do not know if you have a heart of entrepreneurship, small series I contact these every day some want to go home entrepreneurial impulse. In the public business, the era of innovation, entrepreneurship has become the choice of many young people, the passion of fire in every entrepreneur heart burning, the project also has countless entrepreneurial projects in the market, many entrepreneurs want to start their projects, facing so many, many people do not know what to choose good taste in Iraq? Leisure food is a good choice for business. read more

business is one thing, but whether the business can get more rapid development also requires managers to take more business strategy. Moreover, for any one of the entrepreneurs, the shop is faster to track the pursuit of every entrepreneur. So, how to open a cosmetics store faster track?

a lot of friends in the cosmetics store franchise process, the biggest difficulty is encountered in the shop process, how to guide the business on track, how to grasp the business methods to enhance the turnover of shops, and then expand the size of the store. Because only the right way to manage the store, the ability to be able to bring their own cosmetics store business scale on the right track, so that the cosmetics store business continues to operate steadily, open their own sources of wealth. read more

red wine a lot of benefits, the specific benefits do not believe that the small talk too much, love the people who drink red wine is also a lot of the market is very big, not to find the good franchise brand can wait to receive benefits, success belongs to those who are prepared, business Wine stores too, even if you have chosen a very worthwhile to join the brand, if not operating properly, so it is difficult to succeed, for the novice, want to run Wine also has the certain difficulty, but still has the skill, here and we talk about how to manage new Wine stores. read more

is now a lot of people say shop location, the thought of the bustling commercial street, that only here is really a good address, if the shop in the community, I am afraid that the business will not be hot. So, drinks shop in the community can open it? Many people think that the beverage shop next to the community, the business will be much less, in fact, the opposite is next to the community than the commercial street to make money.

but the industry said, in addition to a few competitors, there are several reasons: read more

in the process of economic development, when the economy develops to a certain stage, it is bound to encounter a lot of bottlenecks. Recently, Pei Jinjia of secretary of municipal Party committee, acting mayor clodhoppers to Haicang District investigation. Pei Jinjia stressed that the industry is a fundamental support for urban development, Haicang District to identify the direction of industrial development, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading to high-end, promote advanced manufacturing quality and efficiency, the rapid development of modern service industry. read more

jewelry market has always been a very hot market. Of course, for the choice of joining the project, select the project with market prospects, is very important. So, venture to choose to join jewelry?

jewelry accessories to make money?

now people are very favorite jewelry, no matter what the occasion is love jewelry, so let us see the market development of the industry in the future is very good, so the choice of operating a jewelry chain will let you easily profit.

want to make your jewelry store to have larger profit space, should pay attention to everyday business, to do market positioning and daily planning, grasp the consumer favorite jewelry styles, it needs to grasp the popular trend in today’s society, can help the operator to better operate their own jewelry store, let you rapid success in operating the jewelry store. read more

in order to be able to have more fans, and now many people may be the brand will spend money to buy fans, in order to be able to enhance the number of fans, many people can really fuck broken heart. However, a survey said that Starbucks, McDonald’s stores can radiate at least 1 billion of China’s population, the fans of the two plus up to 150 million. How do they have so many fans?

has said that Starbucks, McDonald’s stores can radiate at least 1 billion of China’s population, while WeChat’s report on the number of WeChat registered users about 900 million. Both of them are national key words, big coffee powder, Starbucks, McDonald’s two fans add up to 150 million. How do they have so many fans? read more

a shop if the customer is not attractive, so how to ensure that the business is booming business? And want to attract customers, so that more adequate supply is actually a good way. And now has entered the new year sales season, some large shopping malls in the goods can be said to be a superb collection of beautiful things, naturally, every day is pile up like a mountain hand, visitors to the customer, significantly increased the flow of people, let the customer get feel a deep sense of taste, naturally will stimulate the customers desire to buy, promote the sales level. read more

as long as the home improvement, I believe that the floor tiles brand will not be unfamiliar, after all, it is a very important aspect of home improvement. In short, there are many aspects involved in Home Furnishing decoration, in order to ensure the quality of the decoration, we must Qingliqingwei, involved in the decoration process, whether it is to coordinate the work floor or furniture customization or various types of work, are all we need to personally integrate. A lot of friends for the knowledge of the floor tiles brand is not very understanding, today, let Xiaobian simple for everyone to introduce the ten major domestic brands list, a look at it! read more

in the food and beverage industry is the most common form of franchising, namely the form of franchise. The China catering market is the most popular form of food and beverage is Hot pot store, the Hot pot shop, the different Hot pot business model allows us to see the Hot pot demand, today Xiaobian to introduce is a development for eighty years, Hot pot brand — Chaotianmen Hot pot

Hot pot "Chaotianmen" brand began in 1935, due to historical reasons in the early 50s business interruption. Early 90s, Chaotianmen hot pot to resume operations. The beginning of reform and opening up, Chaotianmen the implementation of brand management of Chaotianmen Hot pot growing, 2004 Chaotianmen catering headquarters was set up to the enterprise, group management mode, 2007 Chaotianmen brand franchise qualification, officially launched a nationwide chain operation in 2013, upgraded to "Chaotianmen holding group". At present, the group owns four subsidiary companies: Chongqing City Union Catering Management Limited, Chongqing Sheng Pu catering Investment Co. Ltd., Chongqing Chongqing City Flavor Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yun Huijia Trading Co. Ltd.; three subsidiaries: Chongqing Pu Ji Catering Management Company Limited, Chongqing nine Park Catering Management Company Limited, Chongqing Chun Wu Li enterprise management limited. The realization of brand industrialization and group management. read more

talking about entrepreneurship shop, although it has become a trend in the development of the current supermarket, but there are also many difficulties, but also need to do a full analysis of the operators, ready to do. As a convenience supermarket, is not new in china. Since the China opening of retail industry, all businesses have vied for the one or two level market, with competitive upgrade, businesses adhere to the "city of battle" at the same time, have been transferred to the "rural guerrilla warfare". read more

in a variety of women’s clothing, although the size of the bra is not large, but it has a significant role, has always been a lack of clothing. In a word, as a female bra most close fitting clothing, its quality can not be ignored, modern women also very exquisite bra brands, diversified and personalized become the slogan of the modern bra, bring greater consumption potential for women’s underwear market in china. What brand of bra is better? Do not know if the following along with the small series to recognize the top ten bra brands list. read more

is now talking about micro business, a lot of people think that these people earn 10000 yuan is an easy thing. Regardless of the information we have in the end is true or false, but in the current environment, a lot of grassroots micro businesses who dream of becoming rich, not only need to work hard, and even saddled with a huge debt.

micro business from mask to beauty products, health care products, from birth to two years time is lonely. These two years, rich once scraper, continue to impact public nerve. read more

is now very much on TV, a variety of entrepreneurial projects on the Internet, but not all are suitable for venture investment to join at any time, so today the business network Xiaobian for you about 2012 the most profitable venture is what 10. Now, the most popular investment industry can be seen as a machine made rich, if you do not see eye to find, then there is no aspirations to peak moneybags, this is a shortcut to the head.

the ten most popular investment industry infant supplies industry read more

cake is a lot of friends favorite dessert, if you want to open a cake shop, how to choose a good brand? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

is now a professional cake chain sites, a lot of good projects, and investors want to go to join the chain of entrepreneurial road, cake to join the brand how to choose? You need to understand the background and the joining strength of the company, mainly to see whether it really has the ability to support the market for this product, that is to say, it’s the company size, economic strength and market operation ability, advertising support, and other follow-up support and service. read more

sales industry for many of us have a great temptation, this industry is a great opportunity. A lot of people want to exercise their own will choose to sell the industry, this industry allows you to get plenty of exercise, so that your ability to upgrade. How to become a successful sales specialist?

1, a temper. Do sales work, was rejected as homely food, then should not lose your temper, but should keep a calm mind.

2, suspicion. Suspicion is the corrosive agents in the business field, it can make the business will come to naught. If a misunderstanding with the customer, we must pay attention to communication, otherwise it will lose customers because of suspicion. read more

there are a lot of entrepreneurs can see the entire textile industry opportunities, while the textile market, there are a lot of new demand, now want to open a profitable textile shop, to deal with the relationship between customers is very important.

if want to shop profit, must be favored by consumers, so in business projects, consumers will just as consumers to treat it, then you for this project is certainly not favored by consumers, is also not very good creates the industry business opportunities. read more

snack dough to join the project, has been the concern of the project. How is Wang Ping pastry snacks? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Open a brand of their own food snack bar, you will find that the success of entrepreneurship is so simple!

snack the greatest charm lies in its flavor has been very prominent, compared to other snacks are more attractive, especially the local representative snacks, most of them have local characteristics, so the more popular, Wang Ping was surely we all know, because in the city there are many stores and Wang Ping face. Business is very successful, consumers love unique and delicious products, Wang Ping was naturally not miss. read more

The development of

society can not do without change, and change is the performance of continuous improvement. Each time period, the trend of development of the times are not the same, only the development of homeopathy can continue to grow, and the long standing favorable position in the market instead of. Food and beverage industry is no exception, as a leader in the food and beverage industry – hot pot, it is bound to continue to develop and improve. Although Chongqing is still doing my brother Hot pot Hot pot circle, but more and more distinctive, taste Hot pot on the rise, but also attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to join them. Wei Laoxiang with unique taste Maotai a major feature of this brand of talent shows itself in many Hot pot. Want to join the catering, Wei Laoxiang preferred Hot pot. read more

house is everyone’s concern in life, don’t look at high prices to buy a lot of time, but many people are still racking their brains to go! Recently, Nanjing Xuanwu police arrested the suspect fraud Wei, he from the beginning of 2015 to 2016 of December, fictitious real estate sales, the 6 victims were fooled around. 2014, Wei in Nanjing, a catering company, usually like to boast. He called home in Nanjing Banqiao, demolition because they have a classmate to do the demolition, to give him more than just the area, so much a dozen houses. With the soaring property prices in Nanjing, some colleagues are jealous, they privately asked wie, can help buyers. read more

although the menu printing business opportunities such as this seems very feasible in the current market, there will be a very good business big market. However, there is a risk of any venture, such an entrepreneurial same. So, what are the risks of the menu printing business?

investment risk

1, a lot of low and middle grade restaurants may not need (or think they do not need) such a high-end menu, which requires a certain degree of bargaining power.

2, some of the high-end food and beverage or other industries have a stable printing channels (general chain enterprises have their own production company). read more


Jiangsu Pengcheng fish? Chinese traditional food, it is worth choosing. Jiangsu Pengcheng fish is good? Delicious taste, excellent taste. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business choice.

Jiangsu Pengcheng fish join what is the cost?

Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Xuzhou Panda Restaurant brand shop, the disciples of Li Zichang had a carp four dishes: fish, fish, Yinzhu vinegar flavored fish keel, clothes. Which is the best "silver fish". The Qing Dynasty scholar Li pan in the store tasting this dish of his poems, Chan said: "out of many kinds of silver carp, keel belly bound, floating sea Prince clothes, scimitar nylon have sweet and sour soup dishes, enchant Qianzai Yao Tai Xian, Mao Sui legacy left." When Kang Youwei was in Xuzhou. Chef Zhai Shiqing also cooked fish taste after Kang Yinzhu dedication, but his joint title: "Pengcheng fish smell when you long Chiyue and reputation". Since then, silver fish renamed "Pengcheng fish", as a representative of Jiangsu China in eight cuisine. read more

operating tea market is now very good, many investors have turned to the tea industry investment, want to win due a share for himself in this competition in the market. But there are also many investors questioned, they will ask: like no permanent prosperous Dynasty, new products will decline when the milk must not talk to escape such a fate. Faced with such a challenge, of course, can not be denied, but the moment can always be the moment, as long as you do your current industry, perhaps the future will never come. read more

innovation and entrepreneurship policy, not only to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, but also for college students to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide a very good platform.

by "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, university graduates have begun to take shape, more and more college students choose flexible employment or self employment.

According to the association of "

The evaluation report read more

now, more and more women choose to start a business, at the same time, you can choose the project is gradually enriched. So, in 2014, which is more suitable for female friends entrepreneurial projects? Now, let’s take a look.

hand knotted to open hand woven association form, through service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through   8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan monthly profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

read more

a small snack shop, shop area is not, are some snacks, however, as long as a good business, money can become very easy. Mr. Zhang opened this is called the taste of the snack bar, located in the office of Shanghai more concentrated place. In less than 20 square meters of space, Mr. Zhang will own a very busy snack shop.

Mr. Zhang from Jiangxi. He said, a few years to come to Shanghai to work, had turned the idea. At that time, with many people in Shanghai, found that they, especially women and children, are very fond of eating snacks. So, Mr. Zhang had the idea of opening a special snack bar. read more

is a warm blooded animal, so people are emotional animal, life because of emotional ties, will get a meaningful life. The catering industry is a service industry, the details in the catering industry is particularly important, the consumer into the store every customer feel for your shop impression depends on you for the customer details are in place, a small detail, can let the guests heart, only seize the guests heart. How to make the guests moved?

restaurant operators to move the details of what read more

in the past 2016 years, the development of the snack industry, the future of the snack industry, we must have a number of hearts. This year, some snacks to join the brand of the city popular trend, the snack bar began to occupy the market, whether you are going to have one of your own brand of snack shop? So, what projects to join the most profitable? Four snack food franchise chain project this year is the fire, choose snacks catering to join the first project:

the most popular snack brand recommended read more

to join the development like a raging fire today in the Hot pot, an entrepreneur look far ahead from a high plane will choose a good Hot pot to join the project, the rapid expansion of the local market and consumer groups, seize the opportunity to get rich.

  the only way to join the store management to reduce business risk in the future Hot pot, obtain the biggest benefit! Finally, to join the chain, to see whether Hot pot headquarters to store business management system is complete, the product technology project is perfect, hardware facilities, and Hot pot shop staff service and training is in place.

read more

in the current era of science and technology, people’s lives are inseparable from the existence of a variety of electrical appliances, because of this, there will be so many brands of household appliances. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances, so that we can have a better understanding of the household electrical appliance industry.

What are the

of household appliances, in our life, household appliances are everywhere, including for refrigeration storage refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine cleaning clothes at room temperature, heating food in microwave ovens, bring a lot of convenience for our life. And the types of household appliances and home appliances brands are many, before buying more understanding is necessary. So, the next Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of household appliances list. read more