the restaurant dabuzi primary school, restaurant building area of 316.13 square meters, divided into ordinary and Halal two stoves, can satisfy 1200 students eat at the same time, the free lunch standard school 6 yuan per person per day, the restaurant has started construction, is expected in July Meal, officially put into use in September. (author: a)
  read more

following the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Qinghai Grand Theater, sea lake sports center to become the future sea lake district landmark, xiadou, International Conference Center and the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Qinghai Grand Theater surrounded by sea lake square, together form the core of the central area of the lake district.

November 19th, deputy director of the Lake District Management Committee Wang Jian told reporters, the second half of this year, the lake district has focused on the development of the Lake District Center, division of function and location of the central area of six kilometer by thinning out. The Lake District centre is located in the new center area, is in the office, entertainment, business and exhibition, tourism, housing and other functions as the leading city center integrates various functions of the modern, intelligent, ecological and composite area. Compared with other areas of the New District, is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F six districts of the central area of the prominent advantages of the area, the letters can also be based on the location of mutual cooperation and development. read more

Xining city education practice from the small office to implement to the working party members into the community and village cadres to the countryside to work as a carrier, to guide the party members and cadres with feelings, with responsibility, with love deep rural communities, "zero distance" face to face communication, heart to heart communication with the masses, the masses of the alignment "micro aspiration" to carry out a variety of service activities, with the positive energy of a series of small things together in educational practice "".

cadre door "recognize relatives, 100%

collection of more than 500 micro wish

by Party cadres "research visit", deepening the rural community, and held a forum to take home visits and other forms of "zero distance", facing the difficulties of life within the jurisdiction of the masses of Party members, Empty Nester, left-behind children and other vulnerable groups to solicit opinions and sign in "micro aspiration" to help the masses "dream". At the same time, combined with the community party serving the business and the ability to set scientific and ideological and moral education, civil mediation, district public facilities maintenance, support entrepreneurship, coordinate employment, legal consultation, culture and sports service jobs, by Party members volunteered to claim the post, and signed a letter of commitment Lu Gang, dynamic tracking micro wish to claim the cash. Up to now the city’s various communities to collect the micro wish more than 500, of which more than 200 have been cashed.

for some individual party members claim difficult "micro aspiration, community execute group claim, the working party organization composed of" professional "volunteer service team, according to the arrangement of the volunteer community"". At present, the city’s community (neighborhood) to form a total of more than 100 branches of the working party volunteer service team, to provide electrical maintenance, specification of minors into Internet cafes, for area residents family education consulting service is closely related to the life of the masses and the use of spare time on the weekend. Some party members said, before and the neighborhood is not very familiar with, by joining the community volunteer service team, and neighbors’ zero distance ‘contact made a lot of friends, so that their lives become more abundant."   read more