Chongqing has always been recognized as a delicacy of Chongqing, for a long time now, Hot pot well-known, far and near, a well-known and Hot pot comparable snack brand, that is Chongqing small noodles, Chongqing small noodles in recent years, the popular level so that people can not imagine, a lot of people who go to the Mu is to eat a bowl this facet. 2014 is the most popular Chongqing small noodles, Zhang Shun opened his first home he started Chongqing small noodles! All the people are not optimistic about the development of the noodle shop, but soon, the popular business has given everyone a surprise! As time goes on, Zhang Shun small noodle business is more and more popular in this area. Less than 110 square meters, can accommodate sixty or seventy people from the two floor shop, guests often lined up on the road. Subsequently, Zhang Shun for wildly beating gongs and drums opened chain stores, business is not good to the devil! Suzhou Chongqing small noodles franchise, has been named the "Suzhou’s best to eat 30 bowls of noodles", "2014 Suzhou 100 popular delicacy store", "Suzhou’s most popular breakfast restaurants 27". How Suzhou demon Chongqing small noodles to join read more


is the owner, but we can not for any of the goods in the shop are very familiar with, there are some quality problems, only the customer after their consumption is clear. And customers to our store, we have to be responsible for the customer, to provide them with reliable quality products, considerate service. Some businesses said that the goods are manufacturers, what are you looking for manufacturers to go! This shirk responsibility, only allow customers to be more dissatisfied with you, counterproductive. read more

enterprise is a complex process, there are many that we need to consider the issue of the entrepreneurial process, one not careful, one does not pay attention to, we may bring bad consequences, will stifle our business, let us look at the 4 practices stifle entrepreneurship!

is too dependent on past experience, to refuse to change

The capital operation strategy of read more

garment industry has always been a great demand, an industry is one of many people who want to start a business choice, start a clothing store, now is the choice of many people, everyone is attracted by the garment industry market, want to bring entrepreneurial success. In fact, open clothing stores, not only to choose a good brand to join, but also pay attention to some of the problems encountered during the operation, especially in the off-season, we should pay attention to. So, how to operate in the off-season clothing store. read more

University in the current development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the cause of providing no small force, many business mentors for young entrepreneurs Zhidianqiancheng. Recently, Fujian Province promulgated the Fujian youth entrepreneurship award, a total of 7 people were evaluated in the university.

18, by the provincial Party committee, provincial agriculture office, Fujian daily, the provincial education department and other 14 units jointly held the sixth session of the Fujian youth entrepreneurship award announced. read more

salesman is a very professional exercise, the pressure is very large, most people are unable to withstand the pressure and give up halfway. To become a good salesman, first of all to avoid the following error:

1,   do not really understand what is marketing? Do not understand what marketing (do not know what to sell products to customers)?

2,   fear of failure, fear of rejection, not to accept the rejection, lack of self-confidence, passion is not enough, there are discouraged (anyway, not to the account, do not matter); read more

in the development of society, although some enterprises have achieved an effective long-term development, but also some enterprises have a bottleneck in the development of. However, in the face of social pressure, but also to pay a large number of employees provident fund, which to some extent hindered their own development. In response to such a social phenomenon, the next two years, Shanghai provident fund for the help of difficult enterprises.

in order to guide and regulate the units for lower housing provident fund deposit ratio or over housing provident fund business, according to the "Shanghai city housing provident fund deposit ratio or reduce payment of housing provident fund management approach", formulate the rules for the operation. read more

the same name, operated by the main products is almost the same, but because they are not the same, so the natural business skills by each store will be different, this is also the name of business is different, in fact, this situation often happens in the chain store.

count Hefei famous Hot pot dry pot shop, I called on the name of the shop only Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck the characteristic shop. Hefei Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck shop has two, two shop name is the same, only one opposite Xiaoyaojin, one in Meishan Road, two stores have been more or less to make some comparison, so there is the following result: read more

policy is to better construction, now the Xinjiang inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine and the implementation of "Networking", greatly saves the area of Xinjiang inspection and quarantine clearance time, speed up the efficiency of the relevant departments, for the people, save time for the development of enterprises.

today I inspection 12 batches of 216 tons of tomato sauce export business, 10 minutes for over ten days spent too much time faster than ever before!" 11 afternoon, the Xinjiang inspection and quarantine inspection window, come for business Limited by Share Ltd, COFCO Tunhe tomato quality management department manager Li Guihong said happily. read more

Now the development of

China route towards diversified development to learn widely from others’strong points. On the basis of retaining the traditional culture to absorb diversified culture. Only to better consolidate the development of our great Chinese civilization. What Japanese and Korean cuisine, Western food. Of course, China island of Taiwan famous Taiwan snacks.

Taiwan snacks across the continent, launched a new franchise brand moon shrimp, authentic seafood snacks and chicken collocation, taste a wonderful ah. General snack join is a small investment, but want to make more money would not necessarily, this depends on your own eye for wealth. But for the first time buddy set up shop, small as we recommend Taiwan delicacy moon shrimp, the first rich snack brand. read more

in the world a lot of people below the glasses Nothing is too strange., things have become netizens ridicule. Recently, a Hangzhou man high-heeled skirt took to the streets, suction eye index is 100%. It’s a little bit of courage!

3 7, @ street beat rolling   updated a group of street shots, one of which is like this: a man wearing a skirt, high-heeled shoes. And with the text: "respect each side brave do ordinary people themselves, as he likes manual!"

read more

Hand-Pulled Noodle is a worthy of joining the project, Hand-Pulled Noodle pasta has been welcomed by consumers. But in the Chinese long-standing food culture Hand-Pulled Noodle, its position in the hearts of Chinese unshakable. Long incense in the heritage of traditional China Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle technology is also constantly innovation, only through more channels to further expand Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodle brand.

may join the fragrant Hand-Pulled Noodle what support?

a, marketing support read more

as an entrepreneur, if your own strength is not enough, you have to know how to use the power of others. Take it to open a jewelry store, jewelry store but their conditions are not ripe, you might find one already on the market and occupy a certain market share brand jewelry chain (joining), can win more business opportunities, the reasons are as follows:

1. a wide range of these products, advertising has accounted for a certain market, to a certain extent, can meet the different levels, different occupations, different ages, different ethnic consumers. read more

with the rise of e-commerce and industry website boom, in recent years, a large number of industry sites have stationed in China, hoping to open up their own world in china. However, these products to display the characteristics of the site, rarely really root. Whether it is B2B B2C, in the electronic commerce market is currently overcrowded, head-on competition has led to these sites in the bloody "Red Sea", in the fierce competition in the market, and fight for rival dwindling profits. Therefore, whether it is business owners or e-commerce sites, the need for a new interactive model to use e-commerce. read more

now there are many products in the development of Internet users, but no matter what kind of means the effect is not obvious, sometimes even doubt the value of the product, in fact, the problem is that the user does not have more cognition on the Internet products, which users cannot perceive the value of products, can be used to do what. And now the Internet is too serious product homogeneity, the same app, and almost the same name, have the same function are just find a lot, so this time, several of the same app, exactly how to allow users to select your product, the most important is to attract the attention of customers, enhance the user of the product let’s talk about the perception of the two skills enhance the user’s perception. read more

previously wrote about the network world, Ali media chain formed article. Today, Ali and the media chain is now very popular triple play together.


said before, the Alibaba to create a "2 magazine +1 portal +1 Television Center (" Taobao world "+" world network operators "; China YAHOO group; Alibaba Television Center)" new media ecosystem has been initially formed.

By virtue of

cooperation and Zhejiang newspaper group "Taobao world" and "the world" network two of the print magazine, as well as to the user and market positioning precision, Alibaba will have a as in the traditional magazine. According to previous data show that the Taobao world, the first phase of sales reached 80 thousand copies of the results. After the publication of only half a year, the magazine sales stabilized at more than 20 copies (now certainly more sales). read more

time is really fast, in an instant my network promotion blog online has spent three months, like a lot of experience during those three months, in a short time after the line is Baidu Google included, and several key words also get good rankings, overnight as has become a SEO expert, every day I have friends come to consult the search engine optimization problems. I have to make it clear in the article that he is not a SEO expert, just a rookie into the industry.

has abandoned Baidu, Baidu blog was down the right keywords, ranking fell, in fact the optimization for me, don’t understand, also do not want to spend too much time to study it, after all, people hold you go, what time is not happy, will abandon you, let you past efforts were in vain. Of course, search engine optimization is also an important job in the website promotion. Is a large proportion of web traffic route. Fortunately, my blog keyword decline is only temporary, less than half a month began to gradually restored ~ ha ha! read more

ordinary netizens friends note: even if you use the blog and QQ space to spread the Olympic events and related activities of the self motion video data, is illegal and may be subject to appropriate penalties.

Beijing Olympic events and related activities in China’s new media (Internet and mobile platform) broadcast rights, has been granted exclusively by the Chinese International Olympic Committee CCTV. Without the permission of the CCTV, any other Internet and mobile platforms are not allowed to broadcast. According to reports, there are Sina, NetEase and Tencent three sites to obtain permission to CCTV. read more

if you think that the community is just the capital tycoon O2O industry giants arena, then the next thing, will change your view.

in mid March 2016, when ten convenience re transmission of news, comprehensive consideration on ten convenient express little brother to join the project, and soon the ten reached consensus on cooperation, the successful signing of the franchise agreement, with a crisp camera click sound, the first shot was detonated ten convenience store community O2O "". read more

The Qixi Festival

the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is China’s traditional festival of the most romantic holiday, known as "Chinese Valentine’s day". Legend in the Qixi Festival night, look up you can see the cowherd meet the Milky Way, or overheard two people meet in the sky silently whispers in the fruit stand. The origin of the Qixi Festival, do not have to say, here is a long story, you can Baidu or Google, you can learn a lot about the origin of the Qixi Festival and tales. Each year the Qixi Festival, can be said to be in addition to the traditional Western Valentine’s day, China couples the most romantic day, on this day, will also hold a lot of love and holiday related activities, in the summer to add a lot of fun and romantic life. Offline businesses will not miss this excellent marketing opportunities, and the Internet industry is also concerned about the festival, hoping to expand the topic of marketing to attract eyeballs. read more

asked: do you think that entrepreneurs in addition to hard work spirit, also need to have what kind of character? A lot of effort now, but 99% of people are struggling in pain, only a part of success, which is the

where the gap?

answer: I have mentioned on many occasions, entrepreneurial success is not how strong a person’s ability, but someone can put the team’s strength to play out. Liu Bei of the Three Kingdoms, his personal ability is very general, compared to the relevant to the very far, but he can put Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, such as the cohesion of the people together, he did a lot of work in the cause of. Entrepreneurs must strive to fight the spirit of hard work, but also have a broad mind and a long-term vision. When I first started, I had two boxes of goods moved over three kilometers. Because the bus is not allowed, the taxi is too expensive. Two boxes of goods to move together too heavy, can only move a box of goods to fifty meters away, and then come back to move another box of goods, so the goods sent to the hands of the guests. The broad mind is very important, every member of the team’s shortcomings you have to hold, such as a personal love sleep lazy sink, someone is slow, someone talk to be out of line and so on, you must be able to accommodate these, and timely carry out, and help them correct, but not recorded in the a day, thought to kill him. So you don’t focus on more people and build a stronger team. The long-term perspective is very important, many people only see the immediate benefits, a list of the next, good can earn one hundred dollars, finally give a guest does not want to, with the guests a big fight, this is no vision. Let him, did not expect the next list of guests can bring you millions of profits. There are reasons for success: the spirit of hard work, broad mind, long-term vision allows you to set up a good team, do more things. read more

Probably because when the SEO industry began, in favor of technical things, such as packing. Keywords in the page, a hidden web page, now also have a lot of people think doing tricks on their website or textbooks in accordance with the honest technical optimization can achieve the purpose of improving the search engine ranking.

should be said for the degree of competition is not too high for the industry, "the optimization of well done website can really achieve good rankings. But the industry is very competitive website, often do these sites are not enough to adjust their own.

remember a while ago Matt Cutts has an interview, he said in an interview in a word, I’m very impressed. He said that now a lot of SEO experts are marketing experts.

as a line of marketing staff, what factors will you consider? In that way will be promoted? To a large extent can be transferred to the network to use, and at present, the search engine optimization effect is more and more obvious.

read more

local real estate website promotion generally use direct marketing mode, such as door-to-door service, telephone, publicity leaflets and traditional media, whether it is how to promote, should have a step, also is the plan, so we can save you money and achieve the best results.

I was set up China network promotion steps:

first: data collection and update, it is very important, first of all to give people a sense of trust, people feel that your site is in the heart to maintain, very professional. read more

original title: network covered with yellow cloak

in mid April 2014 so far, a unified nationwide crackdown on online pornography special action to achieve greater results. However, with the help of the network platform, mobile phone software and other emerging means, some illegal behavior Phi invisibility cloak, playing the metamorphosis, more subtle.

invisibility cloak: shop into a pornographic video sales platform

reporter in Taobao search directly before the "porn" and "adult film" Taobao keyword, pop-up prompt: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies related to the baby can not display. read more

anonymous social applications Secret CEO David · Byttow (David) on April 29th announced that he would close the company, will be returned to investors financing:

"unfortunately, Secret failed to show the vision I had when I started this company. So I think it’s the right decision for me, our investors, and the entire team to close Secret. I don’t think we have succeeded in driving Secret growth."

Secret angel, A, B round of financing $35 million, the valuation of up to $100 million, and then announced the closure of a total of only 9 months. In its heyday, Secret in Brazil, Sweden, Israel, Mexico and other 8 countries App Store download list ranked first. read more


technology news (Le Tian) May 30th news, Mobile Games has always been considered a high income industry, however, found on CCTV before the survey, Mobile Games industry crazy brush single, recharge water and other acts of unfair competition, seriously disrupting the order of the market Mobile Games.

found in the CCTV survey, a self occupied Mobile Games brush list 50% of the market share of the enterprise, the person in charge of the brush standings behavior control more than 9 thousand and 700 ApPStore mobile phone to Mobile Games products, each mobile phone can restart 100 times. read more

Economic Observer network special correspondent Meng Hong the morning of March 8th, the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong said in an interview with Phoenix TV Sally Wu, during a recent reorganization of the Internet, the website uses some overkill, but not for personal websites blocked. At the same time, Li Yizhong also said the intensity of rectification efforts will increase.

Phoenix TV Q & a Shenzhou host Sally Wu, recently conducted a special interview with the column in the column, involving the Internet, 3G, such as the issuance of licenses. read more

Original title:

school graduation man opened gambling sites a year money 280 million yuan

A 27 year old man

graduated from technical school, not willing to participate in the "black color" win lose less, so he opened two black color website, recruitment agency, development member. Two black color website registered members reached more than 20 thousand people, hundreds of people online everyday, a day of the maximum amount of bets more than 600 yuan. More than 1 years of time, two black color website absorption of gambling betting $280 million, behind the dealer and web proxy profit nearly ten million yuan. read more

Qihoo 360 informed internal corruption case: two employees were transferred to public security organs

[TechWeb] May 15th news reports, after BAT announced after the 360 crackdown of corruption within the company, today also to form the internal mail to employees informed of two internal corruption case, the suspects have been transferred to public security organs.

360 internal e-mail shows that in 2014 the company received the real name of the Ministry of supervision report, said LAN Moumou, Ma alleged fraud. After receiving the report, the 360 companies attach great importance to the contents of the report, the establishment of a special investigation team. read more

the fourth quarter of 2010 the basic telecommunications enterprise user complaint classification statistics


technology news January 28th news yesterday, the Ministry issued a notice in 2010 the quality of telecommunications services, announcement shows that in 2010, the Ministry of communications and the local authority to accept telecommunications service complaints 71938 people, annual millions of users complaint rate for 62.6 passengers, declined in 2009. Three basic telecom companies a total of more than 178 sites investigated, closed or investigated the mobile phone site more than 10 yellow. read more

        webmaster basically 95% in the use of QQ  as instant messaging contact tool.     today 12.18, QQ chat dialog to block all of the.CN domain chat text. In the QQ dialogue, QQ group, have been screened with.CN domain name. All chat with.CN can not be displayed. Easy to cause misunderstanding.   in my personal QQ, there have been many, I sent to each other’s information, others can not see, others sent to me, I can see nothing. One day there are dozens of such problems.   for this reason is the technical failure of Tencent, Tencent or special treatment, there is no official statement. You can test the QQ in the   any one of the www.**.cn domain name   do not send out. When you want to send a chat with domain name information, please remove the WWW to inform the other party, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

  read more

The first issue of the

Summit: interpreting the new economy and finding business value

webmaster network June 24th afternoon news, the financial tsunami under the new economic development forum on the Internet this afternoon at the The President Hotel in Guangzhou, the webmaster website reported this forum.

for the following text record:

anchor: the next 2009 South China Internet Conference and national tour event second user IDC theme part, commercial half turn crises into opportunities, we will invite the Internet entrepreneur and industry elite, for peak dialogue, the first question is: the interpretation of the new economy, the commercial value, please have the following this summit dialogue Moderator: Yesky founder Lin Jun, the dialogue is: read more

YAHOO is dying. This time it’s real.

April 18th, after countless struggles, salvation and rebirth, the first to find a business model of the Internet, the first market value of billions of dollars, the company has created great economic miracle of the Internet, announced as long as someone bid about 4 billion to $8 billion, then you can take the Internet once the envy of the world’s core assets.

and the current market feedback, most buyers to bid $3 billion, compared to its peak in 2000 has exceeded the $130 billion market capitalization of the brilliant, a bit like to pass the beggar. read more

According to

China sound "peak Evening News" reported that before the May Day holiday this year, the railway department has issued an important announcement that, in addition to 12306 this website, not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale and purchasing services, while the non line generation point of sale to the electricity supplier to provide votes. For a while, the number of sites to provide train tickets have to leave. But with the double golden week is coming, some purchase train tickets website quietly purchasing business recovery. read more

Since the WeChat

products, a variety of micro products in the "micro" products emerge in an endless stream someone special inventory, "micro" brand products have 11, WeChat, micro-blog,, and other micro cloud products emerge in an endless stream.

micro products related to the domain name


can also be seen here, "micro" theme product is very promising, and promising industries or products can catch it with the domain name, the domain name is the heat as can be imagined, has done fast products or will launch products related to how high we can know, check the related domain name, all were sold. read more

      GJJ was successful in the year, a new site like the site, relying on the contribution of IP to enhance the ranking of the site, trendy and exciting, but the rest of the passion is only a near dusk lunch.

      I do not know since when, the type of GJJ a large number of websites on the Internet, is almost a replica of GJJ. This makes me think of that year after the success of the hao123, the web site is overwhelming. Isn’t there always like this? No innovation, see others succeed immediately to copy, others see the article, immediately went to the site of plagiarism. The epidemic, presumably, as long as there is a webmaster should do it, whether business is not operating, casually pull procedures do good acquisition and then put into space to go, perhaps no one hundred years visit. read more

August 28th morning news, according to foreign media reports today, the domain name investment company Investments has bought the Internet’s first registered domain name

computer manufacturer Symbolics registered domain name in March 15, 1985. Although another domain name to create a few months earlier than, but the latter is the first domain name registration process through the domain name. Although the world wide web has not yet been invented, the concept of the Internet has emerged. In fact, the first TCP/IP based wide area network as early as 2 years ago, domain name has begun to operate. read more

                May 27th Beijing time news, social networking site Facebook said, from a Russian network company received a $200 million equity investment, the valuation of the transaction on the site for $10 billion.The

website said in a statement, the Russian company Digital Sky Technologies (Digital Sky Technologies) acquired 1.96% of the shares of ownership, and plans to buy the site at least 100 million dollars worth of common shares from existing shareholders Facebook. read more

1 years ago to play YY company CEO Li Xueling said at a conference on the YY speech growth story, said the product is not mature to low-key, give yourself a lifetime, until they grow. He also suggested that entrepreneurs, when the product is not ripe to give a longer period of survival, do not be too high-profile opponents eyeing.

now play YY company submitted the prospectus, earnings for the first time exposure, the industry immediately noticed the house deliberately low-key company, and for the rapid growth of the speed are amazing: YY registered users reached 400 million, the three quarter profit in the latest quarter net income of 188 million yuan, an increase of 163%. read more

      want to say today is actually very simple, that is what what is the real localization, what kind of things have a market, this looks very simple, before I also talked about is not simply English for Chinese, even reached the localization, localization is the basis of respect the user’s habits, the following with Baidu and Google; eBay and Taobao; Yahoo and SOHU English compared to illustrate the problem.

      first with Yahoo and SOHU English said to portal, although Yahoo in Chinese influence is not how, but in other countries with a great reputation and put aside the management idea, some differences, single page design said directly affect the user experience, English Yahoo and SOHU have great differences. This difference is caused by different user groups, this property contains many aspects, such as the Internet, form the habit of reading comprehension of the network, and so on, even with huge differences between Chinese characters and words English Chinese. The designer I said this, Chinese characters have ups and downs, deformation is also difficult, if placed in a simple line that the entire layout is boring, on the contrary, the lack of fun, English strewn at random is easy to express the interest between the lines. read more

"will come true one day, isn’t it?" said Schneider, chief executive officer of peacekeeping, and how to make use of WordPress.

(Matt Mullenweg) contact Mourinho lunwei blog, or Houston, a 19 year old university of the first grade students. He explained that his personal website continues to develop, the need for more powerful publishing tools to replace the one he liked, but has been forgotten by the market open source publishing tool b2. "If you can develop a set of Movable Type, the flexibility of the TextPattern grammar analysis function, B2 expansion and Blogger easy integration in the software." He enumerated the characteristics of the popular blog tools said, "one day it will happen, right?" read more

low rate of return does not guarantee the banking P2P platform to increase trust and substantive investigation

Huaxia Bank P2P platform is being built, will be launched in the near future, will learn and study the practice of China Merchants bank." 20, the general manager of Huaxia Bank SME credit department Lu Xiaoqun told reporters on twenty-first Century economic news.

Huaxia Bank responsible person believes that to truly ease the financing of small and micro enterprises expensive, or should rely on banks as the main channel, P2P is undoubtedly one way. read more

said the world trend, long, long time. The bitter war between the two countries, are always the people, the Internet resources of the mixed force war battle, bitter or user.

case 1: online video have copyright

in order to support its video mango TV, Hunan satellite TV today determined to limit the new media. Lv Huanbin said in a statement: "in the future, Hunan satellite TV has made a complete program of intellectual property, will only broadcast from" Mango TV "in Internet copyright never distribution, to build their own Internet video platform." read more

a ripple, a "price" data touched the most sensitive nerve electricity providers, Jingdong (micro-blog) and Taobao mall system "war" again. Yesterday, according to Alibaba (micro-blog) claims of "Jingdong mall early in October last year, prices rose more than 15% of the data report Amoy network released its a Jingdong, said prices may not refer to the mall, a Dutch act behavior; strangely, along with the Jingdong mall price war Dangdang net was with Jingdong (micro-blog) standing in the same camp. A data report caused by the corporate war has exceeded its own significance, and behind the interests of the data is more intriguing. read more

yesterday wrote an article "the pursuit of the perfect O2O closed loop mode, not to make a big cake" post, will soon have a few friends to contact the author, which is related to work a friend is engaged in O2O marketing, his company plans to achieve closed-loop model perfect, then officially listed the operation, while their competitors have started and the next line of business to discuss cooperation matters, so the more anxious friends. The author and his marketing ideas are consistent, want to cultivate a good market, and then slowly realize O2O closed loop, perhaps because each traditional industry channel experience because of it, it will be relatively close to thinking. read more

recently, the field of 3C display market ushered in the upgrading of tide like a raging fire, one of the most impressive is the number of "lewd +" series display, not only attractive, even the name of cross-border cooperation play fast.

the summer two season, this is the peak travel, the peak will be continued until October golden week. PHILPS and tuniu why go together? The answer is the color! PHILPS’s global headquarters is located in Holland, is one of Europe’s most rich countries and gray, "Randy +" series display is the industry giant Holland PHILPS’s flagship of a wide gamut of star products. read more

broke the news: June 25th Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel And Towers, ShopEx with the domestic well-known e-commerce on the school on behalf of the network invited many heavyweight guests, teach the marketing crisis Breakthrough Road, sharing success cheats e-commerce! This forum by Fudan University scholars, the first financial commentator Mr. Jiang Changjian chaired featuring iResearch Yang Weiqing, President of electronic commerce magazine editor, the famous scholar Ting Chao Zhao and Lining group, the Jingdong, the mall, wheat bags, VANCL and other company executives will live on the road. In addition, many celebrities — VC IDG, Softbank, Jinsha River venture, Lenovo investment will also attend e-commerce site reviews participating business guests, looking for potential investment targets. The pinnacle of wisdom, wonderful collision, the climax of read more