the road of entrepreneurship is not easy, how can one break through to success? Successful people give us the following seven suggestions:

Swiss Home tab commercial stone case, with stone features to meet customer psychological difference, win the favor. The stone table, the retail price of $195, a strong response test. Japan has a cosmetics company, extracted from the eggshell membrane powder, made of advanced cosmetics, with the elimination of skin spots, reduce wrinkles, keep skin delicate and smooth, etc., very popular with customers. read more

many shopkeepers in the daily operation of the process, because the experience of how to operate with their own views. For such experienced operators, they can teach the experience will naturally be more entrepreneurs to learn. So, how to do the work of commodity display? Let Xiaobian to introduce the views of Wei Yongrong.

my name is Wei Yongrong, my "Xinrong business department" opened in Yizhou Erqiao Road West Development Zone, an area of more than and 60 square meters, is a convenience store, the main business department, daily necessities and tobacco. Before the bridge road around just one store, it’s good business. Last year in front of shops built into a new train station road, convenient transportation, the flow of people is much, but around a new two convenience stores, in the fierce competition in the same industry, my business is getting more and more difficult. read more

any entity shop has a cashier, and how to design the cashier, what details, which will have a great impact on store sales. Watsons stores all over on both sides of the Changjiang River is a good place for girls, when shopping. In the popularity of Internet shopping today, the performance of its line stores are still steady rise, which is worth thinking about the commercial thinking of cigarette retail customers and learn from. We can take this part of Watsons’s cash register but it is very important to find some of their own stores can learn from. read more


university graduates employment pressure is more and more big, a good job more and more difficult to find, even to find a job, the poor pay and what? So, more and more college graduates choose to start their own business, but just out of college students lack of social experience, how can the success of small business? Collection of college students successful entrepreneurs are in the hope of you who cheats, start on the road to help:

the first one???


heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence. read more

food and beverage industry has been an industry all the time in the business account, have a very big demand, special snack is a hot spot for investment in the catering industry, more and more people do, increasing competition in the market, want to own the snack shop more popular, not only to have a good product, but also to a good management method, so as to attract the attention of more people, bring good business for you. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate a special snack bar? Need to pay attention to what matters? read more

again to a Christmas Eve, for ordinary people, happy to go to the holiday just fine. For entrepreneurs, this is a good time to make a profit. Presumably entrepreneurs will ask, what is better to sell Christmas? Let me recommend you 5 kinds of hot selling products.

1, Christmas hats, stockings: believe that these two things are the best Christmas sales, because these two things represent Christmas, no matter is the West or in Chinese, Christmas to buy these two things is a celebration of christmas. read more

only in the first time to grasp the development of the industry, in order to adjust the development strategy of the brand. Not long after Liu Qiangdong returned to the Jingdong (micro-blog) convened dozens of executives in the suburbs of Beijing closed meeting, decided to identify O2O as one of the five strategic in 2014; Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Suning the high-profile hit O2O giant banner, the Jingdong for the first time in the top surface that will force O2O.

9, the Jingdong investment takeaway ordering website home will delicacy which is considered, the Jingdong in the field of life services O2O layout. In October 16, Jingdong in 2013 Jingdong CMO Lanye appliance industry summit that Jingdong and some manufacturers have O2O Property Cooperation: cooperation with the Jingdong under the line line point manufacturers, service outlets as the point exists, manufacturers must give subsidies. November, Jingdong and Tang Long convenience store O2O project was officially launched, the preliminary test results are good; followed by the Jingdong in December Liu Qiangdong officially confirmed in the level of force in O2O in 2014.

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in fact, with the characteristics of the brand, is always very deep in the hearts of consumers. How creative toothpicks? Is a very distinctive brand. Choose to join the creative project to start a toothpick, worry free business, market development opportunities will always make stop!

joined the creative toothpick people?

absolutely unexpected creativity, toothpicks in an unexpected way is convenient to lift out, just pull up outside the box and then gently down, OK, well, a new toothpick will magically appear in toothpicks curs hands, the striking design, embodies the perfect and modern desktop utility the concept of decorative combination. Exquisite material, can be placed in the living room at home on the dining table, coffee table. read more

leather care brand preferred carpenter family leather care, which is a senior leather care experts. Of course, the leather care brand for this kind of problem, read the following introduction, Xiaobian believe you will have an answer.

to carpenter leather care brand began in 1957, from Italy’s top luxury care technology, to carpenter leather care to win the broad market for professional services, a nationwide sales is the way ahead! So if people want to repair the fur yourself, will first choose to carpenter leather care experts, this is the market trust! read more

High quality

Malatang project, undertaking the best choice worry. Lao Wu Chen Malatang to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Lao Wu Chen Malatang investment project, it is absolutely has the advantage of choice!

Lao Wu Chen Malatang how to join?

1, I and family health, have the confidence and enthusiasm in this industry;

2, recognized and accepted the development strategy of Lao Wu Chen Malatang project, interested in entrepreneurial investment; read more

women’s store management is very important, only to do a good job in daily management can maintain competitive advantage, invincible. A lot of new investment in the management of such shops is not very understanding, then learn to learn together with xiaobian.

open a women’s clothing store also does not need much money, if you are the first goods you have to pretend to familiar appearance, and the dealer can talk about the price, because you can tell others a clothing price, so the boss see you very knowledgeable, not a novice, novice is not answer the boss, there is China saying: know friends than ever. So in the first purchase will not spend a lot of money, but also in order to pull you to give you a discount. read more

we all know that the operation of a restaurant belonging to their own, the cost of the cost is our immeasurable. Only better control costs, we can earn more profits. So, the choice of food and beverage business, how to save the indirect costs of the kitchen?

how to join?

, for example, in water saving, can be divided into sub file stalls management. With a total water meter in the kitchen stove, fry, chopping board, water table, pastry, cold dishes stalls with water table. The chef takes turns on duty, records the data of each water meter at the end of the day, calculates the amount of the day, and signs by the chief chef. Second days to go to work, the chef on duty the same day to check the data on the water meter, if found due to aging equipment and other issues caused by water leakage, it will promptly contact the relevant departments to adjust to avoid waste. The main control is on the actual amount of the day. For example, under normal circumstances, the kitchen meter total amount of 20 tons, and one day the actual amount is 25 tons, if you exclude the day a large reception activities such as increasing water content may be that there is serious waste in the kitchen. This need to check the water consumption of each stall, tracing the reasons for rectification, and the parties to punish, to prevent similar problems from happening again. In this way, each employee will Houchu attention to water conservation, making full use of water, with water cleaning cloth hand washed dishes, and then used to clean the floor. After a period of time, the amount of water into the kitchen into the normal range, will save more than 10% of the original water consumption. read more

in the food and beverage market, hot pot restaurant is very popular, we all like to eat hot pot. Therefore, many businesses are willing to go to the agent pot shop. But before investing in hot pot restaurants, we have to understand some matters. The more you learn, the more chance you have to win! So, investment hot pot shop to pay attention to what matters?

in the market today Hot pot brand, Sichuan Hot pot, small Hot pot, Hot pot features many, the first step towards the success you want to store notes Hot pot, a clear understanding is the key, select the appropriate Hot pot to join the project on the go, first of all, must go to the field investigation, in order to quickly tap more profit. Have a successful career, must carry on to the brand Zhiyingdian investigation, investors should examine the brand, but not by the company, accompanied by staff, can choose to conduct unannounced visits in the Brand Company unknowingly. Can be changed in the vicinity of the store to observe a certain period of time, and then observe the store’s image, traffic, etc., to understand the characteristics of this brand is what? Can attract customers! read more

small catering entrepreneurs at the beginning of the business platform is relatively low selection, what is better, what kind of join the project for long-term development? What kind of platform is more reliable?

pizza market, consumer demand, high investment and high profit, as the most reliable platform for entrepreneurship. Now Baxter like Italian leisure restaurant has strong competitiveness in numerous pizza brands, in the market sales volume has also been a leading pizza entrepreneur best choice to join. read more

is now in the social life, more and more people pay more attention to their appearance, and now the cosmetics shop business is also quite popular, there are many people in the business focus on cosmetics shop, want to need to pay attention to methods for successful operation.

with female friends pay more and more attention to their appearance, and has become the first choice of cosmetics female friends, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs seized this opportunity, but the cosmetics store is very important, also has a certain business strategy for business friends to find some good information we work together to understand. read more

to do business, especially the facade of the business need to spend on the site about a good address may influence after the operation, because the site looked at the case of failure, Xiao Bian did a survey on today, catering franchisees as long as the selected address to success, through the following techniques to location select the appropriate address you will be catering to join, can control a broad space for development.


change rapidly catering market, catering stores address is selected is the most key link, catering franchisees in the site must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation. read more

is now the society is an entrepreneurial society, local governments have to create suitable for social development of the business platform, has a good business platform, is the first step in the successful business people, Changsha hi tech Zone to build a good public record space.

9 month, the Tencent multi-creation space officially settled in lugu. On the platform, including account system, social relations chain, the ability to pay, cloud computing and other resources have been opened to Tencent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to provide one-stop service. read more

Guide: in the entire investment market, the fire is always the food and beverage industry, catering industry has a huge consumer demand, is a good direction for investors to get rich. For many people lack of capital, investment in food and snacks is the best choice. However, in order to do a good job catering snack business, there are five elements can not be unknown.


for the catering investment only innovative restaurants can have a market, if blindly imitate others in ten, then the final results were bound to fail, any restaurants must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to the growing customer. read more

as the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business, but in the face of life, it seems that what is not difficult to do more and more people with disabilities to join the ranks of entrepreneurs to come. They have made their own career with their strong willpower. A disabled guy from Shaoxing, his entrepreneurial story is very ordinary, but also very good.

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now, more and more people choose to start a business, but success does not belong to everyone. Investing in a small store to do some business to make money, easier said than done, but it is very difficult to do. Although a lot of people are successful, but there are many cases of failure, why the shop will fail?.

1. only consider what they want to sell goods, regardless of who the customer is.

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sentence is not difficult to be hard not to, the point that is right, this sentence can be used in business, some people do open shop business losses and some people easily in a complete mess, you can make a lot of today, the protagonist of the story is that a college student side open shop to play, easy earned tens of millions!

5000 yuan startup, wanpiao opened Taobao store

in March last year, ding ben with wanpiao attitude opened the first Taobao C shop sell cotton mop. And in September of this year, he has three stores operating management of Tmall. In less than three months time, total sales of nearly 10 million yuan has been planned. read more

is every woman underwear not small personal clothing, good quality underwear always makes women very popular, doing business, in the past, buy underwear directly according to the size to buy on line, and now the underwear store has a fitting room, for consumers to try again after the buy. Lingerie store dressing room to a certain extent, enhance the sales, increase profits, is a very good set up shop. So, how to design lingerie store dressing room?

attention to privacy issues

when everyone in the trial fashion underwear go through not the show stage, so the design of the dressing room should focus on privacy concerns. read more

now the whole society among some Small and micro businesses has attracted people’s attention, at the same time, local governments are also actively introduce some policies, in order to help many Small and micro businesses to solve a series of problems and the operation process of venture capital.

2015 was founded in February, engaged in the development of network of the trimaran company, by initiating the shortage of funds difficult. The day before, the company from Jiangsu Huaan insurance company and the Construction Bank (601939, shares) jointly launched the "entrepreneurial microfinance guarantee insurance" smoothly under the loan of 100 thousand yuan, is like a timely rain, so that small businesses to buy office equipment etc.. read more

with the advent of the Internet, our consumption patterns have undergone significant changes, not only affects the majority of urban areas, but also has a profound impact in rural areas. In recent years, Suining provincial Party committee in accordance with the "advantages, drying characteristics, at the forefront of the province and the Suining province into the modern service industry agglomeration area requirements, and strive to build modern logistics base and the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone regional logistics center, logistics innovation driven economic development mode, promote the rapid development of logistics industry in Suining science. read more

in addition to various large supermarkets, in which we live, there is also a very large number of small and medium sized supermarkets, perhaps because of the fierce competition, also perhaps is the profit is not ideal, many small and medium-sized supermarkets have embarked on the road is closed. So, how can small and medium-sized supermarkets to operate better? Run more long?

"51" over the past few days, when I once again visit the home is located in a living area of Guangzhou city supermarket, turned out to be "empty iron general door, put up the shutters. This area of more than 3000 square meters of the size of the middle of the supermarket, from the opening to close the door, but after 4 years of time, but not more than two years. It closed, let me as loyal consumers, inevitably some regret. read more

for many investors to join the laundry industry to consider investors, they consider the most is the industry’s market situation? Why join? What are the advantages? The following Venus dry cleaning to join the senior investment adviser to answer for you.

as everyone knows, living forever is the basic content of life, and people’s daily lives, washing industry has become a sunrise industry never decline. In foreign countries, the laundry industry has been relatively mature, but in the country, the laundry industry is still in a period of rapid development, so the investment to join the laundry market prospects. read more


entrepreneurs, many people in the choice of business projects are considered the apparel industry, for them, are attracted by the huge market and profit of garment industry, want to sell their own, presumably will lead to good business, entrepreneurial success. But the clothing store is not a trifling matter, there are many problems to pay attention to you. Here to introduce you, how to successfully open a new clothing store.

first: is to determine what clothing to sell. Second: is to examine your local market, you intend to sell clothing to do a thorough market research. Including market saturation rate, market purchasing power, store location, purchase channels, etc.. Third: the capital budget. For example, store rent, store decoration, store the initial distribution plan funds; stock liquidity, travel expenses, hire clerk fees and taxes and other expenses to make a plan, then carry out the action. read more

    we are often able to see in the street 10 yuan of low priced jewelry chain, do not look at the low price, because the cost is so low, so a lot of store profits. It is puerile business criteria. Investment in small jewelry store is a very good choice for the beginning of the business, the cost is low, and the risk is very low, today Xiaobian to 10 yuan small jewelry store as an example, for your specific introduction of how to operate well.

read more

in the work of the occasional dinner is a lot of companies have the culture, which is also able to deepen exchanges between colleagues, improve the efficiency of the team. When it comes to dinner in the choice of location, Hot pot stores can be become the preferred choice of place, with the tastes of the free play of rich dishes, which can satisfy the requirements of consumers and simple meals, catering and dining expenses is also more affordable, it gives consumers a lot of food and beverage of choice Hot pot. read more

compared with the previous, now consumers are very smart, but also attach great importance to the brand. A brand that can be recognized by consumers and trusted can create more profits. This requires the brand to create a resonance with the customer.

what brand resonance? It is a common reaction between the brand owner and the brand consumer, the brand consumer and the brand. The essence of brand communication is a kind of harmonious relationship between consumers and brands. For the overall wardrobe enterprises, the development of consumer resonance of the brand can not only bring more brand loyalty, but also the long term development of the wardrobe enterprises winning magic weapon. read more

Many people believe that

should have experience, once the foot is cold, the body which are feeling cold, so when the weather is cold, everyone wants to have a pair of warm shoes. So, what brand of warm shoes? Warm shoes have what brand? Following with the small series of warm shoes to know the top ten brands list.

warm shoes ten brands list NO.1, Kangnai

domestic apparel brand. Kangnai group since its inception, with everything in advance, leading to "the spirit, mission to revitalize national industry, depending on the quality of life, click here to add pictures, has won the" Chinese brand products "and" A Well-Known Trademark in China "more than 200 awards. More than 4000 employees, covers an area of 160 acres, plant construction area of up to 128 thousand square meters. read more

if only to open a dumpling shop, this is nothing unusual, and now the streets can be seen all kinds of dumplings. However, in recent years Zhengzhou has a retro dumplings wind, not only to attract a lot of consumers, but also caused a lot of investor attention.

careful people will find that the streets of Zhengzhou, there have been a lot of "retro" dumplings Museum, but signs are getting bigger and bigger, the specification is getting higher and higher, dumplings more and more "old", but also family business booming. "Retro" dumpling is Zhanshanweiwang in Zhengzhou catering market potential. read more

in this world, there are always some people that many of us worth learning model, they are not complacent, always positive and enterprising, such as today’s actor, is such a situation, not to him, the success of the venture, the achievements of his career, his story is widely spread, let’s take a look.

" bet "back opportunities

1996, Yang Limin after graduation assigned to return home to Hanchuan Foreign Trade Bureau under the printing factory, became an ordinary grassroots workers. The workshop’s hard work, income is not high, the young Yang Limin eager to change a life-style, he noticed that the factory manager in Western dress and leather shoes are cattle, speech and deportment, "I was very envious of them, have a dream that one day can become business manager".

1998 />
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The development of

China catering industry has formed a very solid operating system, in which the food is not a few predators, today Xiaobian to recommend a restaurant this project is a strength of the brand, it is willing to Fang restaurant chain

Zhejiang Wenzhou Fang Fang restaurant chain Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a chain, the scale of the operation of professional catering enterprises, business involving Chinese, Western restaurants and entertainment industry. The company has continued since 80s since the last century, two Wenzhou famous catering brands: willing to square, wonderful fresh Pavilion, because of its accurate location, elegant environment, attentive service and distinctive cuisine, won a good social reputation. read more

said this summer to what the most profitable, it is definitely a barbecue, the cost is very low but the profit space is very large, this is not a pair of 90 after the young couple opened their own barbecue shop, business booming, monthly income earning million yuan.

they met in the network, within four years of the three part, this year to fruition. From love to marriage, they said, the feelings of the twists and turns to allow them to better understand the meaning of "love". When it comes to marriage, their interpretation is "fate". Even the naked marriage, they believe that the future will be better. read more

with the life of the people is getting better and better, the development of the food and beverage industry usher in EMU speed. As a branch of the fast food industry, such as rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Walking in the city everywhere fast food stores, high streets and back lanes, whether decorating delicate fast-food chain, or the ordinary alley in the snack bar, are popular with old people welcome.

cold end catering   the public fast become the mainstream consumer

"cooking at home is very troublesome, fast-food restaurant a few dollars a meal, meat collocation, basically after twenty minutes, while saving time and convenience of health.   "in the provincial capital of a business unit to work Miss Han told reporters, home from the unit in less than two kilometers away, there are more than and 10 fast-food restaurants. read more

now, education has become the focus of attention of many families, especially for English learning, so many parents headache, after all, is not the mother tongue, learning will certainly be some difficulties. So, how to let the child received a better English Enlightenment? Make it easier for them to learn?

A, phonics

teaching method in weapon. It is not only in English speaking countries children learning English pronunciation and spelling, reading comprehension ability and improve teaching methods, is for beginners to learn English pronunciation rules and spelling skills in English as second language. read more