first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has showered praises on the Government of the People’s Republic of China for what she described as taking the biggest move in the fight against Ebola.Speaking while officially receiving the donation from the Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, President Sirleaf said the Chinese assistance goes one big extra mile, because it comes at a time when Liberians are facing truly what could be described as a “national tragedy.”The Liberian leader said the donation is a very big boost in the fight against the virus in the country. “Today we have a big boost in what we are going to do, because what has come from China will enable us address some of the things that are being lacking in the fight. Some of such things include Personal Protection Equipment and instrument for judging the level of fever. These are now in good supplies. With that we are made stronger in our response. We are able to combat this in a bit more preparedness and readiness.”She lauded the steadfastness and true friendship of the Chinese government who have, even in the middle of its own crises, thought it prudent to identify with Liberians and others at this critical time.“China has always been a good partner to Liberia. We have bilateral programs that support many of our development endeavors including education, agriculture, health, justice and peace keeping. But this assistance that has come today goes one big extra mile, because it comes at a time when we are facing truly what could be described as a national tragedy,” she said.She also noted: “Mr. Ambassador, I want you to convey to your President the appreciation of the government and people of Liberia and to re-assert our strong partnership, our solidarity even in your time of trouble when you are facing flood, you have stopped to recognize our need and have come to our assistance.”She further stressed, “We have friends all over and many of our friends are helping, but we want to extend thanks and appreciation to all of our partners who are responding, but as I say, China has gone one step further, not only that it sent items that are so desperately needed, but it recognized the urgency of it and sent it directly on a plane so that we have access to it in this great time of need.”While the Chinese gesture is quite joyous, President Sirleaf, however, said she is saddened by the fast pace at which the virus is spreading to other communities that were not previously affected. “And what this means is that our people are still not listening to the pieces of advice and instructions that are being given.”China has not only talked the talk, which has been the case so far since what is known as the biggest outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Mano River Union (MRU) region, but has walked the walk with donation worth over US$1 million in anti-Ebola drugs equipment.A Chinese cargo plane, on Monday, August 11, arrived in the country with a consignment of drugs, personal protective equipment, thermometers and sanitizers among others, to help support the Government of Liberia’s efforts in combating the deadly Ebola virus.Chinese Ambassador, ZHANG Yue, quoting his country’s President Xi Jinping, said China and Africa are good brothers and partners and at this difficult moment, the Chinese people and government feel the pain and suffering of the Liberian people that’s why they urgently made the donation.He noted that  as the Ebola virus spreads quickly and constituting great challenges to the country, china decided to once again respond quickly to the appeal of the World Health Organization (WHO) by providing this batch of emergency aid materials to meet the urgent need of the Liberian people.The Chinese government is also poised to send three health experts to help provide the basic expertise and the training of local health workers on the uses of the donated assorted materials.This comes at a time when the entire country is at a standstill and Liberians have no hope of how to combat the virus that has claimed the lives of about 500 people, while the world continues to watch and talk with no immediate concrete actions forthcoming.The Chinese government has also boosted the fight against the Ebola virus in the MRU region with similar donations to Guinea and Sierra Leone worth US$3.3 million to help contain the epidemic.The Ambassador further noted that Ebola should not be seen as a national or regional issue, but a global challenge. He called on the international community to work along with the affected countries deal with the epidemicYou cannot move from one community to another when there is a sign that you are affected. When you do that you put people, including your family members and friends, at risk. This disease can be attacked and in certain cases defeated if you follow the instructions. Please listen to save the life and lives of your families, friends and associates.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img…as 2-week UK funded inter-agency training concludesBy Jarryl BryanWith the conclusion of anti-corruption training that had involved investigators drawn from different agencies, United Kingdom white collar crime expert Sam Sittlington cited the need and possibility for more training to be provided.He made this statement during the conclusion ceremony of the UK funded, two-week long training exercise. Sittlington, who is an adviser to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), zeroed in on some of the areas the ranks covered during the training; including preserving the continuity of technical evidence such as computer.“Over the course of the past two weeks, the participants have been involved in learning about fraud investigations, typologies, body language of suspects, tryingInvestigators from several law enforcement agencies pose for a group photo. In the front row, from left: the two UK-based trainers; acting Crime Chief Paul Williams; SOCU Adviser Sam Sittlington; and Senior Adviser to the President, Lieutenant Colonel Russell Combeto identify if someone is a believable liar or unbelievably lying or both.”One aspect, besides power point exercises, involved Sittlington and the trainers presenting ‘facts’ about themselves, which the participants in practise had to decipher the truthfulness of. The SOCU adviser noted some other aspects of operational training when handling fraud probes that the investigators were exposed to.“In terms of the fraud investigations, they learned about the fraud model, they learned about independence, how to conduct their investigations with integrity without conflict of interest. They learned about expertise, how to gather their evidence, they learned about scope of investigations and proportionality.”“They learned about reporting and how their case files may go to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) or Police legal adviser. And then, of course, dealing with technical support and how you deal with computers if you’re seizing computers and other technical equipment, how it is done properly and how you should deal with continuity of evidence,” he related.Trans-national crimeMeanwhile, acting Crime Chief Paul Williams noted the usefulness of partnering with experts from different jurisdictions. Observing that local authorities don’t have the answers to everything, Williams said that an important part of training is acknowledging the culture of the jurisdiction and the existing gaps.He spoke of the severity of trans-national crime. According to Williams, mutual assistance is essential to tackling this scourge. Williams charged the ranks to speak out whenever they observe breach of ethics, even from those in authority.It is understood that the training was arranged by the UK High Commission through its Special Adviser attached to the Special Organised Crime Unit. Training was conducted by two UK experts who are experienced in anti-money laundering and white-collar crime investigations.Trainees were drawn from several law enforcement agencies, including SOCU, the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU), the Criminal Investigative Department, the State Asset Recovery Unit and the Financial Intelligence Unit.There have been several training initiatives for locals where UK specialists have been involved. Last year, local immigration officers underwent the Risk and Liaison Overseas Network (RALON) training conducted by the UK’s Immigration Enforcement International.The training had covered three fundamental issues: the overview of human trafficking, the enhancing of interview skills when dealing with arriving passengers and overall increased awareness of the latest trends and concerns in the wider Caribbean.The UK has done much of its security sector collaboration through the security reform project, which began in 2007, was scrapped in 2009. It was subsequently reintroduced after talks with the administration.Government believes that, once implemented, Guyana’s security sector will be significantly strengthened; and, hopefully, this will lead to a reduction in the number of illicit activities that take place.President David Granger has also said there is need for a stronger Police Force, one that is better equipped with all tools necessary to function adequately.last_img read more

first_imgThe photo below is just before Chris Carson’s biggest run of the day. Let me say this, I love this formation, this is 2011 OSU football. Four wide, spread the defense out and run the ball. OSU used to carve up defenses running out of this formation.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.42.26 PMI wish the offensive coaching staff would take any formation that isn’t four wide, diamond, or goal line and shred them, then take the shredded pieces outside, put them in a dumpster pour gas on them and set them on fireThis play appears to have multiple options for Rudolph, a play like this puts a defense in a bad spot. Texas has three down linemen, three linebackers, three corners, and two safeties. One safety is deep off screen. This formation puts OSU in a five on five situation for running the ball.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.46.11 PMThe RT for OSU chips down on the NT and breaks away towards the LB. Rudolph’s main focus is the right side DE. OSU lets him run free. If he crashes Rudolph pulls the ball back and has a pass/QB run option.The slot WRs are running WR screens. The left side outside WR is blocking down, if Rudolph throws to the left side he could have a nice five to six yard gain. Rudolph’s right side looks even better, Texas has a two on two situation set up, if he throws to Washington, he already has his guy beat, he’s a block away from a big gain. The outside WR is Jarwin , he’s one on one on the outside, which can be a favorable matchup TE vs CB.The DE doesn’t crash, he shoots up field, Rudolph makes the correct read and hands the ball off. With the alignment and blocking scheme, all Carson has to do is pick which way the linebacker is getting blocked and go the other direction. Carson makes the correct cut and doesn’t get touched till he’s ten yards downfield.The up front blocking scheme is great because the backside backer is reading the OL blocking down. If you’ll notice their first step is to the left, this causes the backside backer to misread the play. By the time Carson hits the hole, the backside LB has already taken himself out of the play. I love everything about this play, the formation, the blocking scheme, the multiple options.I don’t understand why we don’t run like this more often. Perfect example of great play call, great execution, let’s hope to see more of this in the weeks to come.On the other hand…This is one of the formations I wish would be shredded and burned. Look, OSU isn’t built to be a power running team. The reason I hate this formation is because it draws more defenders into an area of weakness, I don’t think anyone will argue that OSU is good at interior OL. Now OSU has bunched up the defense, Texas has four DL and three LBs crowding the box, they have two safeties over the top, and two corners.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.48.28 PMThis isn’t a terrible call, second and nine, usually a passing down, OSU runs a draw right here. We now know that Rudolph had some throwing issues and had numbness in his hand. So I completely understand running a draw. You’re down three and on your own 46 yard line; a couple of first downs and you get into field range to tie the game. The issue is, our execution is and has been so bad on the interior, OSU ends up putting more stress on an already gimpy QB.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.48.15 PMThe way this play is being blocked should look like pass blocking, the DL is allowed to rush up field, and with this blocking it is important that you stay squared up or in front of the defender. The idea is to let them rush up field and block them out of the RBs lane. First thing that happens is No. 57 gets beat (common theme) and doesn’t stay squared up or in front of the DT. This disrupts the RB’s ability to gain momentum.Second thing is that No. 74 gets stood up, he’s either supposed to be coming off the ball to drive the DT out or he messed up on allowing the DT to rush up field, it’s hard for me to tell because he gets stood up and driven backwards.Either way this hurts the RB’s momentum and causes the hole to collapse. Third thing is No. 47 completely whiffs on the middle linebacker, so even if Childs had gotten through he would have been met in the hole by the MLB. This isn’t a terrible play call given the situation, had those three blocks been made, then Childs is on a one on one situation with the CB.To contradict myself, this is a terrible play call, because No. 57 has consistently shown that he can’t make those blocks. The play I broke down earlier, he was crashing down on a DT, who was already stepping the direction he was being blocked.This play went for no gain, now OSU is in 3rd and 9 down three in the 4th quarter with a QB that has a bad hand. That is how you set an offense up for failure, it is on Gundy and Yurcich to understand what this teams weakness are and avoid calling plays that will exploit that.If OSU runs the draw out of the first formation they would have spread the LBs out to cover the WR. Even if No. 57 misses the block, there aren’t as many bodies around and Childs has a possibility to bounce the run another direction. OSU has a history of effectively running the ball out of four WR sets; it creates space, which is something OSU has struggled with.I’m not going to blame Yurcich 100 percenton this, Gundy is trying to take the offense a different direction, which is something that needs to be looked at more in depth on another post.Gundy and Co. want OSU to be a power running team, which is fine in theory and I understand why, you aren’t always going to have a great passing QB and Big 12 defenses have shifted to defend the spread. If every defense you face in conference is built to stop Baylor or Tech’s air raid and you roll in there with multiple fullbacks and tight ends, you now have an advantage over those teams.The problem is OSU does have a great passing QB and WR talent, the Cowboy Backs so far have been a flop in blocking situations. I love them in passing game, 6’5 260 pound guys are tough to cover, ask anyone tasked with guarding Gronk.While I understand why we are making this move, it still doesn’t make sense to push it right now. OSU doesn’t have the talent to do that, they aren’t good enough at interior oline right now. OSU has too much depth at WR, changes like this need to be phased in slowly.Nick Saban isn’t going to start rolling out four wide and throw it all over the field, he doesn’t have the personnel to do so. This is on Gundy to realize what we’re doing isn’t working. Mix in the power every now and then, but OSU’s base offense needs to be four wide and throwing. They did that some on the first two drives, so maybe we’ll see a shift back to the old way. I commend Gundy for trying to stay ahead of the curve, I really do, but he needs to stick with what works.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more