Click on the website snapshot shows the original Shanghai love perhaps 404 error page how to do

Click on the website snapshot shows the original Shanghai love perhaps 404 error page how to do

problems encountered this answer I am speechless, that this business a type of new search website click love Shanghai snapshots in display of the original ", or" 404 error page, how to do it, but fortunately met a Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao, suggestions are given and then add their own analysis. To solve this problem. Many webmaster check when the site included, every day how much of the amount collected, up or down is not included in this, and I check my new collection time, included 30+ suddenly increased to 50+, I think it is love before the sea more than the content of new audit for release. When a wave is normally included, when I check this increase more than 20 what is included in the page, but found that many of them are 404, then I will check the love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot that click on the snapshot is 404 pages, I have a bit mask, then try the other page, click a normal but when click on the display, love Shanghai snapshots of the display of the original page, see comparison chart under the two under the.

love Shanghai snapshot into the normal page

Many new

well, after the discovery of the problem or feel quite serious, they look for the problem, here is divided into several points for it:

, a web site pseudo original, copying content caused by too much love Shanghai offensive

Two, the Before

chat with a friend, he also encountered such a situation, a new station on the line for three months, the amount included in the amount of about more than 400, for it is normal, but I question you are editing in help you write it, he said is a collection of pseudo original tools, new more than 40 more every day this article, basic articles are not seconds, but after a lot of talent has continued to your article, it included 400, etc. began to change the original, but found the love of Shanghai began to greatly reduce included, from the original more than 400 to the dozens, check the snapshot of the original page click on the display.

love Shanghai snapshot normal display


have this situation, the background of the site set up to resolve to the domain name to go inside, some also added a statistical code to love Shanghai, to build good website directly open to love Shanghai and content >

website, especially new sites were greatly changed

recently is a series of love Shanghai new station again, every kind of problems can be summed up as the new assessment period, there are only included the home page, then only included a section of the content, then the site domain name is not in the first, the index is not updated, Robots ban on how to restore the normal and so on to encounter the problem after crawling, ask too many colleagues, looking for information, can be summed up as: Oh, your new love, normal, Shanghai has an assessment period, the normal update is good.


Every time

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