Chip Kelly Should Probably Fire Himself

Dick Jauron2008BUF25 Bill BelichickNE1621+164+761 COACHTEAMSEASONSPLAYOFF WINSBEFORE 2015DURING 2015CHANCE OF FIRING Ron RiveraCAR51+145+1543 Pete CarrollSEA67+276-37<1 Chuck PaganoIND43+173-316 Mike ZimmerMIN20+4+995 Dan QuinnATL10—+6<1 Dave Campo2001DAL39 Jim TomsulaSF10—-103<1 Jason GarrettDAL61+141-11735 John Mackovic1985KC28 Mike McCarthyGB107+136+202 Mike PettineCLE20+32-8319 Herman Edwards2007KC47% Chan Gailey2011BUF28 The idea here is to measure what sort of team performance, somewhat devoid of context, would get a typical coach fired. You’ll notice in the table that Marvin Lewis — a coach pretty unlikely to be fired — is third on this list; that’s mainly because he’s been with the Bengals for 13 years and has zero playoff wins. The real world context is that while that is a broadly undesirable outcome, the Bengals being the Bengals, the team has more than exceeded the existential target of being Not The Browns. (You can see the lasting improvement that Lewis has brought to Cincinnati in the “before 2015″ column, which shows how much the team’s Elo rating improved between the time he got the job and the beginning of this season.) So Marv, like Chip, is probably fine, for reasons that are very different but just as amusing.As for Kelly, he’s in his third year of his tenure with a club, after winning zero playoff games in Years 1 and 2 — a scenario that has traditionally been the death zone for NFL coaches. Coaches in that predicament must show progress to keep their jobs: Roughly two-thirds of surviving coaches improved their team’s Elo rating (relative to preseason expectations) in Year 3, while nearly three-quarters of those fired oversaw an Elo decline from the preseason. So the Eagles’ 86.4-point Elo drop this season doesn’t look good for Kelly — since 1970, only 15 of the 128 coaches in Kelly’s position (Year 3 with a team, no previous playoff victories) oversaw a bigger drop-off in Elo through 11 games of the schedule, and two-thirds of them were fired before the following season began. John FoxCHI10—+50<1 Sometimes coaches still survive odds like Kelly’s. This table shows the coaches whose jobs were in the most jeopardy 11 games into a season yet went on to keep the job. But if Kelly does manage to stick with Philly beyond this season, he would set a new mark for unlikely job retention.Kelly’s trajectory wasn’t always so negative. After Philly beat Dallas in early November to make their record 4-4, there was only about a 5 percent chance that Kelly would be fired according to the model. But the Eagles’ current three-game losing streak has caused his probability of being fired to skyrocket: Things look bad for Chip Kelly and his Eagles. Fans are calling for his head; discord is rampant in the locker room; Kelly seems to be linked to every college job not nailed down or on fire; and the Eagles have found themselves on the receiving end of consecutive beatdowns so humiliating that mayor-turned-governor-turned-commentator Ed Rendell — a man last seen in public supplication outside a McDonald’s, begging for a McRib — was so ashamed that he hid his head in a bag. If Kelly is the NFL’s mad scientist, the lab is on fire.In the short term, Kelly is probably safe. He has two years left on his contract after 2015, and his newfound authority over Philadelphia’s roster — wrestled away from Howie Roseman in a power struggle in January — makes him a little more entrenched than your typical head coach. But the Eagles have also been one of the NFL’s most disappointing teams, by both the eye test and fancier metrics. So while Kelly the personnel czar still has some rope, we can entertain ourselves with a thought exercise wondering just how often such a disastrous season traditionally leads to a coaching change.To measure just what it takes for a coach to get fired in the NFL, I trained a classification model on data for every NFL coach since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, looking for the factors that predict whether he’ll return the following season. The best model, in terms of having the lowest “out-of-bag error,” accounts for how long a coach has been with his team, the team’s outlook going into the season, and how many playoff wins the coach has recorded during his tenure with the team. Coaches are typically given more leeway early, with firings peaking three to six years into their tenures, and unsurprisingly, playoff wins buy more job security. We used our Elo ratings as a proxy for team outlook; whatever you think of its predictive capabilities, Elo is a fantastic gauge of team perception and expectations.According to that historical rubric, no current coach1So, excluding Joe Philbin and Ken Whisenhunt, both of whom were fired earlier this season. should be feeling the heat more than Kelly, whose indicators have traditionally led to termination a shade over half the time (through 11 games): Gus BradleyJAX30+8-1851 Mike McCoySD31+32-1055 Neill Armstrong1980CHI22 Sean PaytonNO96+94-7619 Bill O’BrienHOU20+120+10<1 Jack Del RioOAK10—+37<1 Gary KubiakDEN10—+66<1 Sam Wyche1994TB30 Jim CaldwellDET20+66-645 John Mazur1971NE29 Rex RyanBUF10—-22<1 Jeff FisherSTL40+124-5613 Chip KellyPHI30+144-8652% Lovie SmithTB20-59+4517 COACHYEARTEAMCHANCE OF FIRING John HarbaughBAL810+117-741 Marvin LewisCIN130+184+10140 Dave McGinnis2002ARI21 Bruce AriansARI30+120+125<1 Tom CoughlinNYG128+81+217 Andy ReidKC30+185+841 Todd BowlesNYJ10—+34<1 Jay GrudenWAS20-28+55<1 Mike TomlinPIT95-6+24 Jim Hanifan1983CRD26 ELO CHANGE There’s still time for Kelly to turn things around. For one, the average coach who was fired since 1970 was assigned a 76 percent probability by the model at this stage of the season, so Kelly, at 52 percent, has some room left to fall. Second, despite their abiding awfulness, the Eagles somehow have a 15 percent chance of winning the NFC East, which would put a little shine on the turd. Although one of the most similar coaching seasons to Kelly’s2In terms of the arc his probability of being fired has taken each week. resulted in Wade Phillips being fired by the Denver Broncos in 1994, other similar years belonged to coaches who held on for another year (Bruce Coslet with the 1993 Jets) or even unexpectedly went to a Super Bowl a year later (Jim Fassel with the 2000 Giants).However the season plays out, Kelly will probably hang onto his job — particularly given the personnel control matter we mentioned earlier. But based on what typically gets coaches fired, Kelly should be thankful that he’ll (probably) remain employed when the smoke clears on this garbage fire, because historical precedent says it should pretty much be a coin flip whether he gets swept out with the ashes. read more

Lebron James Supporting Obama Could Be Bad for the

Lebron James declared his support for the re-election of President Barack Obama Monday night, despite being advised beforehand making his vow publicly could be “bad for the brand.”James makes millions of dollars each year off his endorsements, Nike being his biggest endorser. Nike, along with other endorsers, felt that announcing his backing of the President would be a negative reflection to the deals that he has in place.“I’ve been second guessed,” James said after Monday’s 124-99 victory over the Phoenix Suns on the eve of election. “They’re saying it’s bad for the brand. If I feel like I want to support someone, then go for it.”James signed a seven-year, $93 million contract with Nike in May 2003. In March 2010 the brand signed him to an extension for an undisclosed amount.James has made it known that he is not afraid to take a stand as an athlete.“I just think it’s about knowledge if you know what’s going on,” James said. “I’ve always said I feel like it’s important for me to do it because that’s just who I am. I got out there and I learned a lot about it in ’08 and I learned a lot about it now.”In 2008, the three-time NBA MVP said he researched Obama before voting for him, but adds he has done the same this time around.Heat president Pat Riley and James are on two different sides of the aisle when dealing with politics. Riley has donated $2,500 to Republican challenger Mitt Romney.James was asked if he thought about throwing an event such as Bruce Springsteen did to rally support for Obama. The NBA champion said that his busy schedule during the summer, preseason and now regular season have prohibited him from being able to organize an event.“It’s kind of late now, but I’ve been able to send out a few tweets and support (Obama),” he said. “But I’m supporting him and I think his camp knows that and everybody that knows me knows that.”James is glad that he did not let endorsers influence his decision to speak out, but issued a challenge to everyone who can vote and hasn’t voted.“I think it’s a very important election for everyone,” James said. “Everyone, they talk about having a right to vote. Just don’t talk about it, actually go out and do it. And let your voice be heard, and I’m happy to be in the position I am.” read more

The Patriots Are Even Sneakier Than You Think

Hot Takedown’s Super Bowl Special No NFL team other than the Patriots boasts a first-down success rate above 90 percent on sneaks. And this rate might actually conceal how good New England is: Twenty-one of its sneaks have come when needing 2 yards to go, also the most of any NFL team.4Two-yarders make up 15 percent of the Pats’ sneaks, the 10th-highest proportion in the league. With only 1 yard to go, the Pats have converted the first down on 105 of 113 tries (93 percent).This success begets more success. The 133 Patriots QB sneaks that Pro Football Reference shows were worth a cumulative 138 expected points, the equivalent of about 20 touchdowns.5We used PFR’s play-finder tool to find extra QB sneaks from the Patriots, summing the expected points added on each. As an example, the aforementioned Huard sneak added 2.58 expected points. That’s a net benefit of about a point per QB sneak. Of course, most of the Patriots’ other offensive plays have also been net positives. But their 455 non-QB-sneak rush plays on the same downs and distances have been worth just 0.38 expected points per play.The Huard sneak is a prime example of the play’s effectiveness. According to PFR, it was New England’s fourth-most valuable offensive play that day, worth an estimated 2.6 points. A simple QB sneak that kept a drive going was worth a larger improvement in the Pats’ expected point total than Kevin Faulk’s 15-yard touchdown reception during the third quarter.The frequent success is due largely to two factors. The first: The simplest football play is a constant focus for the Patriots. Huard, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the San Francisco 49ers during his 14-year career, said Belichick and the Patriots prioritized the QB sneak more than any other team. “Oh yeah,” he answered simply when asked, adding that while he can’t remember QB sneaks ever being the specific focus of a game plan, Brady, Belichick, the offensive coordinator and the offensive line talked about them on a weekly basis. They practice them, too, a fact that shocked coaches around the league. With 13:33 remaining in the second quarter of a game on Nov. 10, 2002, the New England Patriots faced a 4th-and-1 from their own 39-yard line. Head coach Bill Belichick chose the traditional option and sent out the punt team. But there was one notable exception: Backup quarterback Damon Huard was included among the 11 men on the field.Huard, in his second year with New England, rarely played, and a quarterback isn’t a typical member of the punt team.“I sort of snuck out onto the field, and I was lined up as the personal protector [on the play],” Huard, now an administrator and fundraiser for his alma mater, the University of Washington, said over the phone. “At the last second, I jumped up under center and did a quarterback sneak. We got 4 yards and a first down.”Six plays later, a 57-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri tied the score 3-3, and the Patriots went on to win 33-30.Huard’s quarterback sneak was a single moment in a long game. It didn’t ensure victory for the Patriots, nor did the Chicago Bears’ obliviousness on that fourth down doom them to defeat. But it was emblematic of a hidden theme of the Patriots’ 16-year run of unprecedented success: No team sneaks more often nor more effectively than the Patriots.Since the start of the 2001 season, the Patriots lead the league in QB sneaks, running 0.52 every game, which translates to one roughly every other week.1We define a QB sneak as a middle run from a quarterback on third or fourth down and 1 or 2 yards to go. Shotgun plays are excluded. For comparison, Kansas City, which is last in the league, runs about two QB sneaks per season. Most teams attempt about three or four sneaks in a season, with Jacksonville (0.5 per game or roughly eight per season) and Baltimore (roughly seven per season) the only other teams that approach New England’s frequency. During that period, the Patriots, led by Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, have won 14 of 16 AFC East titles and have been to the Super Bowl seven times, including Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.The QB sneak is a remarkably efficient play, and an excellent way to extend a drive. Leaguewide, the conversion rate2Including both first downs and touchdowns. from 2001 to 2015 on 3rd-and-1 or 4th-and-1 plays that are not QB sneaks is 65 percent — on sneaks, that success rate jumps to 84 percent.3We checked to ensure these numbers weren’t affected by teams’ behavior late in games. In the first and second quarters, success rates are 66 percent (non-sneaks) and 86 percent (sneaks) And there’s a similar story when teams have 2 yards to gain, with sneaks 20 percentage points more successful (75 percent versus 55 percent) relative to other runs or passes.So the sneak is usually a good idea, relative to other play calls. But even compared to that higher baseline, some teams are much better at it than others. The second reason for success is that Brady excels in picking up the yard or two that’s needed for a first down. He’s not fast — notoriously running a pedestrian time at the 2000 NFL combine — but he’s large enough (6-foot-4, 225 pounds) to help push a pile, and he’s “not afraid to stick his face in there,” according to Huard. He’s also adept at reading defenses and determining their weaknesses. Huard saw this firsthand in practice and games: If Brady got to the line and thought he could get 3 or 4 inches, he would sneak. If not, if a massive noseguard and two linebackers were crowding the A-gap, making a sneak difficult, he’d run the play that was called.“It’s a feel thing, a look-and-see thing,” Huard said. “And no one does it better than Tom.”The QB sneak is an example of what the Patriots have done so well over the past 15 years. They find an advantage, and they exploit that advantage relentlessly. It’s so simple yet so effective. Belichick has been benefiting from using it for more than a decade and a half, putting his players into situations where they can succeed and positively affect the outcome.“I wasn’t exactly Randall Cunningham,” Huard said, laughing as he remembered the play from 2002. Brady isn’t, either, but it doesn’t matter. When it comes to the QB sneak, he’s more effective than Cunningham or any other quarterback. This success is a factor in the Patriots’ sustained success.VIDEO: The Patriots better worry about Julio Jones Related: Hot Takedown read more

The Chiefs Defense Is Worse Than Their Offense Is Great

Patriots20112,5426,577423.7403.5.833.813 Yards AllowedYards/GameWin % The Kansas City defense is historically poorNFL team defenses that surrendered the most yards through Week 6 and how each fared the rest of the year, 1940-2018 TeamYearBy Week 6Full YearBy Week 6Rest Of YearBy Week 6Full Year Chiefs20182,809—468.2—.833— Patriots20172,6445,856440.7321.2.667.813 Colts19502,7435,246457.2417.2.000.083 The stomach-turning numbers from the Chiefs’ defense can partially be explained by their offense. Patrick Mahomes and company have routinely jumped out to big leads, outscoring opponents by a league-leading 46 points in the first quarter. That has made opposing offenses play with urgency and desperation — two qualities that will generate yardage quickly in the NFL.3This was not a valid excuse Sunday night, when the Patriots racked up 500 yards and 43 points while leading the majority of the game.The good news for Andy Reid and the Chiefs is that every team that appears on the list above eventually got better. On average, they allowed 81.72 percent of their yardage per game for the remainder of the season. If the Chiefs enjoy a similar regression, they would allow 382.6 yards per game, which through Sunday of Week 6 would rank 23nd. That’s like being The Steel Curtain compared with where they are.Kansas City doesn’t have to look far for an example of how to rebound on defense. The Patriots last year had allowed 2,644 yards (440.7 per game) at the same stage of the season — good for fifth worst since 1940 at the time. They improved that to 321.2 for the rest of the year and coasted to the Super Bowl. (Granted, that’s when they reverted to their prior form and lost 41-33 to the Eagles despite posting 613 yards of offense and never punting. The Pats’ defense gave up 5384Our favorite number. total yards.)Or maybe Kansas City doesn’t even need to improve on defense. Mahomes is a big play waiting to happen, and the Chiefs have firepower everywhere on the field — from the backfield with Kareem Hunt, to middle of the field where Travis Kelce roams, to far downfield where Tyreek Hill hauls in Mahomes’s rockets. Plus defense seems optional this year, with the league on a record pace since 1950 in points, yards, yards per play and yards per pass play — and even yards per rush has never been higher. In other words, in 2018, NFL teams generally can’t stop anyone or anything.Check out our latest NFL predictions. Bills20122,5795,806429.8322.7.500.375 The 1950 Colts played 12 games; the 1976 Chiefs played 14.Source: Pro-Football-Reference.Com Chiefs19762,6635,357443.8336.8.333.357 Saints20122,7937,042465.5424.9.333.438 Raiders20162,6696,001444.8333.2.667.750 Chiefs20022,5806,248430.0366.8.500.500 Browns20122,5535,821425.5326.8.167.313 The Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night in New England showed they have the second-most explosive offense in football. The most explosive one? Whomever they happen to be playing.Through six games, the Chiefs are the worst defense ever measured in yards allowed.1Since 1940. They’ve yielded 2,809 yards, or 468.2 per game, and are on pace for 7,491 yards allowed over the full season. That would smash the record set by the 2012 Saints, the only team in history to give up more than 7,000 yards. No team that’s allowed even 6,600 yards in a season has ever finished with a winning record.For all their offensive firepower, the Chiefs have somehow gained nearly 300 fewer yards than opponents (2,511). They are more efficient in yards per play — but not by much. Their opponents’ 6.56 average gain is the seventh most through six games since the 1970 merger. But defenses in 2018 are struggling leaguewide: Two clubs this year are actually worse in yards allowed per play than the Chiefs — the Buccaneers (who have played just five games) and the Raiders.Yes, the Kansas City offense is so good that the Chiefs are still 5-1. They’ve already won two games this year when they gave up more than 500 yards, while every other team in the 500 Club since 2000 is 63-186-3. They have allowed at least five entire football fields worth of offense three times — putting them easily on pace to break the single-season record of five by the 1950 Colts.2The Colts hit that mark in only 12 regular-season games. Only seven other teams ever gave up four 500-plus-yard games in a single season. Could any team that’s so seemingly helpless on defense overcome such profound weakness on that side of the ball? Or could their defense somehow improve? 49ers20052,7166,259452.7354.3.167.250 read more

Kirk Cousins Is Not Better Than Joe Montana So Lets Fix Passer

29C. KeenumDEN81.256.2 In the original conception of passer rating, an average rating was about 67. In 2018, only one qualified passer (Arizona Cardinals rookie Josh Rosen) fell below that threshold, and even then just barely (his rating was 66.7). But what if the standards for what makes a good or bad performance had evolved as leaguewide numbers changed? does a great job of adjusting for era with its Advanced Passing indices, which are centered on an average of 100 with 15 points representing 1 standard deviation in either direction. But I wanted to rescale the building blocks of passer rating itself to see how today’s passing numbers would translate to a rating if the NFL had simply allowed its rating system to change with the times.To do that, I looked at the distribution of stats in each category that goes into passer rating — completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage and interception rate — from the sample originally used to craft the formula back in the early 1970s (qualified passers from 1960 to 1970). Specifically, I figured out the spread of values (relative to the league) that, in a given category, led to the minimum number of points (0), the average number of points (1) and the maximum (2.375). Under the hood, passer rating is built around these ranges; it hands out points on that 0-to-2.375 scale in each category, then sums up the four values, divides by 6 and multiplies by 100. (Hence, 67 is supposed to be average — a 1.0 in four categories, divided by 6, times 100.)For any era, we can rescale what performance “should” lead to a given value in each category to keep the relative leaguewide distribution the same as it was when passer rating was first conceived.2Just like with PFR’s advanced passing stats, I calculated these distributions using qualified passers in rolling three-season periods to avoid a strange spread in one season causing overly volatile results. (To qualify, a passer needed at least 14 attempts per team game.) So while, say, Alex Smith’s 62.5 percent completion rate in 2018 was worth 1.0 point, so was Don Meredith’s 49.5 percent mark from 1962. Do this for every category in every season, and you have a stabilized version of passer rating that no longer spirals uncontrollably upward with each innovation in the passing game.Some ultra-high ratings change less than you might expect under this new method. Rodgers’s single-season record of 122.5 from 2011 tumbles all the way down to … 121.1. (He was very good that year.) But other seemingly immortal ratings, such as Kirk Cousins’s 99.7 mark this season, get knocked down quite a bit — in Cousins’s case, he falls to a much more reasonable 81.5 rating. (Anyone who watched a Vikings game this year would surely argue that this is more appropriate.) Similarly, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 100.4 mark this season — yes, that is real, look it up — gets heavily penalized in the interception category (his 4.9 percent INT rate was more than double the league average), taking him down to an adjusted rating of 77.4.Moving further down the list, Joe Flacco’s decent-sounding 84.2 classic rating properly falls to a mediocre 62.8 after our adjustment, while the 30.7 rating of WOAT candidate Nathan Peterman becomes an 11.6 — perilously close to the minimum possible rating of 0.0. (If Peterman had thrown enough passes to qualify, that 11.6 rating would have “surpassed” Ryan Leaf’s 19.1 from 1998 as the lowest-rated season since 1950.)All told, the new ratings are once again grounded in a world where an average quarterback scores about 70 — not exactly 67 because the rolling distribution includes multiple seasons for comparison3Causing 2018 performances to score slightly higher on average, since this year was a better passing season than 2017. — and as a result, the numbers make far more intuitive sense at a glance than the ludicrously inflated official ratings of 2018: 20B. MayfieldCLE93.771.7 10K. CousinsMIN99.781.5 PlayerLast YearOldNewPlayerLast YearOldNew 31S. DarnoldNYJ77.649.7 17M. TrubiskyCHI95.473.2 16D. CarrOAK93.974.0 13T. BradyNE97.778.8 PlayerTeamOldNew 4M. RyanATL108.193.4 5P. RiversLAC105.587.3 6D. WatsonHOU103.185.3 Ratings 13L. Dawson197582.982.728F. Ryan197078.078.0 12D. PrescottDAL96.979.0 14D. Marino199986.481.429B. Jones198278.578.0 19C. NewtonCAR94.271.7 26J. WinstonTB90.264.9 Ryan Fitzpatrick2005-184,28581.160.2-20.9 8J. GoffLAR101.183.3 5P. Manning201596.587.120M. Ryan201894.979.8 Marcus Mariota2015-181,60589.467.5-21.9 7C. WentzPHI102.285.1 30B. BortlesJAX79.854.5 9A. RodgersGB97.683.0 10O. Graham195578.284.725R. Gannon200484.778.4 2P. MahomesKC113.898.5 11K. Warner200993.783.726B. Griese198077.178.3 32J. AllenBUF67.937.1 27A. SmithWSH85.764.5 15B. R’lisbergerPIT96.575.7 RatingsRatings PlayerYears PlayedAttemptsOldNewDiff. 1D. BreesNO115.7103.3 According to the NFL’s official passer rating system, the most efficient quarterback in NFL history is Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, with a lifetime mark of 103.1.1Pro football’s passer rating has a possible range from 0 to 158.3. That makes sense: Rodgers is generally regarded as one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. But if you scroll further down the list, the results become much harder to explain. In the world of passer rating, Kirk Cousins is better than Joe Montana; Derek Carr and Matt Schaub top Dan Marino; and, after one season, Broadway Sam Darnold is running circles around Broadway Joe Namath.Passer rating is often criticized as Byzantine (have you seen that formula?), incomplete (it does not include data on rushing plays or sacks) and arbitrary (again, have you looked at the formula?). Yet its biggest shortcoming might be the way it is unmoored from changes in the game itself. Passing has never been more efficient than it was this season, in which the league’s average QB posted a rating of 92.9. That is remarkably high considering that a quarterback who posted a rating of 92.9 would have led all qualified passers in 15 separate seasons from 1950 through 1986. Clearly, the scale needs recalibrating. 18E. ManningNYG92.472.3 Chad Henne2008-181,95975.555.3-20.3 Ryan Tannehill2012-182,91187.067.2-19.8 Cam Newton2011-183,89186.466.1-20.3 22R. TannehillMIA92.768.8 21M. MariotaTEN92.370.6 A new all-time passer rating hierarchyCareer classic and adjusted passer ratings for qualified* NFL and AFL quarterbacks, 1950-2018 9T. Romo201697.185.024D. Fouts198780.278.4 11A. LuckIND98.779.1 Ratings 2A. Rodgers2018103.192.517B. Starr197180.580.7 PlayerTeamOldNew * Minimum 1,500 career pass attemptsSource: * Minimum 14 pass attempts per team gameSource: 6R. Staubach197983.486.721J. Garcia200887.579.6 7R. Wilson2018100.485.422B. R’lisberger201894.379.0 15K. Anderson198681.981.230J. Kelly199684.478.0 3J. Montana199492.390.018P. Rivers201895.680.5 1S. Young199996.794.216F. Tarkenton197880.480.7 Case Keenum2013-181,84484.561.8-22.6 Mark Sanchez2009-182,32073.352.5-20.8 Who’s been overrated in traditional passer ratings?For qualified* NFL and AFL passers since 1950, the biggest shortfalls between adjusted and classic passer rating 12S. Jurgensen197482.782.927N. Lomax198882.778.1 8D. Brees201897.785.423J. Unitas197378.378.9 According to the NFL’s official system, there have been 93 qualified quarterback seasons since 1950 with a passer rating of at least 100.0, and nine of those happened in 2018 alone. After our adjustment, though, there have been only 46 such seasons since 1950,4Four QB seasons cracked the 100.0 mark under the new system but didn’t under the classic passer rating. and only one of those happened this year — the 103.3 mark Drew Brees put up with the Saints. It’s still a golden age for passing, as nearly half of those 46 seasons have happened since 2000, but we’ve also filtered out 51 “false 100s” — seasons that cracked 100.0 on the old scale but not the new one — of which 47 have happened since 2000.The result of our passer rating adjustment is a much more reasonable career leaderboard that features qualified quarterbacks from a variety of different eras: The biggest beneficiaries of our changes are 1950s-era passers like Otto Graham, who originally rated in the 70s (discarding his eye-popping pre-1950 numbers, which were compiled in the upstart All-America Football Conference) but leaps up into the mid-80s after judging him in comparison with his peers. San Francisco 49ers legend Steve Young also gets a boost relative to other great QBs from history, reclaiming the No. 1 slot that he’d held in real life before Rodgers and friends came along.At the other end of the spectrum, nobody loses more points of career rating than Blake Bortles, who somehow has an 80.6 mark under the classic system but falls to 55.2 with our adjustments. Here are the biggest losers between the old and new QB ratings: 23M. StaffordDET89.968.6 Ratings Deflating the ratingClassic and adjusted passer ratings for qualified* 2018 NFL quarterbacks 3R. WilsonSEA110.996.5 25A. DaltonCIN89.666.1 4T. Brady201897.687.219C. Pennington201090.179.9 24N. MullensSF90.866.3 Derek Carr2014-182,80088.868.4-20.4 28J. FlaccoBAL84.262.8 14R. FitzpatrickTB100.477.4 33J. RosenARI66.735.9 Jameis Winston2015-181,92287.864.0-23.8 Blake Bortles2014-182,63280.655.2-25.4 * Minimum 1,500 career pass attemptsSource: A change like this wouldn’t fix the rest of passer rating’s deficiencies, and it wouldn’t include all the fancy bells and whistles you’ll find in a metric like ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating. But passer rating itself has always been a surprisingly decent metric within any self-contained era; the team with the higher passer rating (by any margin) in a game wins about 80 percent of the time. It’s the comparisons across eras that have become distorted as the game has changed over time. But a simple fix tethering modern stats to the standards contained in passer rating’s formula would go a long way toward restoring sanity to the metric you still see in every NFL box score and broadcast. The Blake Bortleses of the world might not like seeing their shiny 80-something ratings get dumped into the 50s, but it’s a change whose time has come.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Remember Those 2003 Tigers This Years Team Might Be Even Worse

7/31/2018Leonys Martín-0.3Willi Castro0.022 7/31/2017Alex Avila2.1Isaac Paredes0.020 DateVeterans TradedWAR SinceProspects AcquiredWAR SinceAge Paul Richan0.022 Jose King0.020 The 2003 Detroit Tigers were a shining beacon of bad baseball. This was true both as a team — they lost 119 games, the second-most of any MLB team since 19011Only the comically bad 1962 New York Mets, a 120-loss expansion team, lost more. — and also at the individual level. Hapless starter Mike Maroth, for instance, became the only pitcher to lose 20 times in a season since 1980 (and perhaps the last ever to earn that not-so-proud distinction).And yet, this year’s Tigers might be every bit as awful.The FiveThirtyEight projection model thinks the 2019 Tigers will fall a bit short of the 2003 version’s loss total, predicting 111 defeats for Detroit by season’s end. But in terms of other measures, such as our Elo ratings, these Tigers are astonishingly close to their abysmal predecessors. Through 125 games, the Tigers have an Elo of 1398, which not only means Detroit has wrested the crown of “Worst Team in Baseball” away from the Baltimore Orioles — a title that once seemed impossible for the O’s to lose — but it also makes these Tigers just the 14th team ever to have an Elo under 1400 at this stage of a season. Their Elo is currently within striking distance of the 2003 team, which had a 1387 rating at this point in the schedule, and the current Tigers were slightly ahead of their ancestors in the race to baseball’s bottom as recently as eight games ago:(All of this is true even after Detroit pulled off a shocking win over the Houston Astros Wednesday night, in one of the biggest upsets of the 21st century.)It’s never good to be compared with that infamous 2003 squad — even if the current edition of the Tigers was intentionally built to “compete” with the Orioles and Miami Marlins for the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft. After years of enjoying superstar performances from Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Max Scherzer, Motor City fans were hoping they’d never again return to the days of Maroth, Bobby Higginson and Ramón Santiago. But history is repeating itself with the likes of Jordan Zimmermann, JaCoby Jones and Jeimer Candelario this year.For their part, the 2003 Tigers were the culmination of a long, steady decline following the breakup of the mega-talented core that won the 1984 World Series (and posted at least 84 wins eight times between 1983 and 1993). After the 1993 Tigers went 85-77, the team wouldn’t go .500 again for another 13 years. An initial rebuild following the 1994 strike yielded 109 losses in 1996 — impressively bad, if mere child’s play compared with some Tiger seasons to come — and the payoff was a team that topped out at just 79 wins in both 1997 and 2000.Then came one of the sharpest downturns in baseball history. Slugger Juan González — for whom the Tigers had traded a number of their best prospects just a year before — left the Tigers via free agency, the team was fleeced in a handful of trades, the farm system yielded little of note, and the rest of the players Detroit staked its future on (Higginson, Dean Palmer, Damion Easley, etc.) all stopped being productive. Over the four-season period from 2000 to 2003, Detroit’s record got progressively worse each year, by an average of 12 wins per season. By 2003, the Tigers were spending a combined $37 million (or 54 percent of the MLB median team payroll that season — the equivalent of $69 million today) on eight players2Higginson, Palmer, Steve Sparks, Matt Anderson, Craig Paquette, Danny Patterson, Shane Halter and Eric Munson. who together generated 0.18 Wins Above Replacement.3Using our JEFFBAGWELL version that merges the WAR found at Baseball-Reference and FanGraphs into a single metric. It was a masterclass in how to turn an average team into a 43-win one practically overnight.The Tigers won five of their last six games to avoid tying the 1962 Mets’ record for futility. But they also needed bad luck to win so little in the first place. No MLB team truly contains 43-win talent — we think? — and the Tigers undershot the record we’d expect from their run differential by five wins in 2003, with another six-win deficit coming from the team’s run differential falling short of its underlying metrics. Add in even more bad luck from players unexpectedly producing career-low numbers,4In a 2014 update of sabermetrician Phil Birnbaum’s classic study of lucky and unlucky teams, I found that the 2003 Tigers had been the 31st-most unlucky team since 1901 in terms of its players all slipping in performance at once. and the 2003 Tigers were probably a team with 55-to-65 win talent and some of the worst luck in baseball history. Manager Alan Trammell, a Tigers legend as a player, deserved better than to manage such a notoriously cursed season of Detroit baseball.A few teams have come close to matching the ‘03 Tigers ineptitude in the years that followed. The very next season, the Arizona Diamondbacks lost 111 games, just three years removed from winning the World Series. The 2013 Astros (111 losses) and 2018 Orioles (115) also made valiant runs at the Mets’ record this decade. In fact, the recent prevalence of tanking teams has created more historically awful teams than ever before: This season alone, our model thinks four teams — the Marlins, Royals, Orioles and Tigers — will each lose more than 100 games.Detroit’s current path to horrendousness was similar — if slightly more straightforward — than the one the team followed 16 years ago. These Tigers were also coming off a period of sustained success, with MLB’s fourth-best record from 2009 through 2014 and three consecutive League Championship Series appearances in 2011, 2012 and 2013 (including an AL pennant in 2012). But by the end of that stretch, Detroit found itself with an old, expensive roster and a bunch of money committed to veteran stars like Cabrera and Verlander. (Though not Scherzer, oddly enough. Then-general manager Dave Dombrowski let Scherzer walk to the Washington Nationals after the 2014 season; all Scherzer has done since then is lead all MLB pitchers in WAR.)After a downturn to start the 2015 season, in which they would finish finish 74-87, Dombrowski unloaded recently-acquired stars David Price and Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline and then was eventually relieved of GM duties himself. The Tigers regrouped for one last bid with an aging core in 2016. It worked, to the extent Detroit had a winning record (86-75) again. But the team missed the playoffs by three games despite once again having one of the highest payrolls in baseball. And when the wheels fell off for good in the summer of 2017, the fire sale was on; midseason deals sent away Verlander, J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton, Alex Avila, Justin Wilson and pretty much anybody else who wasn’t nailed down. The Tigers’ fire sale hasn’t paid dividends … yetAge and wins above replacement (WAR) for notable Detroit Tigers prospects acquired since the 2017 season, plus WAR for veterans traded by Detroit Justin Wilson1.2Jeimer Candelario3.125 8/31/2017Justin Verlander12.8Daz Cameron0.022 7/31/2019Nick Castellanos1.2Alex Lange0.023 Dawel Lugo-0.824 7/31/2019Shane Greene-0.1Joey Wentz0.021 Maybe the Tigers held out for too long before hitting the reset button, trying to extend their window beyond the point of reason. But once it began, this was a conventional rebuild — Detroit flipped their desirable veterans for prospects like teams are supposed to do. Early on, though, the prospects haven’t provided much in return. Of the 17 prospects acquired, only four have made the majors so far, and only one — third baseman Isaac Paredes (acquired from the Cubs) — ranks among the team’s top five prospects according to Baseball America. Most of the prospects are still young, so there’s plenty of time for them to add value in Detroit uniforms. For now, those young Tigers have a lot of ground to make up for the team to break even on its fire-sale deals.Perhaps relatedly, going into the 2019 season, Baseball America ranked the Tigers’ farm system as the 14th-best in baseball. On the one hand, that’s the highest organizational ranking Detroit has had since 2007 and a major improvement after the team ranked among the bottom six nine times between 2008 and 2017. (Blowing up a minor-league system to keep the big-league team competitive is a Dombrowski specialty.) But it’s also behind schedule for the type of total teardowns the Tigers are trying to emulate, such as those executed by the Astros and Chicago Cubs earlier this decade. By the same stage in their respective rebuilds — judging by when each team dipped below 70 wins for the first time in its ramp-up towards contention — the Astros had MLB’s ninth-best system and the Cubs ranked fourth:Detroit’s current farm system ranking improved to 13th after its midseason deals this year, and that’s roughly where the Tigers were (12th) back in 2003. The core of that young group — led by Curtis Granderson — played a big role in leading Detroit to a surprise World Series appearance within three years of its 119-loss catastrophe. That model might be a good one for the Tigers to follow when they are finally ready to compete again. But it’s also worth wondering whether bottoming out has the same competitive advantage now that so many other teams are also doing it. When the Tigers lost 119 games, by contrast, that was 20 more than any other team in baseball. The ‘03 Tigers didn’t mean to build one of the worst teams ever, but the 2019 version can’t make that case as convincingly — and neither can the Orioles or Marlins. Nor can this year’s team claim anywhere near as bad luck as in 2003.As it stands now, the Tigers are currently in the driver’s seat when it comes to the race for next year’s No. 1 draft pick. Though they’ve built one of the worst teams of all time, it will all be worth it if they can use the picks and prospects to get back to the World Series quickly, just like the Cubs and Astros — or even an earlier version of the Tigers — did not so long ago. But if not, are all the losses be worth it? Because no one fan base should be forced to watch multiple 110-loss seasons in the span of 16 years without some World Series swag to show for it.Check out our latest MLB predictions. Franklin Pérez0.021 Jake Rogers-0.124 Logan Shore0.024 Elvin Rodriguez0.021 7/18/2017J.D. Martinez11.2Sergio Alcantara0.022 8/6/2018Mike Fiers3.3Nolan Blackwood0.024 8/31/2017Justin Upton3.9Grayson Long0.025 Travis Demeritte0.124 WAR numbers through Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019.Sources: FanGraphs, read more

Ohio States draft hopefuls excel at schools Pro Day

With a national TV audience, intensive medical examinations and the unfamiliarity of being on the road, the NFL Scouting Combine can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s why Ohio State’s Pro Day on Friday was such a welcomed relief for former Buckeyes looking to break into the pro ranks and hear their names called at the NFL Draft during the last weekend of April. “I think it’s a lot better. You’re in the place you’ve been training for your whole career, so I think it puts you a little more at ease,” offensive lineman Justin Boren said. “Combine — all the cameras, so many people — it’s nice working out here.” The pre-draft process is an arduous one of being constantly evaluated in nearly every way imaginable, from on-field positional drills to personal interviews that gauge players’ personalities and character. A school’s Pro Day represents the end to the constant needling of prospects until NFL teams invite players to their facilities to have private workouts just prior to the draft. Wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher expressed relief that the Combine and his Pro Day were over and likened the process to something everyone looking for a job has to go through after college. “It’s a big job interview,” he said. “Not many of them are fun but they’re necessary evils, but it’s to get to do what you really want to do.” Sanzenbacher was one of the big winners of Pro Day, reducing his time in the 40-yard dash to 4.48 seconds on Friday from 4.59 at the Combine. “You haven’t been poked and prodded by doctors for three days so I mean, it felt good. It felt better,” he said. Sanzenbacher said he has no idea where he will get drafted come late April. He said teams will likely question his slight build, but he proved a lot by running a sub-4.5 40-yard dash. He hopes that his solid career and game film at OSU will be enough for scouts to form a solid impression of the Buckeyes’ 2010 MVP. Buckeye coach Jim Tressel was in attendance and watched his former players participate in drills from afar. It was announced last Tuesday by the school that Tressel would be suspended for the first two games of next season for allegedly violating the school’s compliance policy and NCAA Bylaw 10.1 by not reporting e-mails he received last April from local attorney and former Buckeye Christopher Cicero, who indicated that Terrelle Pryor and DeVier Posey had sold OSU memorabilia to Eddie Rife, the owner of Fine Line Ink tattoo parlor. Other performances on Pro Day that helped players’ draft stock came from linebackers Ross Homan and Brian Rolle, defensive lineman Dexter Larimore, Boren, defensive backs Devon Torrence and Jermale Hines and running back Brandon Saine. Homan improved his time in the 40 to 4.6 seconds from 4.68 at the Combine, Torrence improved to 4.5 seconds from 4.68, Hines to 4.57 seconds from 4.68 and Saine to 4.4 seconds from 4.43. One of OSU’s most interesting draft prospects is Rolle, who is considered undersized for an NFL linebacker and might be asked to make a position change to safety. The four-year letterman has plenty of solid game film to go with his decorated career as middle linebacker for the Buckeyes. He won four Big Ten Player of the Week awards and was selected by coaches for the Randy Gradishar Award for outstanding linebacker. Weighing 230 pounds, 12 pounds more than his playing weight his senior year, Rolle said he would play wherever he was needed and participated in position drills at both linebacker and, for the first time Friday, defensive back. “It’s not really hard because I’ve heard ‘You’re short’ my whole life. It is what it is. God wanted me to be 5-foot-9 and 7/8 for a reason,” Rolle said. “I’m not going to shy away from playing linebacker just because somebody says I can’t do it. I’m going to compete and work hard at what I’m good at. When a team looks at me as a safety, I’m willing to do it.” Despite being undersized by traditional standards, Rolle’s 4.51 in the 40 proves that he’s fast enough to be a safety. At the Combine, he put up 28 reps of 225 pounds. Only Homan (32) and Boston College’s Mark Herzlich (29) did more reps as linebackers. Rolle said the biggest difference between linebacker and defensive back is the pack pedal used to drop into coverage. He mentioned that linebackers at OSU would sometimes get into a “lazy backpedal,” but that his athleticism would show teams he’s more than capable of learning how to drop into coverage. In the NFL, many non-starters are asked to play special teams — an area that seemed to excite Rolle more than playing defense. “That’s the first thing they ask, ‘Are you willing to play special teams?’ I love special teams. I don’t feel like there’s nothing more (fun) to do,” he said. “It’s great to play defense, great to play offense. Special teams, you get to set the tone of games … or change the momentum of a game … that’s something that at the next level, I think can really help me out.” Homan is one of the most sure-fire picks in this year’s draft of the Buckeyes coming out. Both his 40 time of 4.6 and his performance in the bench press at the Combine ranked highly for his position. He’s added 13 pounds of muscle since the season ended and is up to 240 pounds. “They say they evaluate you on 90 percent of your game film and 10 percent of your combine, so I’m happy with that because I think my game film speaks for itself,” Homan said. Homan was a three-year starter, first-team All-Big Ten performer, Sports Illustrated honorable mention All-America and academic All-Big Ten. He amassed 287 tackles (17 for loss) in 54 games as a Buckeye. He also has the outstanding pedigree NFL executives associate with linebackers from OSU, something Homan attributes to his position coach. “Luke Fickell is one of the best coaches, I believe, in college football,” Homan said. Hines is another Buckeye in flux when it comes to a position at the next level. He played the “star” position at OSU, which is a hybrid of safety and linebacker. The four-year letterman with three career interceptions participated in drills for both defensive back and linebacker on Friday. Aside from improving his 40 time to 4.57 seconds at his Pro Day from 4.68 at the Combine, Hines broad-jumped 9-feet 6-inches. He said he thought he played well at both safety positions as a Buckeye but only had one regret. “The only thing I wanted more of during my college career was people to take more shots at me … throw the ball at me more. … Every time I’m in the middle of the field it’s a slant or a curl or something like that,” Hines said. Larimore and offensive lineman Bryant Browning weren’t invited to the Combine, but were excited to workout for scouts for the first time since ending their college careers. For a defensive tackle, Larimore ran an impressive 4.97 in the 40 and bench pressed 225 pounds 32 times. Browning participated only in position drills because he said he tweaked his hamstring last week. He said he will participate with defensive lineman Cameron Heyward during Heyward’s personal Pro Day on March 30. Heyward injured his elbow in the Sugar Bowl win against Arkansas and subsequently needed Tommy John surgery to repair a tendon in his elbow. He was present at Pro Day, but didn’t work out. He’s been a regular at the team’s 6 a.m. workouts all last week and, prior to his injury, was considered a first-round pick. Defensive back Chimdi Chekwa ran a speedy 4.4 at the Combine and decided that was enough. All he did at the Pro Day was participate in positional drills. Former Buckeyes James Laurinaitis of the St. Louis Rams and Malcolm Jenkins of the New Orleans Saints were in attendance. Representatives for 29 of the NFL’s 32 teams were at OSU’s Pro Day — only the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals did not have anyone in attendance. read more

Ohio State baseball blows 3run lead in 9th falls into losers bracket

With a 4-1 lead heading into the ninth, the No. 4 Ohio State baseball team looked poised to take down No. 1-seeded Illinois in the Big Ten Tournament, but a four-run outburst by the Fighting Illini ended that possibility Thursday night. “That’s by far the toughest loss that we’ve had all season,” senior outfielder Brian DeLucia said. “I don’t know if it’s going to hit quickly or if we are going to feel it tomorrow.” OSU (26-26, 13-11 Big Ten) had freshman pitcher and first baseman Josh Dezse try to close out the ninth against Illinois (26-25, 15-9 Big Ten). Dezse came into the game with six saves, but played a different role than usual, pitching the eighth and ninth innings. He pitched a scoreless eighth, but walked two and had runners in scoring position at one point. Coach Greg Beals kept him in for the ninth, and Dezse gave up a leadoff double and two RBI singles. He was taken out after giving up a walk with a pitch count of 55, well above a closer’s average. Junior reliever Andrew Armstrong came in with two outs to finish the game, but gave up the walk-off RBI single on his very first pitch. Beals said he asked a lot out of Dezse in the game but that, win or lose, he likes to have Dezse on the mound. “Obviously, in retrospect, when you look back, we asked him to do something he hasn’t done yet this year,” Beals said. “As a coach, as a competitor, you want to put your players in the best opportunity possible, and we thought we were. As you look back at it, maybe we should have gone with the bullpen like we’ve done all year long in that eighth inning.” After Illinois scored its only run off starter Brett McKinney in the bottom of the third, it was DeLucia who responded with a leadoff home run in the fourth to tie the game, 1-1. Both starters went deep into the game. McKinney pitched six innings and gave up one run, while Illinois starter Kevin Johnson went eight and gave up four. Illinois coach Dan Hartleb said McKinney pitched well and that OSU threw some pitches that made his hitters look bad. “Ohio State’s a very good team,” Hartleb said. “We’re very fortunate getting down like that, to come back and beat a good team.” Johnson’s last three runs came in the eighth when the Buckeyes made their push. On Wednesday, OSU scored five runs in the eighth to beat Minnesota, fueled by a leadoff bunt single by sophomore catcher Greg Solomon. Same inning, different game and with a man on second, Solomon lined a ball to center that the Illinois outfield missed, allowing him to complete a two-run inside-the-park home run. Tim Wetzel later provided a two-out RBI single to increase the lead to 4-1 before Illinois made its comeback. “You never think you’ve got the game secure, but I certainly liked where we were at, at that time,” Beals said. “Our guys kept grinding to get us that fourth run, and, as you see, every run’s very valuable.” With the loss to Illinois, the Buckeyes move to the losers’ bracket, in which they will play Minnesota again in an elimination game at 12:05 p.m. Minnesota rematch This will be the fifth time in less than 10 days that OSU and Minnesota will meet. The Buckeyes won three of the first four. Both have a loss already, so the loser of the game will go home, while the winner will turn around and play Purdue. Freshman Greg Greve is the expected starter for the Buckeyes. “The first challenge is put this game behind and get ready for Minnesota,” Beals said. “Minnesota, you can bet, is going to be ready for us. We’ve been playing with them, and we’ve got them three of the four games we’ve played, so they’re going to be hungry for us.” Making the rounds DeLucia and Solomon had home runs in the game, marking the second time this season against Illinois that the Buckeyes have hit multiple home runs. OSU has hit just 19 home runs this year. Thursday’s home runs were DeLucia’s first and just Solomon’s second of the year. Cat scratch fever Assistant coach Mike Stafford visited the mound in the third to talk to McKinney after he gave up his only run of the day and hit an Illinois batter. Play was delayed more when a cat somehow found its way onto the field, making an appearance on the bullpen near the OSU dugout. Junior reliever Paul Geuy was able to chase the cat under the tarp and out of play. The extra break seemed to help relax McKinney, as he allowed just three more hits through his last three innings. read more

Ohio States Jared Sullinger named John R Wooden Award finalist

Ohio State sophomore forward Jared Sullinger was named one of 15 finalists for the John R. Wooden Award Tuesday. The award, named after former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, recognizes the top player in college basketball. Sullinger is the only player on the list who was a 2011 Wooden Award All American. He was also named first-team All-American by Sporting News for the second straight year. The Buckeye big man has averaged 17 points and 9 rebounds for the No. 7-ranked OSU basketball team this year as the team compiled a 25-6 regular season record. Sullinger’s 14 points and 10 rebounds helped OSU beat Michigan State, 72-70, Sunday and give the Buckeyes a share of the Big Ten regular season championship along with the Spartans and Michigan. MSU senior forward and Big Ten Player of the Year Draymond Green was the only other player from the Big Ten named a finalist for the Wooden Award. Other notable names include Kentucky freshmen forwards Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kansas junior forward Thomas Robinson, and North Carolina senior forward Tyler Zeller. The list, which also requires the student-athletes to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, was comprised of three freshmen, two sophomores, three juniors and seven seniors. The Big East had three players on the list, which was the most of any conference. The Wooden All-American teams will be announced during the week of the “Elite Eight” round of the NCAA Tournament. In the meantime, Sullinger and the Buckeyes will travel to Indianapolis for the Big Ten tournament. They will play Friday at approximately 9 p.m. against the winner of a game between Nebraska and Purdue. After the tournament ends Sunday, the team will learn its seeding in the NCAA Tournament. read more

Ohio State mens basketball still confident despite 4game skid

Junior guard Shannon Scott (3) looks for a pass during a game against Iowa Jan. 12 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 84-74.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorFirst, it was 15 straight wins and a No. 3 ranking. Now, it’s four straight losses, an increased risk of dropping out of the top 25 and a season spiraling out of control.The Ohio State men’s basketball team has had an odd feeling about it lately.“It’s definitely been different. No one in that locker room has ever lost like this,” junior forward Sam Thompson said. “No one has ever lost four in a row and we know that it’s unacceptable for our program to lose four basketball games in a row.”The current skid is the first time OSU has lost four straight games since February 2009. In those four losses — to Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota and Monday at Nebraska — the Buckeyes (15-4, 2-4) have struggled shooting the ball, making just 40.4 percent of their shots from the field. Points in the paint have been an issue as well, particularly in the last three games, as OSU has given up 120 points down low.Junior centers Amir Williams and Trey McDonald have struggled, causing OSU coach Thad Matta to play with a smaller lineup down the stretch late in games to give his team a chance. Williams has started all 19 games this season for OSU — along with senior guards Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr., junior guard Shannon Scott and junior forward LaQuinton Ross — but his recent play begs a question: Should there be a change to the starting five?“I haven’t even thought in terms of that, from what we did (Tuesday) to what we’re getting to go out and do here in practice. We’re going to compete and get after it and I want to see who’s standing at the end of the day, but I’ve had a lot of thoughts go through my mind. But the starting lineup — I haven’t even thought about that one,” Matta said after a brief pause. “We’ve started games well. Last couple, we’ve got off to decent starts. I’ve been pretty pleased with those, but we gotta get the middle and the end corrected.”No matter who starts or finishes the games, though, the end result has not been what OSU wants, as turnovers, missed shots and poor defensive executions have led to almost three weeks without a victory.“I don’t know if I’d call it a lack of confidence. I’d definitely say there is a different feel around than we had (19) days ago, but I wouldn’t call it a confidence issue,” Thompson said. “I would say there is a certain frustration level with the basketball team, just with losing. We’re not frustrated with each other, we’re not frustrated with the coaching staff, we’re just frustrated with ourselves that we aren’t coming out and doing the things we know we’re capable of doing.”Scott agreed with Thompson, and said the team is going to be “fine” once it gets back to what it needs to do.“We know what we have to do now, we know what we’re capable of doing as a team but until we take action and fix what we’ve been doing lately, we’re not going to be a successful basketball team,” Scott said. “Once we all get our heads straight and stick together, we’re going to be fine.”The team standing in the way of OSU putting a halt to its four-game skid is Illinois (13-6, 2-4), also a team that has lost four in a row. With both squads reeling, the intensity is likely to be high Thursday.“We both need wins. Illinois, right now, is in the same position as us, having lost four straight,” Thompson said. “I can’t exactly speak on how they feel, but we assume they feel the same way that we feel in that this is a one-game season.”“(It’s) another Big Ten game. Because I think you would look and say everyone in this league is, in one way or another, desperate,” Matta said. “You can’t take anything for granted. You gotta go out and play.”As OSU looks to get back on track, Thompson said it is using the four straight losses as motivation.“We’re not feeling sorry for ourselves. We’re not going to get down on ourselves. We’re a tougher basketball team than that,” Thompson said. “We’re a veteran-led basketball team and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that we come out and play to the best of our abilities on Thursday.”Tipoff at the Schottenstein Center is set for 7 p.m. read more

Football Former Ohio State assistant Tom Herman was source for Urban Meyer

Ohio State co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom HermanCredit: Hayden Grove / Lantern TV Sports directorA former Ohio State assistant coach has been identified as the source of a report that head coach Urban Meyer knew of domestic abuse allegations against his former wide receivers coach, according to sports writer and author Jeff Snook. Tom Herman, now the University of Texas head coach and former offensive coordinator under Meyer, was named by Snook as the person who told former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy about Meyer’s alleged knowledge of domestic abuse from Zach Smith.Snook’s report states that Herman was “furious” after 2019 five-star receiver Garrett Wilson committed to the Buckeyes in April, which, according to the report, was his motive behind the leaked information. According to the report, while at Ohio State, Herman encouraged Smith’s now ex-wife Courtney Smith to “go public” with the alleged domestic violence incidents while he was a member of the Ohio State staff. Snook said the Herman family also helped Courtney Smith pay her legal fees.McMurphy tweeted out a statement on Saturday.“I have never revealed my sources in my nearly four decade journalistic career & I am not going to start now,” McMurphy said on Twitter. “However, I will say unequivocally that Tom Herman was not my source.”Herman, through a Texas spokesman, told Brian Davis, a reporter from the Austin-American Statesman who posted it via Twitter, the story was “absolutely untrue” and that he had never spoken with McMurphy about the Ohio State situation.Herman worked under Meyer at Ohio State as the offensive coordinator and the quarterbacks coach from 2012 to 2014, winning the Broyles award as the top assistant coach in the nation after the Buckeyes won the National Championship in 2014. Herman declined to comment on the Smith allegations on August 2 in a press conference in Austin, Texas. “I left the program after the 2015 season, excuse me, the 2014 season and the things that occurred, in my knowledge, happened in late 2015,” Herman said. “I really don’t think it would be fair or appropriate…to comment about a situation that happened in another program while I wasn’t there.” Neither the Ohio State football program nor the Texas football program could be reached for comment.Updated at 3:08 on Aug. 11 to include McMurphy’s statement. Updated at 3:37 p.m. on Aug. 11 to include information from Brian Davis. read more

Dying children should be asked if they have a bucket list say

first_img“It is incredible what you get back actually. It’s rarely as simple as you’d think. “It is always very, very individual.”For the adolescents I care for, a lot of it is about their legacy, what they leave behind.”It’s about what they wish to achieve with the time they have – do they want to do their GCSEs? If they have treasured possessions, are they desperate to know who they are going to leave those to?”On one level, it opens a conversation you need to have and on the next level, it promotes you to think about them as an individual, not just as a person whose medical or social care you are delivering.”Leaving an online legacyMeanwhile, terminally-ill teenagers may want to be asked if they would like social media accounts to be closed down or turned into memorial pages.The new guidance states that when a child or young person is approaching the end of their life, health or care workers should talk to parents about “what would help them”, such as plans for social media content.Dr Harrop, who works for Helen & Douglas House Hospices in Oxfordshire, said: “Some young people are old enough to have their own social media pages and when someone passes away, there is a mechanism to make ‘in mem’ (memorial) pages where people can add tributes but the content is limited. “It was brought up as something that might come into a conversation with parents, or conversations parents have with a young person, to say ‘do you have a specific wish of what we do with your Facebook page or Whatsapp?”Do you want us to leave something about you on the net because your friends might find that very meaningful or would you like us to take it all down because it is private to you?”‘The new guidance, which aims to improve the end-of-life care for babies, children and young people, suggests that hospital, hospice and home care staff must look after the whole family, practically and emotionally, when a child is dying. Children and young people should be asked what they want to achieve before they die, Nice says Credit:PA  To lose a child is a tragic, life-changing event. But the care given to a child and their family during this difficult time can offer great comfort, if done properly Children and young people who are dying should be asked if they have a ‘bucket list’ of wishes they want to accomplish, health officials have said. Medics or care workers developing care plans for terminally-ill children should ask about their “life ambitions and wishes”, according to guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice).Watchdogs said it might be appropriate to ask youngsters what they want to be done with their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter pages, after their deaths.  Young people or their families should be asked about what they hope to achieve in life, including ambitions for social activities, relationships and educational attainment, the guideline suggests.Dying teenagers might want to complete their GCSEs or make specific wishes on who should be given their personal belongings, according to Dr Emily Harrop, a paediatric palliative care consultant who helped to develop the guideline.The child or a parent, depending on the child’s age, should also be asked about life ambitions, she said.Dr Harrop said: “When we start a conversation about end-of-life planning, rather than introduce that with a very closed question or a very negative question, we often start by asking for things like ‘What do you hope for? What do you aspire to do for yourself? What would you hope your child to achieve?’ nurse  It is estimated that more than 40,000 children and young people in England are living with a life-limiting condition – where there is no hope of cure.Professor Mark Baker, director for the centre of guidelines at Nice, said: “To lose a child is a tragic, life-changing event. But the care given to a child and their family during this difficult time can offer great comfort, if done properly.”This guidance clearly sets out best practice for all those involved in palliative care, whether that be at home, in a hospice or in a hospital. I hope it will be implemented fully so that those families going through the worst time of their lives are properly supported.” The guidance also says doctors and nurses should not be afraid to cuddle and comfort dying children.The guidelines from Nice suggest that physical contact such as “touch, holding and massage” should be offered as non-pharmalogical interventions for pain and agitation.In recent years, healthcare professionals have become wary of personal interaction with children following a spate of child abuse scandals.But the new guidance makes it clear that physical contact is important, particularly for children. And it suggests that doctors and nurses include using art, music and play to explain the concept of death to children. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Divorcing couples arguing over unpaid debts …from the wedding

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. He added that one growing problem for those attempting to unravel a divorcing couple’s finances was the level of financial support previously provided by parents-in-law to help them get a foothold on the housing ladder.“Debts of all kinds are a regular feature of divorce and not just more of a concern as couples tighten their belts during a recession,” he added.“That is certainly true for arguments related to sums provided by family members, despite the fact that rising property prices in recent years have meant more individuals feeling that they have to call on parents for help.”“In some of those cases, though, what were assumed to be cash gifts for things such as house deposits or even support in starting a business are suddenly classified as ‘loans’ when marriages hit the rocks.” rowan Even though the failure of any marriage is unfortunate, it is perhaps especially so to see couples divorcing after only a couple of years spent as man and wife with bills for their wedding worth many thousands of pounds still not settledMichael Chapman, JMW Solicitors Credit:Getty Dr Rowan WilliamsCredit:Jonathan Brady /PA Credit:Andrew Crowley The pressure on couples to stage increasingly expensive “fairytale” weddings is now so great that some are now still trying to pay off the bills when they get divorced, family lawyers claim.One law firm has reported that more than a quarter of divorce settlements it handles is now held up by complications over who should be responsible for paying off debts accrued during the course of the marriage – or even from its beginning.In most cases the disputes between separating husbands and wives centre on the unpaid instalment plans for expensive items such as sports cars, caravans or holiday cottages. More recently the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Williams of Oystermouth also spoke out about the threat to family life from what he called the “marketisation of marriage”.He warned of long-term consequences from the notion of “the perfect relationship crystalised in the perfect wedding day – the immense economic, advertising investment in this massively fantastical experience which you go through on your wedding day, after which, of course, nothing is ever quite so good again.” Mr Chapman, a specialist family lawyer at JMW, said: “The issue of debt is, sadly, a recurrent part of discussions when it comes to dividing assets and providing the means for both spouses to move on after a divorce.“Although the topic is particularly acute for younger couples who might not yet have had the opportunity to build up property, pensions or cash reserves, it is not exclusive to that age group.“There is still a considerable number of middle-age couples choosing to go their separate ways with the question of who should honour hire purchase or loan agreements still unresolved.“Disputes about household furniture and electrical items, cars, caravans and property are far from uncommon.“It is not solely about whether couples might be considered reliant on loans or not.“We have dealt with many instances in which even relatively wealthy couples regard determining ownership of debt almost as a matter of principle. divorce wedding It follows a warning from the then Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith in 2013 that overpriced “glitzy, celebrity” weddings are killing marriage by putting many off tying the knot altogether and saddling others with crippling debts which put a strain on the relationship. “Even though the failure of any marriage is unfortunate, it is perhaps especially so to see couples divorcing after only a couple of years spent as man and wife with bills for their wedding worth many thousands of pounds still not settled.” But others involve expensive “start-up” costs for the marriage itself such as furniture and other household necessities.Michael Chapman of JMW Solicitors, which handles around 300 divorces a year, said that a small but significant number of such disputes that his firm sees even centre on who should clear loans used to pay for the couple’s honeymoon or the wedding ceremony itself.He added that such disagreements were frustrating attempts by couples “of all ages and circumstances” to start over once their marriages had collapsed.last_img read more

Lily Allen targeted by trolls after revealing she suffered from PTSD

first_imgShe replied: ‘I didn’t miscarry, I went into early labour and by son died from his chord wrapped round his neck.’She also wrote: Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Lily Allen has been targeted by online trolls after revealing that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following the stillbirth of her son.The singer also revealed that she has bipolar disorder in response to abuse from other Twitter users suggesting that she had mental health issues. Other Twitter users responded with inflammatory Tweets, with one saying: ‘Not to be a d–k but I very highly doubt it was 10 hours’, prompting Allen to respond: ‘You are a d–k. And it was. I was there, you weren’t.’Shockingly, another Tweet aimed at the singer read: The mother-of-two explained that her PTSD came after losing her son six months into her pregnancy in 2010.She wrote: [email protected]_2345 I DO have mental health issues.Bi-polar,post natal depression, and PTSD, does that make my opinion void.— Lily (@lilyallen) February 25, 2017 maybe if you didn’t pump your body full of drugs you wouldn’t have miscarried— le 😤 jmës (@BELLERUNNING) February 25, 2017 @Lumix_Trident @Ged_2345 when I lay in a hospital bed with my deceased son stuck between my legs halfway out of my body for 10 hours.— Lily (@lilyallen) February 25, 2017 Lily Allen on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2014Credit:Geoff Pugh Allen, 31, is active on Twitter and often posts on immigration, Donald Trump and Brexit. However, she has now announced that she would be taking a break from the social media site.’My timeline is full of the most disgusting, sexist, misogynistic, racist shit. Really, new levels. I’m no masochist so I’ll be back x,’ she wrote.Her account appeared to have been handed over to a user called Dennis, who announced he was going on a ‘hate blocking spree.’Allen has two daughters aged five and four with her former partner Sam Cooper. Lily Allen on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2014last_img read more

Lost wedding ring found on Orkney beach months after being lost

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. For months Paul Higson had given up all hope of finding his lost wedding ring – then his wife found it under a rock on a beach in Orkney.Mr Higson, 60, is an environmental consultant who works all over Orkney had no idea where the ring was, or even how he lost it in the first place.A keen birdwatcher and beachcomber, the ring could have been anywhere.Then walking on the Sands of Wright beach Mr Higson’s wife, Jan, noticed a sparkling object beneath a rock while the couple were walking their dogs.”I originally thought it was a washer or something like that but I bent down and moved one of the stones because it was wedged under one of the stones and pulled it out and it was Paul’s wedding ring,” she told BBC Scotland.Mr Higson could not believe the find. “I was quite stunned, to be honest, because I thought Jan was joking.”She showed me the ring and it just fitted straight back on my finger again.”When you’ve worn it as long as I have you just know. It fitted perfectly. It was the ring,” he added.”For Jan to just to look down and see it was a million-to-one chance really.”last_img read more

John McEnroe compares Novak Djokovic with golfer Tiger Woods as he suggests

first_imgMcEnroe added: “I think there’s a big difference, one is the age, but two the health. I think this (Djokovic’s form) isn’t a physical thing, this is more a mental thing.”The commentator also sparked controversy recently when he said that 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams would be ranked around 700 if she competed in the men’s game. BBC commentator John McEnroe surprised Wimbledon viewers when he compared Novak Djokovic with troubled golfer Tiger Woods.Speaking about Djokovic’s period of poor form, McEnroe compared the former Wimbledon champion with Woods, who in the past has had a high-profile divorce, been arrested, and suffered problems with prescription medication.McEnroe claimed Djokovic “had some off-court issues with the family,” adding: “That’s going to throw you.””If you’re distracted you’re not the same player,” he said. McEnroe, 58, said: “The person that comes to mind immediately with Novak is not a tennis player, it’s actually a golfer: Tiger Woods.”When he [Woods] had the issues with his wife and then he seemed to go completely off the rails and has never been even close to being the same player. In 2009, Woods crashed his SUV into a tree and a fire hydrant outside his Florida home. Just months later he was divorced after reports of extra-martial affairs surfaced. “So we’re starting to say: ‘Wait a minute, is this possible with him [Djokovic]?'”Former world number one Djokovic has suffered with his form in the last year – after completing a career Grand Slam last year, he started to lose matches and momentum.He is married to Jelena, 31. They have a son together and she is expecting their second child.  Jelena Djokoviccenter_img Djokovic is married to Jelena, pictured in 2015Credit: Mike Egerton/PA McEnroe is on the BBC commentary teamCredit:Karwai Tang/WireImage McEnroe is on the BBC commentary team Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Prince Philip crash Police frustrated that speed cameras were not installed on

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Speed cameras should have been installed three years ago on the road where the Duke of Edinburgh crashed in Norfolk, but disgruntled police say that councillors delayed the scheme.Back in 2016, local police and Norfolk County Council agreed to fund and erect speed cameras along the A149 between Castle Rising and Snettisham – the stretch of road where Prince Philip’s Land Rover collided with a 28-year-old mother’s Kia.But according to the Eastern Daily Press, local county councillors requested further consultation with their communities and the chance to explore alternatives, so a decision was made to suspend the scheme.The paper reported that Stuart Dark, a former Met Police officer, Andrew Jamieson and Michael Chenery had sought reassurances that the cameras would not be a “cash cow” and that there should be a better process for involving councillors.This move irked Norfolk Constabulary, who said in a statement: “We have continuously been in support of road safety improvements on the A149 between Castle Rising and Snettisham. Cllr Martin Wilby, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development and Transport Committee, said: “We have been looking closely into the safety of the A149 for some time.”A detailed report was submitted to Environment, Development and Transport Committee by Norfolk County Council officers last week along with a recommendation to approve, at today’s meeting, the implementation of a 50mph speed limit and to install road safety cameras.“Based on the report and our dedication to the safety of the people in Norfolk, the committee has agreed to reduce the speed limit of the A149 to 50mph on two sections of the road and approved the Norfolk Camera Safety Partnership scheme to install road safety cameras along the road.”A spokesperson for Norfolk constabulary said: “While it is regrettable there has been a delay, we fully welcome today’s decision by the environment, development and transport committee to approve the scheme.” “In 2016, the decision to fund and proceed with the scheme was agreed by the Safety Camera Partnership Board, which is a multi-agency partnership of the police, Norfolk County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.“As with all such schemes there is an appropriate process to follow which can be lengthy, however at every stage we have expressed a strong desire to proceed with the implementation of average speed cameras in a bid to improve road safety.“Following concerns raised by councillors, a decision was made by the county council to suspend the scheme.“This decision was not agreed to by the police and was against the expressed wishes of the chief constable, clearly outlined in a letter to the county council in September 2018.”Only on Friday, after Prince Philip’s crash, did the new cameras – and a reduction in the speed limit along the road, from 60mph to 50mph – get rubber stamped by the council.Police are investigating the car crash in which the Duke of Edinburgh was left bleeding and two women were hospitalised, but there is no suggestion that either car was travelling over the speed limitThe Duke’s car was seen to “tumble” across a road near the Sandringham Estate following the collision, with an eyewitness reporting that he was helped from his car before immediately asking whether others were “alright”. read more

Inside the RAFs new spinning machine built to help pilots counter their

When G force is increased, blood in the head is pulled down to the lower… I was strapped inside the RAF’s new High-G centrifuge, officially unveiled today at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier. It is designed to allow fast jet pilots to experience increased G force and mitigate its worst effects. My head felt like a bowling ball balanced uneasily on my shoulders and it was hard to lift my arm into the air. I had to fight to regulate my breathing as I’d been taught in the pre-flight brief and the specially-designed clothing inflating around my legs and stomach was forcing me to tense every muscle to stop blood draining from my head. read more

All but the most essential plastics will be banned within 25 years

MPs are also seeking an independent advisory Committee on Plastics Pollution which will  advise the government on policy… All plastic which is not absolutely essential must be phased out by 2042, MPs will say today, as they launch a new bill to cut waste and pollution. The bill calls for a complete ban on all but the most essential plastics, such as those needed in healthcare or for safety, as well as an end to single-use plastics such as coffee cups, takeaway packaging and plastic cutlery by 2025. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The new draft will be presented in Parliament by Alistair Carmichael, Lib Dem MP for Orkney and Shetland, whose constituency suffers from alarming levels of microplastics, threatening birds and sea life. read more

Victoria Beckham Dyslexia doesnt run in our family it gallops

Brooklyn Beckham, Hana Cross, Cruz Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Harper Beckham, David Beckham and Dame Anna Wintour attend the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week  “All three boys used to have contracts with Arsenal,” Mrs Beckham said. “They were going to be footballers so they were signed at a very young age. And they were all really good.“Brooklyn was the first to say that he didn’t want to play any more. And then Romeo decided he didn’t want to do it either. Victoria Beckham has disclosed she is a “self-diagnosed dyslexic”, saying the condition “doesn’t run in our family, it gallops”.Mrs Beckham, the former Spice Girl and a fashion designer, spoke of her pride at building a brand that is not a “vanity project”, as she shared details of life in one of Britain’s most famous families.In an interview with the Financial Times, she said her three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz each used to have football contracts with Arsenal because of their talent, but had given up despite fearing they would let their father, the former England footballer David Beckham, down.Asked whether she was ambitious for her children, three sons and daughter Harper, Mrs Beckham disclosed: “Dyslexia doesn’t run in our family, it gallops.”Brooklyn, 20, wants to be a photographer, the newspaper reported, while 16-year-old Romeo is training to be a professional tennis player, 14-year-old Cruz is a performer, and Harper, seven, is “a real little tomboy”. “I remember Romeo sitting in the bath getting really upset, saying ‘I don’t want to let daddy down’.”So I told him daddy just wants you to be happy. And now he’s playing tennis. Every day.”In May last year, David Beckham said on television: ‘Harper is playing [football] every Sunday and loves it. The boys don’t play and it’s heartbreaking.“They have a talent but it’s down to Harper now. I get very enthusiastic when watching her.” Brooklyn Beckham, Hana Cross, Cruz Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Harper Beckham, David Beckham and Dame Anna Wintour attend the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week Credit:David M. Benett Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Failed NHS trust faces third inquiry to investigate patient deaths

A scandal-hit NHS trust faces its third inquiry to investigate patient deaths.Liverpool Community Health (LCH) will also be scrutinised over “historic incidents of serious harm” and 17,000 cases related to patient safety.The government review, which is expected to finish in 2020, comes amid fears that 150 patient deaths were not properly investigated by the trust.Health minister Stephen Hammond said patients and families affected by substandard levels of care deserve answers.”We are prepared to take any action that is necessary – locally or nationally – to prevent such occurrences in the future,” he added.David Rafferty, chief executive of LCH’s successor Mersey Care, said there is a “disturbing picture” of the way incidents had been reported.  It comes after two previous reports found evidence of patient harm and a culture of bullying at the “dysfunctional” trust, which was plagued by staffing problems.Investigators previously found that patients suffered too many falls, with some left with hip fractures, had bed sores that were left to get worse and suffered from inadequate levels of care.Senior managers were so determined to achieve financial trust status that they turned a blind eye to issues, discouraged the reporting of incidents and were so inexperienced they did not realise they were out of their depth, the reports found. LCH was formed in 2010 and ran health care services for about 750,000 people in Merseyside until it was taken over by Mersey Care last year.Mersey Care medical director David Fearnley said LCH’s system was “absolutely” not safe, adding: “It’s likely that avoidable harm occurred because the learning that could have been in place wasn’t in place.”The new inquiry will be overseen by a panel led by Bill Kirkup, who led a 2018 investigation into the trust, as well as a review into the Morecambe Bay scandal at Furness General Hospital. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

30 passengers injured on Miami to Port of Spain flight

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) says as many as 30 passengers on board an American Airlines flight were injured during turbulence as the aircraft approached the Piarco International Airport late yesterday.Initial reports had indicated that 22 people were injured.The Airport Authority said three had to seek medical attention at hospital.“On Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 at 9pm, American Airlines Flight 2713 contacted the ATC Tower to advise that they experienced severe turbulence while en route from Miami to Port of Spain and would require medical assistance upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport, as there were injuries on board,” the AATT said in a release on Thursday.The authority said the aircraft landed safely at 9:33 pm and emergency response agencies arrived on site immediately to lend support.AATT said it remains committed to the safety and security of customers. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNo more hassle …CJIA-bound CAL passengers to get priority processing – while in transit at Piarco Int’lJuly 4, 2016In “latest news”American Airlines plane makes U-turn after taking off from CJIAAugust 10, 2019In “Business”Guyanese passenger taken off CAL flight after objecting to delay without explanationAugust 6, 2013In “latest news” read more

Safety rules on emergency mine evacuation clarified in the USA

first_imgOn December 8, 2006, America’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) published a final rule on Emergency Mine Evacuation which replaces the Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) published on March 9, 2006. JacksonKelly LLC explains that the “Final Rule was effective upon its publication and makes permanent the underground coal mine requirements of the ETS with some minor changes. The accident reporting requirements that apply to all mines are finalized with more significant modifications.“The Final Rule retains the language that accidents shall be reported at once without delay and within 15 minutes. This requirement is applicable to the 12 types of immediately reportable accidents as defined in 30 C.F.R. § 50.2 (h)(1) through (12). However, the Final Rule amends the definitions of some types of accidents. Specifically, 30 C.F.R. § 50.2(h)(3) relating to entrapment now requires that an entrapment lasting more than 30 minutes or which has reasonable potential to cause death be reported. The Final Rule also amends subsection § 50.2(h)(6) to now require that unplanned fires in underground mines not extinguished within 10 minutes (as opposed to 30 minutes) be reported within 15 minutes. The immediate accident reporting requirement for surface mine fires that burn for more than 30 minutes of discovery is unchanged in the Final Rule. The regulatory provisions should be read in conjunction with the requirements of Section 5 of the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (MINER Act). Section 5 requires operators to report the “death of an individual at the mine or the injury or entrapment of an individual at the mine which has reasonable potential to cause death within 15 minutes of realizing such an event has occurred, and imposes a minimum penalty of $5,000 for each infraction.”JacksonKelly goes on to explain that in attempts to streamline the process of notifying MSHA of an accident, “the Final Rule eliminates the need for operators to first report an accident to the District Office. Written comments and public hearing testimony received by MSHA following publication of the ETS indicated that the old system for notifying MSHA of an accident was inefficient and time consuming.” MSHA agreed and has created an accident report call centre where a person will answer calls 24/7. Calling the call centre, fulfills the immediate reporting requirements.Mandatory requirements of the new rule applicable to underground coal mines include:Availability of additional gas detectors for the purpose of alerting miners of the need to don selfcontained self-rescuers (SCSRs) Installation and use of directional lifelines in escapewaysQuarterly emergency mine evacuation training, including a drillStorage of additional SCSRs in working places, escapeways, and where outby crews work or mtravel, as well as on man tripsSubmission of a training plan and programme of instruction for improved training on SCSRs.Annual SCSR training is to be conducted in smoke, simulated or real, while breathing through a realistic training unit. A copy of the final rule may be obtained from MSHA’s web site at the following link: read more

Minefinders suing Ausenco

first_imgA subsidiary company of Minefinders, a precious metals mining and exploration company, has commenced a binding arbitration process seeking approximately $10 million in damages from Ausenco International. This was launched on May 22 by Cía Minera Dolores (CMD), before the International Centre for Dispute Resolution of the American Arbitration Association. In addition to the damages, CMD seeks to recover the costs of the arbitration and its legal fees. Separately, CMD has assumed responsibility for the final stages of commissioning the multi-million ounce Dolores gold and silver mine in Mexico. Minefinders continues to expect the mine will commence commercial production in mid-2008. Minefinders believes it has adequate funds in place and available from its revolving credit line to meet its cash needs for the commissioning of the Dolores Mine until the mine reaches full commercial production.The claim for damages relates to breaches by Ausenco of contracts between CMD and the Ausenco companies, under which Ausenco Americas was to provide engineering and design services for the Dolores mine and Ausenco International was to act as construction manager. In the arbitration Minefinders alleges that the Ausenco companies were responsible for a number of engineering, design and construction problems and delays that increased the cost of developing the Dolores mine compared with expectations prior to the February 14, 2008 study. A portion of this additional cost will be recouped should Minefinders be successful in the arbitration.Minefinders says it is aware that Ausenco International filed a writ of summons in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on May 9, 2008, against Minefinders and CMD for allegedly not paying $1.9 million under the construction management agreement. The writ of summons has not been served, and all disputes under the construction management agreement and the engineering services agreement between the parties must be decided by binding arbitration. CMD has demanded that the writ against CMD be withdrawn based upon the mandatory arbitration clause and as against Minefinders because Minefinders is not a party to any of the relevant agreements. CMD intends to vigorously defend against any such claims by Ausenco International or Ausenco Americas.Minefinders is in the final stages of commissioning the multi-million ounce Dolores gold and silver mine in Mexico. Construction at Dolores is substantially complete. Mining within the pit began last fall and, to date, more than 7.3 Mt of material has been moved and 700,000 t of development ore stockpiled. Ore is now being crushed and placed on the leach pad with the recently commissioned conveying and stacking system. The mine is expected to have a 15-year life as an open pit mine with additional potential as a high-grade underground mine in the future. The company continues its exploration efforts on several other prospective projects in Mexico to build a quality pipeline of precious metals projects for future growth.last_img read more

Large mining acquisitions decreased by 66 in 2009

first_imgWith the rapid onset of the worldwide recession in late 2008, marked by sharp drops in commodity prices that continued well into 2009 – especially among base metals – acquisitions activity almost ground to a halt. This is one of the findings from Metals Economic Group’s (MEG) recent Strategic Report. The publication shows that the volume of large acquisitions in 2009 decreased by 66% from 2008, the third consecutive annual decrease in acquisitions spending since the historical high in 2006. Although in nominal terms the 2009 total was still the fifth-highest annual total in the past ten years, the steep year-on-year drop from 2008 is slightly more than the 65% decline from 2001 to 2002, at the bottom of the cycle.Data analysed from MEG’s Base Metals and Gold Acquisitions services shows a 79% plunge in base metals acquisitions spending from just over $32 billion in 2008 to just under $7 billion in 2009, the largest year-on-year decline in base metals spending since 1990. In contrast, 2009 gold acquisitions decreased by a relatively mild 18%, from almost $9 billion in 2008 to just over $7 billion.Of the 31 base metals transactions considered in 2009, Australia-Pacific was by far the richest regional target in 2009 in terms of in-situ value acquired, with seven transactions totalling almost $113 billion in in-situ value-38% of the $290,278 million total value acquired. Africa was second with five deals totalling almost $63 billion in value. Of the 43 gold acquisitions, Africa, with 28% of the $95,152 million in-situ total value acquired, had six transactions containing $26,642 million of resources in the ground.MEG’s Strategic Report provides informed, insightful analysis for mining industry planners, analysts, executives, and exploration managers. Published since 1982, the Strategic Report draws on MEG’s wealth of knowledge and insight in a bi-monthly compilation of timely, informative, and analytical articles on critical supply-side issues facing the global mining industry. In addition to original research, articles are drawn from MEG’s flagship MineSearch database, Corporate Exploration Strategies, Reserves Replacement studies, and Acquisitions and Exploration Activity services.last_img read more

Supporting operator safety checks surrounding mining machines

first_imgHitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) and Clarion have jointly developed an overview monitoring system to support operator safety checks surrounding machinery. The system enables synthesized images taken from several cameras mounted on mining earthmovers to be shown on a display from the operator’s seat. The system has already completed basic performance tests using a prototype.Future plans call for commercialising the system to conform with the specifications of HCM’s mining trucks and ultra-large hydraulic excavators by spring 2012.Based on the development of in-vehicle compact camera technology promoted by Clarion under the concept of supporting safe, secure and comfortable driving, the overview monitoring system featuring several wide-angle cameras will be fitted on the machines. The images taken from respective cameras will be converted and synthesized and shown on a display from the operator’s seat as a bird’s-eye view focused on the machine.In addition to the proximity of machinery, the operator can switch to ‘zoom display’ and ‘wide display’ in accordance with machinery needs requiring wide-area monitoring. With this functionality, operators can quickly comprehend situations surrounding their vehicle, such as the positions of other machines or service vehicles.HCM has been continuously promoting initiatives to enhance on-site safety. In 2001, the company launched a rear monitoring system that comprises a rear-view camera and display from the operator’s seat as optional equipment for hydraulic excavators. In 2006, HCM introduced this system as, it says, “the world’s first standard equipment on all hydraulic excavators that are 6.5 t or larger.The overview monitoring system, which has been developed in collaboration with Hitachi Group companies, is expected to significantly contribute to operational safety on site.System Overview(Example of mining dump truck equipped with overview monitoring system)[Components]Four cameras ([1]Front[2]Right side[3]Left side[4]Rear)Image synthesis controller (inside operator’s compartment)Display (inside operator’s compartment).last_img read more

Cut costs – optimise underground ventilation pumps and other electrical equipment

first_imgIncreasing health and safety regulatory control, rapid energy cost escalation and rising operating costs as mines go deeper are driving the global industry to react vigorously. Simsmart Technologies has recognised this and has perfected a mining solution adapted from its military business to control and optimise underground ventilation, pumps and other electrical equipment. To address these matters, Simsmart now offers the mining industry a complete SCADA system called SmartEXEC (EXpandable Energy Control). Working closely with major mining companies, several SmartEXEC systems are currently being implemented. SmartEXEC is a turnkey expandable solution that integrates existing PLC or DCS based controls, their expansion, instrumentation and optionally personnel and machinery tracking. SmartEXEC fully supports Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD). SmartEXEC offers five levels of system implementation from an entry level to a complete solution adaptable to each customer’s needs. Each implementation level offers unique benefits.Level 1 offers surface/remote manual control and monitoring using a low maintenance, very flexible integrated HMI (fans on-off or VFD speed setpoint, controllable doors, regulators/dampers).Level 2 offers event based and scheduling control applicable to all implementation levels. Events are executed on a time basis, on signal threshold or on demand (i.e: zone flushing, shutdown, pre blast, post blast, shift start, high gas concentration.)Level 3 offers operator setpoint for flow, gas concentration and temperature control.Level 4 offers flow control via ventilation demand calculation as a function of personnel location, machinery location and operating status. A link to a tagging and tracking system is required for this implementation level. Tracking may cover zone in/out gates to full tracking coverage. SmartEXEC may be provided with a turn-key tracking system or link to an existing or planned tracking installation.Level 5 offers mine wide air distribution optimization and surface fans energy optimisation.last_img read more

Komatsu Australia launches new range of component solutions

first_imgKomatsu Australia has launched a new range of component solutions, developed “in response to evolving customer needs to cut costs, minimise downtime and increase efficiency.” Komatsu’s expansion of its current range of component solutions has been designed to meet customer needs for lower cost alternatives in component management across the quarrying, construction, utility and mining sectors.Its Component Solutions covers six flexible options, tailored to customers’ needs and working environments, and allowing them to better to balance cost and risk. Component Solutions cover:» Purchasing new genuine components, with a 10% credit for returning a used component» Remanufactured (Reman) components, allowing customers to switch out a component for one that has been remanufactured to meet Komatsu’s OEM specifications» Komponent Exchange – Single, under which a single component can be changed out using a Komatsu remanufactured product, with a variable cost of repair based on the condition of the returned component» Komponent Exchange – Fleet, where components can be changed out across a fleet, with flexibility to choose between a customised scope of work or leveraging Komatsu quality standards as well as the ability to re-use the customer’s “own iron”» Rebuild or repair and return, a flexible option under which the customer can define their scope of works» Purchasing Komatsu used components, a dependable off-the-shelf alternative at a competitive price.According to Tom Zube, Komatsu Australia’s General Manager Product Management Components, all Component Solutions offerings are now covered by Komatsu’s extended warranty. “This offering is an important contributor to Komatsu’s vision to become indispensable to our customers by providing Komatsu quality and the productivity, reliability and safety that is built into every Komatsu process,” he said.“This expansion of Component Solutions is part of our commitment to better serving the needs of our customers across all industry sectors. However, we also recognise that in today’s changing market, there is a risk that customers may continue to stretch components past the recommended point at which they should be replaced, in an effort to reduce costs,” Zube said. “This creates the potential for undue wear or damage to components, leading to more expensive repairs, reduced efficiency and even a risk to safety. “Our solution is to take our product range and component offerings and delivering them in a different way. We want to say yes more often.”“As a company that can provide a full range of options across the whole country, for our customers, we have worked hard to develop solutions to reduce costs, lower risks and cater to a cross-section of diverse and unique business needs. Komatsu Component Solutions offers a way for customers to best determine which option best suits them.”last_img read more

Taking the drag out of slurry pumping

first_img“It was an immediate success and CSIRO’s drag reduction technology is now part of our toolkit when considering other slurry pumping constraints on site,” said Wiltshire. CSIRO Senior Engineer Dr Rueben Rajasingam (pictured) said that reducing water content, power demand and pumping inefficiencies always results in significant operational and cost improvements.  “The thicker the material, the more friction or ‘drag effect’ you get which makes it hard to pump and more energy and capital-intensive.“Water is typically added to dilute the material before pumping, but only as a last resort, because the more water you add the less throughput you achieve.“Our technology combats both these challenges: it introduces a thin, uniform and long-lasting ring of fluid between the slurry and the inside of the pipe so that thick material can be efficiently pumped without friction at a high throughput,” Rajasingam said. CSIRO’s drag reduction technology is simple, cost-effective, easy-to-implement and could be applied to a broader range of industrial processes where there’s a dewatering aspect that results in a sludge, slurry or paste that needs to be transported.In mining, the technology means that variation in ore viscosity or water content, can be easily managed. It also offers a solution for backfill. “The idea of using a lubricant is not new, but we’ve come up with a better technology that overcomes issues with coating uniformity.  The way we introduce the coating creates a thin, uniform sheath around the slurry, whereas other methods coat sporadically,” Rajasingam explained. Other CSIRO minerals processing innovations include a better performing agitation system called Swirl Flow, the world’s leading technology for rapid mineral analysis QEMSCAN, and new environmentally-friendly processes for the recovery of gold, nickel and cobalt. A new CSIRO technology that takes the energy-sapping ‘drag’ out of industrial pumping has been adopted by major mining company Glencore’s Minara Resources following a successful full-scale trial.  CSIRO says “the drag reduction technology can save mining companies millions of dollars on energy and water use each year, while boosting their productivity.” Minara’s Technical and Engineering Manager, Paul Wiltshire, explains that the technology was installed to improve the feed ore slurry pumping capacity at the Murrin Murrin nickel operation in Western Australia, which was overloading as ore throughput was increased. “Working together with CSIRO, we were able to identify a low-cost installation point with good potential for reducing the slurry drag effect in the piping system. The technology freed up capacity, which meant we could avoid an expensive plant upgrade to meet throughput demand. last_img read more

Talison Lithium to double output from Greenbushes mine

first_imgAlbemarle Corp, a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, has announced that Talison Lithium, a joint venture between Albemarle and Tianqi Lithium Corp, has approved the expansion of lithium concentrate production at its Greenbushes, Australia spodumene mine. Greenbushes is the world’s largest active lithium mine. It has the largest known hard rock lithium reserve, and contains the highest concentration of lithium oxide available of any active mine.“This project is integral to our announced lithium expansion plans so that we can meet the growing needs of our customers,” said John Mitchell, President, Lithium and Advanced Materials for Albemarle. “The expansion of the mine and ore upgrading facilities is a key deliverable in our supply strategy to grow total combined lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) production to approximately 165,000 t/y early in the next decade.”The expansion is intended to more than double the LCE capacity at Greenbushes from 80,000 t to more than 160,000 t/y, of which Albemarle has a 50% interest in the offtake. Commissioning of the expansion is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2019.Albemarle, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine and refining catalysts.last_img read more

Raising crushing output with Weir full process solution

first_imgStilfontein-based sand and aggregate supplier CNC Crushers raised throughput at its Roadstone Shaft 5 crushing plant by 45% while cutting back on maintenance and simultaneously increasing production, after implementing a full process-focused solution from Weir Minerals Africa.According to JD Singleton, Weir Minerals General Manager for Trio™ and Enduron® equipment, the customer was experiencing high wear on the installed conventional cyclone, as well as on the older technology pump, having to replace liners every 120 hours of operation.“Our brief was to increase solids to the cyclone underflow and increase the wear life on the cyclone feed pump,” says Singleton. “The continuous breakdowns experienced with the older-technology crushing equipment, and the excessive oil usage was also causing high downtime for the plant. CNC Crushers needed a solution that would utilise the existing footprint and infrastructure.”As a solution, Weir Minerals Africa installed a new technology Warman® WBH® 100 slurry pump and a Cavex® 400CVX10 hydrocyclone; it also replaced the existing cone crushers with Trio™ TC51S and TC36SH cone crushers to increase up-time and reduce maintenance costs.“After 1,900 operating hours, the slurry pump was still running without needing any replacement parts, a vast improvement on the previous mean time between liner replacements of 120 hours,” he says. According to CNC owner Carl Crous, this has meant that the company could take pumps off the critical maintenance list. “Pump problems are something of the past,” says Crous.With regard to the hydrocyclones, these proved to be more efficient than the conventional cyclones, highlighting the benefits of the Cavex® hydrocyclone’s laminar spiral inlet geometry. “The Cavex hydrocyclone increased the mass pull to the underflow, which resulted in increased production and reduced slimes to the tailings dam,” he says. “Using new technology equipment pays.”For their part, the cone crushers increased plant availability as well as production, while meeting the criteria of matching the customer’s existing footprint. These crushers also incorporate multiple hydraulic cylinder clamping and adjustment, which enabled them to reduce the closed-side setting adjustment time from an hour and a half to just 5 minutes. In addition, their larger socket assembly was able to give full support under both extreme and light load conditions, providing a longer service life.“Partnering with Weir Minerals Africa increased my production output significantly and my uptime increased overnight,” says Crous. “I should have done this long ago.” After the cone crushers were installed, a spares and service agreement was put in place to maintain maximum plant availability. “Spare parts are kept in stock with our agent in Klerksdorp, in close proximity to the customer, and a dedicated service team for the North West province is always at hand,” says Singleton.Following the crusher upgrade, a competitor’s installed primary and tertiary classification screens were replaced with a Trio™ TIO5162 (5’ x 16’ double deck) inclined screen, and the final product screen was replaced by a Trio™ 4102 (4’ x 10’ double deck) inclined screen.last_img read more

BHP on the right approach to water management

first_imgIn a recent article on water management in mining timed to coincide with its inaugural Water Report, BHP President Operations, Minerals Americas Daniel Malchuk comments: “Sustainable mining is a complex enterprise that depends on three things – people, the environment and technology. This trifecta requires a healthy dose of capital, whether it be social, environmental, geological or financial. We aim to strike a good balance between all four when it comes to effectively managing water resources. Without water, our business simply could not operate. And without water, the communities we operate in wouldn’t survive.”He adds: “That’s why minimising our impact on water resources and forging strong ties with the local communities where we operate are vital. Transparency across all sectors is crucial to effective water governance. Our inaugural Water Report…is the first step in our long-term plan to do our part and more effectively disclose our water use and performance as we strengthen water management across our operations.”“The report is based on the International Council on Mining and Metals water reporting guidelines, which set a transparent minimum benchmark for disclosure. This helps us and others monitor and hold us accountable for our progress. In FY2017, we announced a new five-year water target of reducing fresh water withdrawal by 15% across our operated assets. Reducing fresh water use is critical as this is generally the most important water resource for our host communities and the environment. In FY2018 we achieved a 2% reduction against this target. However, we still have a way to go.”“Over in Chile, our Escondida copper mine has made a significant contribution to water preservation. In April this year, we inaugurated the largest desalination plant in South America to supply water to our copper operations. The desalination plant involved the construction of a 180 km water transport system to reach the Escondida copper mine. Four high-pressure pump stations move water from the Port of Coloso across the Atacama Desert and up to a reservoir at the Escondida mine site, more than 3,000 m above sea level. The facility is one of the largest desalination plants in the world and Escondida’s second plant. The first plant has operated for the past decade and produces 525 litres of water per second.”The new plant has the capacity to produce 2,500 litres per second of fresh water. “It not only secures a sustainable water supply for our operations, but minimises our reliance on the region’s aquifers. The sheer scale of this project, along with the $3.4 billion of funding, demonstrates our commitment to preserving fresh water and making every drop count. Industry cannot rely on groundwater in the long-term given it is a vital yet limited resource for communities and the environment. Since Escondida first started 25 years ago, our environmental standards have increased and we have stronger connections with our indigenous communities. But we also face many challenges through increasing expectations from workers, communities, regulators and government that match those of developed economies. And yet, our industry must stay competitive, particularly as resource quality (grade, hauling cycles, hardness, etc) naturally deteriorate over time.”“While the strategy will have a significant impact on Escondida’s production costs in the near term, we are convinced that today’s challenge is tomorrow’s opportunity. We can best compete globally if we make the most of what we have – and that includes water.”“In Australia, at Olympic Dam, we are improving water efficiency in all aspects of our operations and beyond. We’re working closely with the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative (GABSI), a program introduced by the Australian Government in 2000 to reduce the impact on springs as a result of water extraction in the region. Since 1999, Olympic Dam has worked with GABSI and neighbouring landowners to decommission or replace bores, or provide reticulation systems to reduce water losses. As a result, Olympic Dam has contributed to 235,000 megalitres in cumulative water savings for the region.”“Water management has long been part of BHP’s governance, risk and operational practices. The shared nature of water resources means we must think ‘beyond the fence’ and work more closely with communities, government, industry and other stakeholders. Increased pressure on water resources means we must do more – to responsibly meet water needs today and safeguard water supplies for future generations. This is not only for our future, but the future of the local communities and the environment where we operate.”last_img read more

Voith Dtect provides realtime data and status of driveline couplings in mining

first_imgVoith recently introduced Dtect, its intelligent monitoring system that provides real-time data of driveline performance and coupling status. Based on this, the operator can take actions to prevent potential problems and avoid unplanned downtime. By supporting better decision making, Dtect helps to increase productivity as well as significantly lower production and maintenance costs. Dtect enables comprehensive monitoring of a driveline’s torque limiting couplings. It was specifically designed to work with couplings, such as Voith’s SmartSet, which serve to prevent machine damage in high value rotating equipment. It is also possible to upgrade existing couplings with the intelligent system. These types of couplings are used in mining in applications as diverse as tunnel boring machines, mills, crushers, conveyors and excavatorsThrough continuous measurement of the slip angle, Dtect accurately identifies and monitors coupling slippage caused by high torque peaks in a driveline. This allows operators to take action if necessary, for example by adjusting the load of the driveline or by performing a controlled shutdown. The results include increased uptime, reduced maintenance and lower spare parts cost.Dtect continuously collects driveline performance data that can be analyzed to ensure maximum productivity. It uses an updated quadruple sensor setup that increases the sensing range without affecting the resolution of the measurement. By analyzing the slip behavior of the coupling, the operator can evaluate if the system is running at full capacity and if not, adjust the parameters accordingly. If necessary, proactive coupling maintenance can be performed to avoid costly downtime.Dtect now makes it possible to monitor multiple couplings at the same time. It assesses each coupling individually and communicates the different parameters via a common interface. In this way, Dtect allows for simultaneous monitoring of all connected drivelines. Operators benefit from comprehensive real-time status information provided by one central system.Equipped with Modbus TCP/IP communications, Dtect is easily integrated into established process information networks. Given its high flexibility, the system can be adopted with ease to other communication standards to meet a wide range of requirements.Dtect can be fitted with an integrated HMI touch panel. It offers highest usability, better control and status information at a glance. With visual warning indicators, the system assists operators in making decisions and taking the necessary actions in any given situation.last_img read more

Last 48 hours to vote for the Worlds Player 2011 Heidi Loke Contest for the World’s Best Female Player in 2011 attract more almost 3000 Handball fans Worldwide to vote for their favorite players .The biggest support among “Best Seven” girls this year, until now got Norwegian line player, Heidi Loke with almost 2/3 of all votes (64%). Scandinavian fans made a fantastic effort in last hours to put their star in the lead. French star and former leader, Allison Pineau, now is in second place with 22%.Last 48 Hours: Till Saturday at 14:00 (2 P.M) Handball population across the Globe will have opportunity to give opinion. Don’t miss the chance: VOTESTANDINGS:Heidi Loke 64,15%Allison Pineau 21,93%Linn Jorum Sulland 5,81%Silvia Navarro 3,19%Andrea Penezic  2,66%Carmen Martin 1,86%Emiliya Turey 0,38% ← Previous Story Laszlo Nagy about Spain: “When the time comes, I will take decision” Next Story → Denmark with 14 players without Spellerberg and Noddesbo – Wilbek presents “Polish surprise” read more

The Fakers Guide to the European Womens Handball Championship 2012

← Previous Story VELUX EHF CL: THW Kiel with home win over Atletico, Vive Kielce too strong for Bjerringbro Next Story → Marcus Ahlm leaves THW Kiel at the end of the season Handball was one of the biggest success stories of the London Olympics, where and even renowned US writer Bill Simmons fell in love with the game ( (ok, he mostly fell in love with the Swedish women’s team…). Amateur clubs have since sprung up all over the UK, but the true test of the global reach of the sport will be its ability to sustain interest in its annual competitions. With the European Women’s Championship about to throw off in Serbia, I have provided below some pointers to help you sound like an expert as you gather your friends/co-workers to watch the free broadcast of the Championship on storyline (non-handball-related): When Serbia hosted the European Men’s Championship in January, violence during the semi-final between the hosts and Croatia (and in the days surrounding the game) marred what was otherwise an excellent and well-organised tournament. Let’s hope that the ugly side of the Balkans’ recent history does not find its way into the women’s championship.Main storyline (handball-related): Most of the key players from the winning Olympic team are back for Norway, but can they retain the European Championship for a fifth consecutive time without star playmaker Gro Hammerseng?Favourites: NorwayBiggest rival: FranceOutside bet for the title: RomaniaExpectations for the host: As Serbia is in the “easier half of the draw”, getting out of the first group stage is a must. Beyond that, the team is capable of a top-six finish.Serbia’s best player: Andrea Lekić (playmaker)Seven players to watch:* Klara Woltering (goalkeeper, Germany)* Nina Kamto Njitam (pivot, France)* Ann Grete Nørgaard (left wing, Denmark)* Cristina Neagu (left back, Romania)* Anita Görbicz (playmaker, Hungary)* Nerea Pena (right back, Spain)* Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth Koren (right wing, Norway)Five unmissable group games:* Serbia – Norway (4 December), the hosts open the tournament against the four-time defending champions* Romania – Russia (4 December), two of the most talented teams meet in what is becoming a modern rivalry* Russia – Montenegro (5 December), no rest for Russia as they take on the new-look Olympic silver medallists* Romania – Montenegro (7 December), the potential decider for the top spot in Group D* Hungary – Spain (7 December), with their “group of death” rivals severely weakened by injuries, Hungary and Spain should be playing for the top spot in Group CEvery team in a sentence (in my predicted order of finish):* Norway – their constant winning is getting a little boring, but I just can’t see past the current Olympic, World and European champions* Spain – the return of Nerea Pena from injury and the nationalisation of Alexandrina Barbosa give the Olympic bronze medallists both the quality and depth to compete with Norway* France – there are some question marks about goalkeeping and consistency, but there is no doubting the quality of the outfield players* Romania – the return of Cristina Neagu from a long-term injury should give this talented team a boost* Montenegro – with the retirement of Bojana Popović and Maja Savić the team will take a step back, but should remain competitive at the highest levels* Serbia – An opportunity for a relatively unknown set of players to use home court advantage and make a name for themselves* Hungary – domestic clubs are thriving, and now it’s time for the national team to regain its status as a contender, two years before co-hosting the European Championship* Russia – the core of this team remains young and on a learning curve, but at some point Russian fans will begin to lose their patience waiting for a return to the glory days* Denmark – after Denmark’s embarrassing performance in London, a young and experimental squad has been assembled with the future in mind* Ukraine – in impressive form this year, and could be a surprise package* Germany – could have contended if it weren’t for a slew of injuries to key players* Sweden – would you trust a team built around Isabelle Gulldén (of Usain Bolt’s bedroom fame/infamy)?* Croatia – just too many key players missing for them to be competitive* Macedonia – has the potential to finish anywhere between second and bottom in the weak Group B* Czech Republic – getting out of Group A would be a real achievement* Iceland – the last-minute replacement for original hosts Holland has little real chance in a group with Montenegro, Romania and RussiaTEXT: Ben Shafran ehf european championship 2012ehf veluxeuropean championship read more

NEW YOUNG LION Harald Reinkind to RNL

handballHarald ReinkindRhein Neckar Lowentim suton Norwegian right back Harald Reinkind (21) has signed two years contract with Rhein Neckar Lowen. Young Norwegian lefthander who is coming from Fyllingen Handball, will be useful addition to the squad on the position where the “Lions” had Alexander Petersson…Two days ago, team from Mannheim announced deal with young German Tim Suton… ← Previous Story D-day in Group D Next Story → Anders Eggert joins Danish squad before Spain

LNH Round 10 St Raphael take the two points in Dunkerque

Dunkerquefrancehandballst raphael ← Previous Story DKB Bundesliga: THW Kiel crush Goppingen Next Story → Serbian playmaker Kristina Liščević to miss Women’s EHF EURO 2014 The 10th round of the LNH in France confirmed us that the team of St Raphael might have the chance to be Dunkerque of the last season, after they have defeated Dunkerque away with 36:33, and have held onto the second spot on the table. The other two contenders for the title, the teams of Montpellier and PSG Handball have won as well. Montpellier had an easy job against Aix winning 33:22 away, while PSG Handball won at home against Toulouse with 34:31.LNH Scores: Aix 22:33 Montpellier, Creteil 28:27 Nimes, Dunkerque 33:36 St Raphael, Tremblay 23:25 Selestat, Nantes 33:24 Istres, PSG 34:31 Toulouse read more

Saudi Arabia and Iceland to take last two tickets for Qatar 2015

← Previous Story HBC Nantes deny Maqueda transfer to RK Vardar Skopje! Next Story → Unexpected rivals – Sweden and Iceland to play 6 days before WCh 2015 Qatar 2015Saudi Arabia handball The IHF Council Meeting in Herzogenaurach (GER) on 21 November had to deal with the withdrawal of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates from the 2015 Men’s World Championship.The IHF Council considered that the two letters of withdrawal were final and, as a consequence did not consider any further correspondence from these two National Federations.The IHF Council decided to impose a financial fine of CHF 100,000 on each of the two National Federations for withdrawal after the championship draw.The IHF Council, confronted with the issue of determining substitute nations, decided on awarding the free positions to the continents of Asia and Europe.On the basis of continental results the Asian Handball Federation nominated the team of Saudi Arabia and the European Handball Federation nominated Iceland as participants in the 2015 Men’s World Championship in Qatar.The teams of Iceland and Saudi Arabia were drawn by the COC Chairman in front of the IHF Council to group C (ISL) and group D (KSA) respectively on the positions of the two teams who had withdrawn. read more

PSG WEAK WITHOUT NIKOLA Aix beat champions HBC Nantes count until 45

They can win in Veszprem, but French champions are always in danger on every away experience in strong domestic LidlStarligue. After Nimes, also Aix beat Paris Saint Germain 33:31. Aymeric Minne led the winning team with nine goals, while in absent of suspended Nikola Karabatic, who will be out of the court until December 14 (case of betting from 2012), team of Zvonimir Serdarusic wasn’t on the level. Nedim Remili netted eight goals, while Uwe Gensheimer ended match with seven.HBC Nantes showed great performance in Tremblay against home team 45:33 (10 goals of Balaguer), while the new lider is USM Nimes after tough win over Massy 27:25.Montpellier Handball will have a chance to overtake the leading position in the last match of the Round 10 against Fenix Toulouse.Results:Aix 33 – 31 Paris SGTremblay 33 – 45 NantesCesson Rennes-Metropole 22 – 30 Chambery SavoieIvry 26 – 29 DunkerqueNimes 27 – 25 Massy EssonneSaran 27 – 28 St. RaphaelSTANDINGS:1. Nimes 10 9 0 1 284:249 182. Montpellier 9 8 1 0 256:217 173. Paris SG 10 8 0 2 311:256 164. Dunkerque 10 6 1 3 268:264 135. Nantes 10 6 0 4 303:285 126. Toulouse 9 6 0 3 268:253 127. St. Raphael 10 5 2 3 276:262 128. Aix 10 6 0 4 294:274 129. Chambery Savoie 10 4 0 6 267:281 810. Ivry 10 3 1 6 261:292 711. Saran 10 2 0 8 284:322 412. Tremblay 10 1 1 8 276:307 313. Cesson Rennes-Metropole 10 0 2 8 250:283 214. Massy Essonne 10 0 2 8 221:274 2 aixLidlStarligueNikola KarabaticPSG Handball ← Previous Story “Hey PSG, are you afraid of VIVEKINGS?” Next Story → GERMANY: “BLACK THURSDAY” for THW Kiel and Rhein Neckar Lowen read more

Lance Armstrong report Postal Teams doping most sophisticated ever

first_imgTHE US-ANTI-Doping Agency said this evening it has gathered “overwhelming” evidence that Lance Armstrong and fellow US Postal Service cyclist had engaged in sport’s biggest doping conspiracy ever.In a statement, the agency said it was releasing its “reasoned decision” and more than 1,000 pages of supporting evidence to the Union Cycliste International and the World Anti-Doping Agency.“The evidence shows beyond any doubt that the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team ran the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen,” it said.More to followlast_img read more

Woman charged with assisting suicide in Dublin

first_imgUpdated 10.55pmA WOMAN HAS been charged with assisting the suicide of another woman in Dublin in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Ireland.Gail O’Rourke of Kilclare Gardens in Tallaght appeared before the Dublin District Court this morning before Judge Michael Walsh under the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act 1993.She was charged with assisting the suicide of Bernadette Forde in Dublin between 10 March 2011 and 6 June 2011.The case was sent forward for trial at the Circuit Criminal Court which will begin on 13 December.Assisting another person to end their own life is a criminal offence in Ireland.  Section 2 (2) of the Act states that anyone who aids, abets, or procures the suicide of another person – or the attempt by another person to take their own life – can be sentenced to up to fourteen years in jail.Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does not contain either a right to suicide or to arrange for the end of one’s life following the court battle by former lecturer Marie Fleming.Fleming, who is in the advanced stages of multiple sclerosis, had taken a case to test whether her family would be prosecuted if they helped her to take her own life.Originally published 1.00pmSupreme Court: Ireland has a right to life, not a right to die > Poll: Do you think the law should be changed to allow for assisted suicide? > Read: Taoiseach rejects plea to allow for assisted suicide >last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Monday

first_imgNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news. ..Gardaí leave the former home of bankrupt property developer Thomas McFeely earlier this year after finding €200,000 in cash at the property. (Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland) IRELAND Ford has revealed its first self-driving car which uses scanners to create a 360-degree 3D view of its surroundings.Norway’s government says Bitcoin doesn’t count as real money. Ouch.PARTING SHOTTis the season to send Christmas cards – but sending a good card can be a minefield. Do you write a generic message or a personalised one? How much should you pay? Can you send a religious card to an atheist? BBC Magazine has gone through the 10 most common Christmas card-related dilemmas for anyone who has ever spent time thinking about this stuff. [BBC] A man has been charged over the murder of Sarah Staunton in Mayo.Stephanie Meehan has been given some of the money found in Tom McFeely’s old home.More details have emerged about the Roma child mistakenly removed from her family in Tallaght.A third person has been arrested over the shooting of a man in Finglas.NAMA says it has no evidence of impropriety by staff after allegations by a FF Senator.Mario Draghi says Irish banks are still a source of concern.Gardaí have released a photo of the €1 million in cash found in Limerick.The HSE has paid over €255 million on legal fees in eight years.Eamon Gilmore does not want to be the next EU Commissioner for Ireland.More than 600 people will spend Christmas in hospital – despite being better. center_img INTERNATIONALPolice officers assemble outside a building at Harvard University to investigate the bomb threat. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds). #APPEAL: The United Nations has announced its biggest ever appeal as it seeks to raise €4.7 billion for humanitarian aid to Syria. [BBC]#HORSEMEAT: 21 people have been arrested in France as part of an investigation into claims that horsemeat designed to be used for pharmaceutical products ended up in the food chain.#EVACUATION: Harvard University has reopened four buildings following a bomb threat earlier today.INNOVATIONlast_img read more

Lockerbie bombing victims remembered on 25th anniversary

first_imgAT 7.03PM ON 21 December 1988, a bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew on board.The aircraft then crashed into the town of Lockerbie in Scotland. Eleven more people were killed on the ground.Twenty-five years on, events are being held in the UK and US today to remember and honour the 270 victims.A wreath-laying ceremony is to take place at Dryfesdale Cemetery with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond in attendance. Westminster Abbey, Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and Syracuse University also organised memorials.“Lockerbie remains one of the worst aviation disasters in history and the deadliest act of terrorism ever committed in the United Kingdom,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said as he marked the anniversary of the tragedy.The loss of the flight was a shocking event that was “made more poignant still by being so close to Christmas”, he added.“Over the last quarter of a century much attention has been focused on the perpetrators of the atrocity. Today our thoughts turn to its victims and to those whose lives have been touched and changed by what happened at Lockerbie that night.“To families, friends, neighbours, loved ones, and all those caught up in the painful process of recovery. Let us say to them: our admiration for you is unconditional. For the fortitude and resilience you have shown. For your determination never to give up. You have shown that terrorist acts cannot crush the human spirit. That is why terrorism will never prevail.And even in the darkest moments of grief, it is possible to glimpse the flickering flame of hope.The majority of the passengers on board were American citizens, including 35 students from Syracuse University.Cameron noted that there is still a strong bond between the Scottish town and the school.“Syracuse lost 35 of its own on that fateful evening. Nothing can restore the promise of those young lives cut short. Yet their memory is honoured by the scholarships Syracuse awards each year to 2 Lockerbie students and 35 of its own undergraduates,” he said.“They represent a growing band of beneficiaries, each given the chance to fulfil their own youthful promise. This is the lasting and optimistic legacy bequeathed to future generations on behalf of those who lost their lives on this day 25 years ago and who we remember here today.”last_img read more

Business booming for Aldi and Lidl as discounters show growth at expense

first_img“The savvy approach to shopping is continuing to work in the favour of the German discounters,” Berry added. “Both retailers are in a strong position as we head into the all-important Christmas weeks.”Multiples accounted for 88.9 per cent of the total ‘take-home’ grocery market, according to Kantar’s data.Read: Aldi to create 300 jobs around the countryRead: Tesco leaves US as profits drop by 51 per cent BOTH ALDI AND Lidl have posted impressive growth over the past year, with the German discounters both gaining ground in the grocery sector. Tesco, which remains the largest player in terms of consumer spend, has shown a decline over the same 12 month period.Latest figures from consumer monitoring firm Kantar Worldpanel show that Aldi grew its share of the ‘multiples’ grocery market by 18.7 per cent in the 12-months leading up to the start of December this year. Lidl grew by 8.4 per cent — while Tesco, by contrast, saw its market share decrease by 6.4 per cent.Overall, however, Tesco still has the edge on its competitors in terms of size, at 26.1 per cent — followed by Dunnes (24.2 per cent) and Supervalu (19.5 per cent). Aldi’s share is 7.4 per cent, while Lidl are at 6.7 per cent; Superquinn have seen a slight drop in their share of the consumer take-home spend in the last 12 months, moving from 5.3 per cent to 5.1 per cent.According to David Berry, Kantar Worldpanel’s commercial director: “Value continues to be an attractive proposition for shoppers”.Despite the Central Statistics Office recently announcing that the economy grew by 1.5 per cent between July and September, the average household spend on grocery items has fallen by 0.2 per cent compared with last year.This is considerably below the 3.4 per cent price inflation as shoppers look to control their spend by reducing the amount of goods they buy.last_img read more

Column Our emigrated youth are still part of this country

first_imgOur diasporaFrom Mary Robinson lighting a symbolic candle in the window in 1990 to the 2002 Taskforce Report on Ireland and the Irish Abroad, a succession of recent Irish governments have made increasing efforts to establish a ‘Diaspora engagement policy’. Those currently running the country, and accused of running people out of it, are no exception. The Emigrant Support Programme (ESP), which funds almost 200 Irish community organisations in over 20 countries, has not suffered a significant budget cut in three years. Irish groups ranging from those providing support for the elderly abroad and the newly arrived to GAA clubs and other culture and heritage organisations have received grants of over €104 million from the ESP since 2004.In recent years organisations in Canada and Australia, such as the new Irish Canadian Immigration Centre in Toronto, have received additional funding in light of the large numbers of new Irish migrants seeking work in these countries. While the ESP budget falls well short of recommendations made in 2002 in a State Taskforce Report on Policy Regarding Emigrants— and the commitment made on the basis of that report in the 2007 Programme for Government— it is a significant step up from the paltry £250,000 offered in 1987.It is one of many such steps taken. The Irish Abroad Unit was established in 2004 to ‘provide greater strategic direction’ to the State’s engagement with the diaspora and the first Global Irish Economic forum was held in 2009. The Global Irish Network, a group of influential Irish business figures drawn from over 40 countries overseas, whose role it is to aid in the development of the Irish export market and State initiatives like the Irish Technology Leadership Group, are the direct result of the first Global Irish Economic forum and participated in the third one held just this year gone. In short, the last few years have seen a more widespread involvement of Irish communities overseas in Irish affairs than any other era in a country that has experienced many waves of emigration.An external vote for Irish emigrantsAlthough critics see Ireland’s renewal of its relations with the diaspora in a cynical light— for example, renaming the Gathering 2013 as ‘the Grabbing’— there are signs amongst the Irish overseas that these new ties are being taken seriously. As protest mounts at home against the excessive rate of emigration, those who have already left are campaigning for an external vote. A young emigrant movement called We’re Coming Back hosted ‘a toast for a vote’ on the weekend of the 20th of December; inviting participants to photograph a toast in solidarity and post it on Facebook.We’re Not Leaving, a sister campaign that aims to stem the flood of people leaving Ireland, supported the event and also demand that an external vote be accorded to Irish emigrants.Nor is it only protesters and pressure groups but politicians also are in favour of granting the Irish abroad the right to participate in elections at home. President of Sinn Féin and a long-time supporter of the overseas vote, Gerry Adams, personally endorsed We’re Coming Back while personalities such as Paul Kehoe, the Fine Gael Minister of State, and Mark Daly, Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora, also support extending the democratic franchise to the diaspora.As Ireland begins to recover its economy but continues to lose its youth, it looks more and more to its emigrants. Therefore, while those leaving are in the paper, in the planes and perhaps reading, it is important someone notes that they are still, more than ever before, a part of the country.David Burns works in Paris as a TA (Teaching Assistant) at La Sorbonne Nouvelle. He left Ireland after the Dublin restaurants in which he used to work, Frankie’s Steakhouse & Chatham Brasserie, both closed. David is a campaign member of We’re Coming Back, the new movement for an emigrant vote.Follow We’re Coming Back on Facebook, Twitter or email [email protected]: Operation Emigration – is the Government trying to give us the shove?Read: Irish emigrants organise worldwide toast to highlight their right to vote EMIGRATION IS A phenomenon, a potential future for thousands of young people, and a popular topic in Ireland at this time of year. Whether it’s post-holiday photos from the departure gates at Dublin Airport or articles on demographic change, whether it’s classed as a Government operation or a national sport, emigration is currently making headlines.Already a longstanding feature of Irish history, current events increasingly place it as a feature in Irish newspapers. Emigration itself places Ireland above the other EU countries; in average rates, the Old Country currently holds the highest.Irish students, interns and young people in general are either partaking in or protesting against emigration. Irish families are being separated by it. Rural areas in Ireland are being depopulated by it. Emigration is even having an effect on the property market. Small wonder then that it should feature so prominently in Irish publications and— when covering the country— in foreign press such as the Economist, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Le Monde and The New York Times.However although the current budget, which has been variously termed as seen as ‘Operation Emigration’ and ‘the Scattering,’ has provoked anti-Government protest: emigration is nothing new. The current outflow might, at times, equal but does not largely surpass the rate of people leaving Ireland in the 1950s or the 1980s. Considerably more attention is being paid to it now than then, however.last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Friday

first_imgNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news…Seán Fitzpatrick leaving court today. Pic: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.IRELANDTwo students from GMIT died in a fire at an Irish college residence in Leuven, Belgium.It later emerged that no safety checks had been completed on the house they died in.Seán Fitzpatrick and two other Anglo Irish top executives pleaded not guilty in court to unlawfully providing assistance to people to prop up the bank’s share price.Minister Pat Rabbitte said that he won’t be interfering in how RTÉ deals with the Saturday Night Show controversy.Gardaí found €43k worth of cocaine in a van they searched at a checkpoint.A Northern Ireland couple accused of sexual slavery can be named, a court said.A viable bomb was defused in Monaghan by the Defence Forces.The IMO accused the Government of ‘spin over substance’ after a meeting on free GP care for the under sixes.Bord Gáis announced a 2.2 per cent electricity increase, bringing a price freeze to an end.A storm warning now covers all of Ireland, with a threat of flooding.Midwives at Portlaoise hospital wrote to Brian Cowen and Mary Harney over ‘fears that a mother or baby would die’.WORLDAmanda Knox. Pic: Good Morning America.#SYRIA Almost 2,200 people have died since the Syria peace talks began.#ITALY Amanda Knox will fight her conviction – and will never go willingly to Italy.#IRISH SEA The higher radiation levels reported at Sellafield were just ‘background radon’.#UKRAINE A Ukrainian activist was tortured and crucified, he said on national television today.INNOVATIONWe’ve all heard about Tinder, but what about a dating app where you judge people on their personality, not their looks? Meet Twine Canvas. (Yes, that’s its real name). [TechCrunch]Here are the first 10 users of Facebook. [TheGuardian]PARTING SHOTPic: AP Photo/Yves LoggheThis? Oh, only a cat brothel. The image was projected onto a hotel near the red light district in Brussels as part of a campaign to pressure the Belgian government to pass a law forcing cat sterilisation. The aim is to help curb the overpopulation of cats and the euthanisation of thousands of unwanted kittens. [Can’t see the image? Click here]last_img read more

Bank deposits hit as EUIMF bailout for Cyprus agreed

first_imgEUROZONE FINANCE MINISTERS have agreed on a €10 billion bailout package for bankruptcy-threatened Cyprus which will involve a near 10 per cent levy on all bank deposits over €100,000.People with less than €100,000 in their bank accounts will have to pay a one-off tax of 6.75 per cent while those with more will pay 9.9 per cent under a measure that will raise €5.8 billion in additional revenue.Cyprus will also be forced to sell off some €1.4 billion in State assets and raise its corporate tax rate from 10 per cent to 12.5 per cent, the rate currently levied by its fellow bailed-out eurozone nation, Ireland.BBC News quotes a European Central Bank official as saying that Cypriot authorities have already started to take action to ensure that the levy is collected before depositors can withdraw their funds to avoid it.Officials fear that there could be a run on the country’s banks when they reopen on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend but pictures from the country already show people queuing at ATMs to withdraw funds.The deal comes after Cyprus requested international assistance last June having become badly exposed to the Greek financial crisis. It now becomes the fifth eurozone country to enter a programme of financial assistance and the fourth to take on a full sovereign bailout. All night talksIt had been thought that the deal would involve the EU/IMF ploughing some €17 billion into the country but ten hours of talks late last night and early this morning among EU finance ministers in Brussels saw a deal reached.The belief was that a €17 billion bailout would have increased the country’s debt burden to unsustainable levels as it would have equalled the total annual output of the economy.The International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde, who was involved in discussions, said in a statement: “I welcome the agreement reached today to address Cyprus’ economic challenges.“The IMF has always said that we would support a solution that is sustainable, that is fully financed, and that appropriately allocates the burden sharing.“I believe that the agreed package meets these three objectives. On this basis, I intend to make a recommendation to our Executive Board for the IMF to contribute to the financing of the package.”Russia could also contribute to a portion of the bailout by extending the repayment term of €2.5 billion in financial assistance that it has already provided to Cyprus.In a joint statement the eurogroup said that it expected the board of governors of the European Stability Mechanism, the eurozone’s permanent bailout fund, to approve the financial assistance to Cyprus by the second half of April.Last month: Cyprus holds presidential election following heated campaignlast_img read more

11 Google products and services you never knew existed

first_img GOOGLE IS MOST known for its incredibly powerful web search and Android mobile operating system.But the internet giant is about much more than just searching and smartphones.Some former and current Googlers have listed lesser known Google products over at answers site Quora.Google has products and services all over the internet that aim to inform users, make their lives easier, and more secure too. We had no idea that some of these existed.1. Google Mars is just like Google Earth except this programme lets you explore the red planet.2. Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly articles. Scholar is pretty expansive, letting you access articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.3. Google Art Project is a site that lets users take virtual tours of museums and art galleries, similar to Google Street View.4. Google Transliterate is a service that helps users type in a different language. An anonymous Quora user explains transliterate: 7 things you should never buy online without doing your research first We compared 13 veggie burgers and Burger King’s Impossible Burger was the only one that stood out 5. Build with Chrome is a partnership between Google Australia and Lego. The project is a way to show how Google’s Chrome web browser can display 3D images. Users can build their own 3D Lego structures too.6. Google Think is a site for advertisers and similar professions to get marketing insights and inspiration straight from Google.7. Power Searching with Google is a feature that sharpens users search skills. Google’s search experts offer tips and tricks to better navigate the search engine and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.8. Schemer is a network that helps plan things to do with your friends. The service works best in densely populated areas9. Google Sound Search is an app that is similar to Shazam that tells you what song is playing.10. Google Moderator is an open forum for discussing topics, asking questions and sharing ideas. Moderator helps anyone receive feedback on anything they want.11. Google Encrypted is a more secure way to search for things. Encrypted users Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is the same security that banks use online.All images via screengrabs- Kevin Smith Read: Google Reader to close following ‘spring clean’ > Read: Google wants to replace your passwords with jewellery > Video: How Google’s offices looked back in 1999 > A quantum computing startup that spun out of a Harvard lab just came out of stealth mode with $2.7 million in seed funding from investors like Samsung Amazon is partnering with Western Union to let its US customers pay for online orders with cash (AMZN) Say you speak another language (which does not use the standard Roman alphabet), but you can’t write it very well. Or you have a recording of another language and want to translate that.In comes transliterate – you just type in the phonetic sounds of the language, and it converts it into the desired language. They’ve really done a good job to hide the link recently, but I managed to dig it up Google Input Toolslast_img read more

Zabaleta redcarded as Messi and Alves goals give Barca victory over City

first_imgUpdated at 22.24SECOND-HALF GOALS from Lionel Messi and Dani Alves booked Barcelona’s place in the Champions League quarter-finals for a seventh consecutive year as they beat Manchester City 2-1 at the Camp Nou on Wednesday to progress 4-1 on aggregate.City were looking to become the first side to come back from losing the first leg 2-0 at home in the Champions League era and they had chances to reduce the deficit as Victor Valdes denied Samir Nasri and Edin Dzeko either side of half-time.However, Messi killed the tie as a contest with 23 minutes remaining as he pounced on a loose ball inside the area to flick home his eighth Champions League goal of the season.The visitors were then reduced to 10 men as Pablo Zabaleta was shown a second yellow card for dissent after Dzeko looked to have a legitimate penalty claim waved away by French referee Stephane Lannoy.City captain Vincent Kompany looked to have salvaged at least a draw on the night when he tapped home a minute from time, but Alves restored Barca’s lead from Andres Iniesta’s cut-back in stoppage time. Source: LaLigaAction/YouTubeBarca midfielder Cesc Fabregas said this result would ease the pressure on the team following a couple of poor ones in the league.“It was a very tight game, we were playing against a world class team. We knew it was going to be a difficult game,” he said. “We had a great result, 2-0 over there, because it’s never easy to go to Manchester and win the way we did.“We created lots of chances, there was a penalty not awarded, a goal from Neymar that was onside. We take a lot of positives, we played much better than the last few games when we were not at our best but this relieves a lot of pressure.”Kompany complained that the sending-off had been unfair and costly to City.“We’ve got nothing left in the tank, we gave everything. A few times we could’ve scored and obviously that would’ve changed the game,” he told Sky Sports.Going for the second time down to 10 men when it was a clear penalty, it’s not easy conditions to come and play against such a good team. Over the course of the two games, whenever we were with 11 players there wasn’t much between the two teams.“Obviously Messi is an incredible player, whenever he has the ball danger can happen, but we had a few chances too.”With a huge mountain to climb, City started on the front foot but they were lucky not to concede a penalty on eight minutes when Messi went down under a challenge from Joleon Lescott.The visitors’ first opening arrived on 16 minutes when James Milner could only direct Aleksandar Kolarov’s driven cross wide of the target.City were then handed another break by the officials as Neymar had a goal controversially ruled out for offside as Jordi Alba was deemed to have been offside when he crossed for the Brazilian to finish. Source: LaLigaAction/YouTubeWith City still needing two goals to even force extra time, the injured Sergio Aguero was replaced by Dzeko at the break.However, the Bosnian nearly made an instant impact as his low drive was smothered by Victor Valdes. Messi came within inches of sealing the tie with another wonderful solo run on 50 minutes as he teased Lescott before passing the ball off the inside of the post.City then had a couple of great chances to get back into the tie as Valdes produced a magnificent save to turn Dzeko’s towering header over the bar before Zabaleta skewed wildly wide when presented with a clear sight of goal at the back post.The opener finally arrived when Fabregas’s intended through ball bounced off Lescott into the path of Messi and he gave Joe Hart no chance with a nonchalant finish off the outside of his left foot.There was still more controversy to come, though, as Dzeko appeared to have been felled by Gerard Pique inside the area. Lannoy was again unmoved and Zabaleta was dismissed for taking his protests too far as a host of City players surrounded the referee.The English side did manage a consolation a minute from time when Kompany tapped home Dzeko’s knockdown from a corner. However, Barca weren’t to be denied victory on the night as with their next attack Iniesta rounded Hart and kept his head to set up Alves to hammer home from close range.Elmo and Fran from Love/Hate are spending this evening with Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer>11-year-old Cork boy picked for lead role in Roy Keane film>last_img read more

Call for government to be allowed shut down social media sites rejected

first_imgUpdated 3.50pm GOVERNMENT MINISTERS HAVE been accused of trying to be “the coolest kid in the schoolyard by chasing headlines” over the Garda Commissioner row on day two of the Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis.Thousands of delegates have gathered at the INEC in Killarney this weekend where the party has been debating and voting on hundreds of motions, including one that would allow the government to shut down a social media site where it leads to the death of a citizen.This afternoon, a proposed amendment to that motion was defeated before delegates easily voted down the motion itself.In the same session, a call to raise the age at which a person can buy alcohol from an off-licence to 21 was defeated while a proposal calling on the government to regulate cash-for-gold shops was passed.Local and European election candidates addressed delegates during a two-hour televised session. Party leader Micheál Martin delivers a keynote speech at 8.30pm tonight.‘Chasing headlines’ In a session on justice, Senator Thomas Byrne criticised Alan Shatter for the closure of rural garda stations – a view echoed by several delegates who spoke – and said that ministers had been acting immaturely in the row over the Garda Commissioner calling the actions of whistleblowers ‘disgusting’.He said that in recent days each minister is “trying to be the coolest kid in the schoolyard by chasing headlines”.The party’s justice spokesperson Niall Collins slammed Shatter, accusing him of arrogance and abuse of power over the several controversies surrounding the gardaí. He said: “He’s not up to the job and it’s time for him to.”The Ard Fheis heard calls for the establishment of an independent police commission to take decisions on the governance and accountability of the gardaí away from the Minister for Justice.Turnout was low for a session entitled ‘social equality for all’ this morning (above). One delegate said that when Labour took office it had taken all of its policies outside Leinster House and “made a big bonfire”.The abolition of the bereavement grant in the last Budget was condemned with social protection spokesperson Willie O’Dea saying: “The reality is when you die, from now on, you’re on your own.”The Limerick TD claimed that in his own constituency there are 32 applicants for every available job and that 250,000 people have emigrated in the last three years seeking employment abroad.Earlier, the Ard Fheis heard from Tom Healy, of the Nevin Economic Research Institure (NERI), who said that a year before the financial crisis every major party had advocated tax cuts.He argued that universal social charge was a good policy introduced by the previous Fianna Fáil government and said greater work should be done to emphasise how it pays for public services.‘Backslapping’ In a session on finance and public expenditure, the party’s Ireland South MEP Brian Crowley praised the late Brian Lenihan and said the former finance minister was forced not to burn the bondholders by the ECB.“There’s no allowance given that Ireland saved the euro by the actions that we took,” he said, criticising the lack of progress on separating Ireland’s banking and sovereign debt.This view was echoed by the the party’s finance spokesperson Micheal McGrath. He said the Irish economy is “like a patient who has come out of intensive care, in deep shock, with a long road ahead”.He slammed the sell-off of the IBRC loan book and criticised banks in relation to mortgage arrears and lending to SMEs.Of the coalition he said: “A bit less backslapping and self-congratulation and a bit more focus on the real issues affecting the people of this country.”Among proposals heard this morning were Galway delegate David Burke’s idea that 10 per cent of the local property tax be ring fenced for use by those who pay it for use on improving their estates.Follow @oconnellhugh for updates from the INEC this weekend.First published 10.37am Last night: Phil Hogan accused of a ‘good old-fashioned gerrymander’Read: Micheál Martin thinks Alan Shatter seems to have a huge problem saying: ‘I got it wrong’Read: Shutting down social media and 11 other motions at the Fianna Fáil Ard Fheislast_img read more

It will go to the late rounds but Kenny Egan looks like

first_imgKENNY EGAN IS in with a serious chance of becoming Councillor Kenneth Egan.Tallying indicates that the boxing champ is currently running in seventh place in the eight seat Clondalkin electoral area and will hold on to take one of the final places.Despite his likely election holding on to win a seat, Egan is polling behind his Fine Gael running mate Emer Higgins who received 8.3 per cent of the vote compared to Egan’s 7.6 per cent.Sinn Féin is taking the lions share of the preferences in the area, hoovering up 37 per cent of the vote between their two candidates Eoin O’Broin and Jonathan Graham who will both take early seats. Looks like @DannyOBriensf @Jonathan_G94 & myself will be elected on 1st count in Clondalkin & Lucan. @LNBDublin polling exceptionally well.— Eoin Ó Broin (@EOBroin) May 24, 2014 Two other candidates who will reach a quota and be elected are Fianna Fáil’s Trevor Gilligan and Gino Kenny of People Before Profit.That means that there are four seats left to be filled. Fine Gael will do well to win two of them but their numbers have enough of a gap over the chasing pack that they may just do that.Read: Here’s definitive proof that Kenny ‘Kenneth’ Egan will be ‘keeping it real’ >Read: Young people in my area ‘see all politicians as bad news and gangsters’ – Kenny Egan >center_img Source: Eoin O Broin/Twitterlast_img read more

In pictures The MH17 crash site

first_imgTHE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY is scrambling to react to the downing of an Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine yesterday.But amid the geopolitics is a human disaster, the loss of 298 lives.Just outside of the tiny town of Grabovo, the wreckage is due to be inspected by investigators today.Here is the view from that scene.All pics:  Source: Zurab Dzhavakhadze/Photas/Tass/Press Association Images Source: Zurab Dzhavakhadze/Photas/Tass/Press Association Images A man walks amongst the debris at the crash site. Source: Zurab Dzhavakhadze/Photas/Tass/Press Association Images People inspect the crash site of a passenger plane near the village of Grabovo. Source: Dmitry LovetskyAt the Dutch embassy in Kiev, a vigil was held. Source: AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov Source: AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov Flowers and candles brought to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev to commemorate victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Source: AP Photo/Sergei ChuzavkovRead: Malaysian passenger plane shot down by surface-to-air missile over Ukrainelast_img read more

Kerry beat Galway to secure AllIreland SFC semifinal spot

first_imgKerry 1-20Galway 2-10KERRY ARE THROUGH to their third All-Ireland Senior Football Championship semi-finals in four years after over-coming a spirited Galway side in their quarter-final clash in Croke Park this afternoon.It was wayward shooting (10 wides) in the opening period that cost Galway and, while possession may be nine tenths of the law, it had very little impact on the first quarter of this game as the Tribesmen dominated with 67% of the football and only five wides to show in return.Kerry on the other hand were leathal in the first half; James O’Donoghue’s brilliantly taken goal their fourth score from four attempts following points by Donnchadh Walsh, David Moran and Michael Geaney to make it 1-3 to no score after 12 minutes.The Kingdom added scores from O’Donoghue and Declan O’Sullivan before Michael Lundy finally forced the umpires to raise a white flag in Galway’s favour though a comeback looked unlikely at that stage as the wides continued to mount.However, after Gareth Bradshaw and Shane Walsh scored either side of a Paul Geaney point, Galway’s Thomas Flynn scored a superb solo goal, sprinting upfield from his own ’65 and firing a left-foot shot past Brian Kelly before Johnny Buckley pointed at the other end to send his side into the break with a 1-8 to 1-3 lead. Thomas Flynn brings Galway back into the game. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOThe second half started much the same as the first with Éamonn Fitzmaurice’s men dominating on the scoreboard, Buckley’s second point of the game stretching their lead to seven.However, Galway came back again, this time Lundy side-stepping Kelly to roll the ball into the net, Shane Walsh’s point from the ensuing kickout making it a two point game on 42 minutes; 1-11 to 2-6.With twenty minutes remaining, O’Donoghue had a chance to put the game to bed but, with the Galway defence at sixes and sevens, the Killarney Legion man somehow sent his shot wide.With time ticking away, Galway were unable to grab the third goal they so badly needed – despite two very good chances at the death – and well-taken scores from O’Donoghue, Barry John Keane and Kieran O’Leary ensured a seven point win and a semi-final spot. Scorers for Galway: Shane Walsh 0-5 (0-3f), Michael Lundy 1-1, Thomas Flynn 1-0, Gareth Bradshaw 0-2, Damien Comer and Paul Conroy 0-1 each.KERRY1. Brian Kelly Killarney (Legion)2. Marc Ó Sé (An Ghaeltacht)3. Aidan O’Mahony (Rathmore)4. Shane Enright (Tarbert)5. Paul Murphy (Rathmore)6. Killian Young (Renard)7. Fionn Fitzgerald (Dr Crokes, captain)8. Anthony Maher (Duagh)9. Bryan Sheehan (St Mary’s)10. Michael Geaney (Dingle)11. Johnny Buckley (Dr Crokes)12. Donnchadh Walsh (Cromane)13. Paul Geaney (Dingle)14. Declan O’Sullivan (Dromid Pearses)15. James O’Donoghue (Killarney Legion)Subs: 19. David Moran (Kerins O’Rahilly’s) for Sheehan (5), 17. Peter Crowley (Laune Rangers) for O’Mahony (46), 18. Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh Glencar) for O’Sullivan (52), 21. Barry John Keane (Kerins O’Rahillys) for Buckley (55), 20. Kieran O’Leary (Dr Crokes) for Walsh (59), 24. Mark Griffin (St Michael’s Foilmore) for Ó Sé (65).GALWAY1. Tomás Healy (Corofin)2. Donal O’Neill (Cortoon Shamrocks)3. Finian Hanley (Salthill-Knocknacarra)4. Joss Moore (Mountbellew-Moylough)5. Gareth Bradshaw (Moycullen)6. Gary O’Donnell (Tuam Stars)7. Paul Varley (Cortoon Shamrocks)8. Fiontán O’Curraoin (Micheal Breathnach)9. Thomas Flynn (Athenry)10. Michael Lundy (Corofin)11. Shane Walsh (Kilkerrin-Clonberne)23. John O’Brien (Clifden)13. Michael Martin (Miltown)14. Paul Conroy (St James – Captain)15. Danny Cummins (Claregalway)Subs: 22. Sean Armstrong (Salthill-Knocknacarra) for Cummins (HT), 25. Damien Comer (Annaghdown) for O’Brien (half-time), 12. Keith Kelly (Ballinasloe) for Moore (49), 24. Eddie Hoare (St Michael’s) for Martin (56) 20. Cathal Mulryan (Cortoon Shamrocks) for Varley (66).Referee: Eddie Kinsella (Laois).LIVE: Cork v Mayo, All-Ireland senior football quarter-final‘It is a testament to the character of the boys’ – Monaghan manager O’Rourke Scorers for Kerry: James O’Donoghue 1-5, Paul Geaney 0-4 (0-1f), Barry John Keane 0-3, Johnny Buckley 0-2 (0-1f), Donnchadh Walsh 0-2, David Moran, Kieran O’Leary, Michael Geaney and Declan O’Sullivan 0-1 each.last_img read more

Latest OK Go music video features toast

first_imgSure, we’ve all heard performers at one time or another sing songs about the breakfast treat known as toast. But can you imagine a music video that only shows slightly burnt slices of bread as the entire video? Now you don’t have to imagine because the group OK Go have released a new video and as you has probably guessed by now, you get a three minute clip of nothing but toast.The same musical group responsible for such innovative videos using treadmills and Rube Goldberg Machines have now turned to stop motion photography and 2,430 slices of bread to make their new music video. These 215 loaves of bread that became stale past their sell-by dates were “rescued from the clutches of certain disposal” and used for OK Go’s latest video called “Last Leaf.”AdChoices广告Read more at YouTube, via Devourlast_img read more

Motorola Xooms 799 price justified because you get 4G for free says

first_imgThe full list of specs for Motorola‘s upcoming Honeycomb Xoom tablets have now been released, and alongside them, a defiant defense of the Xoom’s $799 price courtesy of CEO Sanjay Jha. According to Jha, the Xoom will be a great value and worth every penny of its $799 3G price. Why? Jha wants to pretend 3G is the same as 4G.Jha says that Motorola felt that “our our ability to deliver 50Mb/s would justify the $799 price point. It is 32GB with 3G and a free upgrade to 4G.” What he’s referring to here is the 3G Xoom’s ability to suck down up to 50Mb/s in wireless broadband.The Xoom boasts a fast modem to be sure… but this is a semantic lie. The Xoom is not a 4G device, and it is not capable of the same speeds as an LTE tablet would be. Rather, it’s capable of HSPA+ speed, which are fast, sure, but not 4G fast… and certainly not so impressive that they warrant a $799 price.Weirdly, Jha then goes on to argue that the $799 price for the 3G version and the $600 price for the WiFi version are competitive with the iPad. “Being competitive with iPad is important,” he said. “We feel that from the hardware and capabilities we deliver we are at least competitive and in a number of ways better…. [For the WiFi-Only version], the price is set by iPad at $599 and we will be right around there.”Uh. The cheapest iPad is $499, not $599. The Xoom looks cool, Motorola, but you’re really stretching the truth pretty thin trying to justify its price, don’t you think?Read more at Wall Street Journallast_img read more

GameStop wants 300 for DiRT 3 Limited Edition

first_imgUsually, when a game gets a limited edition announced you expect to pay $20-$40 more on it, and in return you get something collectible like a book, DVD, and/or some in-game content. But GameStop want a lot more cash for the DiRT 3 Limited Edition, $299.99 to be specific, but in return you will get a Ken Block Gymkhana RC Fiesta.So while the price may seem high, you are getting something a bit special in the form of a ready-to-race remote control sports car from Traxxas.AdChoices广告It has an officially licensed Ford Fiesta body and Ken Block Energy Graphics, as well as officially licensed Volk racing wheels. Out the box it can do 30mph+, but can also be pushed all the way to 50mph+ using its Velineon 380 motor and Traxxas Power Cell NiMH battery coupled with an opitonal Pinion Gear, second battery, and speed connector.Whether this appeals or not depends on your interest in Radio Control cars, but even if you aren’t this actually works out to be a bit of a bargain. The same Ken Block limited edition Fiesta is listed on the Traxxas website with an SSP of $550. So rather than seeing this as an expensive game, you could view it as a very cheap remote controlled racing car.This is sure to be a very limited stock of these bundles, so if you’re interested get pre-ordering. You may actually find the car holds your interest longer than the game, especially if you start pushing it up to 50mph and racing it against others.DiRT 3 is set to be released on May 24 and includes the already previewed Gymkhana mode, the video of which can be viewed above. You can also see a video of the RC in action below:Read more at GameStoplast_img read more

ATT is retiring 10 Messaging 1000 plan on August 21

first_imgI don’t know anyone who manages to send more than 1,000 text messages every month, so a plan that offers that limit for a reduced price over the unlimited plan is perfect. If you are on AT&T though, that option is about to disappear.AT&T has decided to update its messaging options and on August 21st its $10 Messaging 1000 plan, which gives you 1,000 text messages a month, will be retired. The only option then available is the Messaging Unlimited plan which doubles the price to $20. Current customers taking advantage of the Messaging 1000 plan can relax for a while though, as AT&T is allowing you to continue using it for the remainder of your contract.Unless you want to pay 20 cents per message new customers or new contracts will have to start paying that extra $10. Those already using the Family Unlimited Plan will remain at the $30 for unlimited text messages.AT&T’s reasoning for this is that unlimited texting offers better value and the “vast majority” of messaging customers opt for unlimited anyway. But that’s not the point is it? The amount of customers AT&T has on its books means even a minority of users accounts for thousands of people that will be forced to start paying more for their messaging sooner or later. Chances are quite a few of them will look to other networks for a better deal.Checking on Verizon Wireless there is the option to pay $10 for messaging on a single-line plan, but that gets you just 500 messages. Family SharePlans include the same 500 for $10, but also includes unlimited mobile to mobile messaging. Unlimited messaging costs the same as AT&T at $20, and on prepaid plans that’s the only option.via Engadgetlast_img read more

Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton laser emits 85 mile beam of visible light

first_imgWicked Lasers‘ newest product is the S3 Krypton, a laser so powerful that it is 8000 times brighter than the sun, has a range of 85 miles, and can be hazardous not only to pilots (when flying their planes) but can reach satellites in orbit. The laser is most potent when in its $999, 1000mW variant, but it also ships in 500mW ($499) and 300mW ($299).The S3 Krypton produces a generous 86 million lux and is said to be over 8000 times brighter than look directly into the Sun. What this basically means is that it’s no toy, it’s a serious instrument… for what we’re not quite sure, but it shouldn’t be handled lightly. Ostensibly this thing is for lighting paper on fire in laboratories and pointing out tiny objects miles away, at night, in uninhabited parts of the world, but lesser lasers can do both of those tasks.If you haven’t used a (relatively) powerful laser in the past, know this: they can be scary. Even a humble 200-300mW green laser model has a surprising amount of power, especially when used in a confined space. Outside they feel less dangerous, but you’ll still be in constant fear of someone calling the FBI if you wave this thing around or even point it at the sky.Aside from the S3 Krypton’s power, this laser has a number of other frills to it. These include an all-aluminum body, a 100% duty cycle rating (which means it can run continuously for the duration of its 2 hour battery life without overheating), it has seven operating modes, and a number of safety features. The laser weighs a hefty 443 grams and is about 10-inches long.As pointed out above, this high-power lasers can be interesting — in a reckless sort of way — for a few minutes, but there isn’t much you can do with them. The S3 is too big and heavy to used on a gun sight and it’s too powerful for using in most traditional laser applications. The one idea I was able to take from Wicked’s site is that it would function as an excellent SOS/emergency beacon, so long as you don’t blind the people who are coming to rescue you.Wicked Lasers, via gizmodolast_img read more

Skyrim timelapse shows off beautiful environments

first_imgWith the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda has not only crafted an RPG that sets the bar even higher for the competition and inevitable 6th game in the series, but it also sees the game engine receive a major overhaul.Skyrim‘s engine is notable for two reasons. The first is how little space is required to house the game’s massive world and detailed graphical assets. The entire game fits on a single DVD for Xbox 360 users with room to spare. 3.8GB of space is all Bethesda required. For PC, it still fits on a single disc, but at a significantly larger 5.5GB.The time-lapse you see below demonstrates Bethesda didn’t cut any corners graphically to keep the size down. The game’s environments look stunning with the video showing off just a few of the landscapes from the PC version, with all the settings turned up to 11.It says something about a game when it’s just as pleasurable to walk around and take in the view, as it is to partake in the game’s infinite quest system. Skyrim will do nothing but enhance Bethesda’s standing as one of the top game developers out there. The game’s 3.5 million sales in 48 hours goes a long way towards cementing that position too.To fully appreciate the video below, I urge you to switch it up to 1080p, go full screen, and let it buffer before pressing play. If you haven’t purchased the game already, you may have a much greater urge to in 9 minutes time.via Eurogamer Digital Foundrylast_img read more

Apple reportedly testing an iPad mini

first_imgYes, it’s the time of year when iPad rumors are launched at a rapid-fire pace. Though last year’s “iPhone 5” rumors were inconsistent enough to give one schizophrenia, the 2012 iPad rumors have been fairly consistent. The iPad 3 will likely feature a Retina display, an A6 chip, LTE, a bigger battery, and a design similar to the iPad 2. So there’s nothing more to gossip about, right?But wait: the iPad 3 is no longer the only iPad dwelling in the rumor mill. It now has a supposed little brother, the iPad Mini. Though analysts refuse to let this one die, one of the most trusted sources of Apple leaks is actually joining the chorus. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is currently qualifying suppliers for a smaller iPad with an eight-inch display.The “iPad mini” (the rumor mill’s name, not necessarily Apple’s) would sport a resolution that’s either the same as or similar to that of the iPad 2 (1024×768). That would give it a pixel density of 160, higher than that of the iPad 2, but nowhere near the rumored pixel density of the iPad 3 (264ppi). In other words, it would be nice enough to steal sales from the Kindle Fire, but would still be more of a budget tablet.Up to this point, we’ve been taking the iPad mini rumors with many grains of salt, but the WSJ’s chiming in lends more credibility to them. It has a great track record with Apple leaks, and is suspected to be the source that the company uses for “controlled leaks.” This leak, however, was specifically attributed to supply chain sources, not Apple.Even if this iPad mini story is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tablet will ever make it to market. It describes a product that is still in its early stages. Many Apple products typically make it to that stage, but get killed before hitting the market. Will the iPad mini go this route, or will there be a new “Kindle Fire killer” this holiday season? I’m sure the rumor mill will give you a thousand answers during the next several months.last_img read more

Sony creates flexible 99inch OLED panel

first_imgSony may have been the first of the big manufacturers to release an OLED TV, but the company has struggled to keep costs down while increasing the size of its OLED panels. They even stopped selling OLED TVs at one point. But OLED technology continues to progress, and Sony has just announced the development of a flexible OLED panel at SID 2012.The 9.9-inch display is still quite limited in terms of resolution, managing 960 x 540 and 111ppi, but this is a work in progress and that’s sure to improve. The good news is Sony manufactured the panel using a process that is easy to ramp up to volume production. That bodes well for this being a low cost solution.In order to create the flexible OLED panel Sony used a combination of glass substrates and film. Two glass substrates have a sheet of film attached to them. One of those films is used to hold the thin film transistors and white OLEDs, while the other has red, green, and blue color filters applied. The two films are then brought together and the glass substrates removed. The end result being a working film display that is capable of being flexed.Sony says that the display is a culmination of the work done in producing the company’s existing OLED panels. This flexible display has only just come off the production line though, and Sony didn’t have one at SID, rather they just had video footage of it in action.The next step is to test just how flexible and reliable the panel is. If they can improve on the resolution then it’s possible Sony could bring a device to market sporting a flexible display. As it’s OLED it also means power use will be very low, making it desirable for use in tablets and laptops.Read more at Tech-On!last_img read more

Energy from manmade tornados Atmospheric Vortex Engine receives funding

first_imgTornados are something many people fear due to their destructive power, but according to Canadian entrepreneur Louis Michaud, they also make for a great source of green energy generation, if controlled. And he’s not the only one, as former Paypal co-founder and early Facebook investor, Peter Thiel, has just funded Michaud’s company.AVEtec is attempting to create something called an Atmospheric Vortex Engine, which can simply be described as a tornado that is created and controlled in order to produce energy. In order to work, it requires hot air, which AVEtec says could be supplied from the waste hot air power plants, factories, and data centers already produce.An AVE works by blowing hot air at an angle into a 130 foot column. Due to the temperature difference between this air and the atmosphere above, it is possible to turn this spinning hot air into a vortex. The 40-meter tall tornado that forms in the column can then be used to turn several turbines and produce energy. And as it relies on waste heat and produces no carbon emissions during operation, it classes as an eco-friendly method of energy production. It’s also predicted to be cheaper than using coal at just 3 cents per kilowatt.As an example of its potential, AVEtec states that a 500 megawatt thermal power plant could produce a further 200 megawatts by using an AVE.AVEs for power generation still class as unproven technology simply because no one has built the 130 foot column and supporting infrastructure to get one up and running yet. The funding from Peter Thiel amounts to $300,000 and has come through his Breakout Labs venture, which aims to fund early-stage science projects. With the money, AVEtec and Michaud aim to build a prototype AVE with the help of Lambton College in Ontario. If it proves to be successful, then as well as a growing number of wind turbines being erected around the world, we may also see giant columns appearing next to every hot-air generating industrial site.More at Breakout Labs, via GigaOMlast_img read more

3Doodler 3D printing pen knockoff made in 20 minutes

first_imgWith all the fervor and frenzy about 3D printing, it’s easy for something to gain a lot of attention without a lot of scrutiny. Case in point — the 3Doodler Kickstarter project, which is hyped us as being “the world’s first 3D printing pen.”Thanks to some fancy graphics on its Kickstarter page, a lot of lofty marketing speak, and tons of media coverage, 3Doodler managed to hit its $30,000 goal in a matter of hours. Two days later, it has reached more than $1.2 million from its 13,000+ backers, and with 31 days left in its campaign it’s already almost sold out of every pledge opportunity available.Most people look at those facts and become enamored with 3Doodler. But not Russian blog The site posted a mocking post of 3Doodler, showing that it was possible for an enthusiast to build his own version of the 3D printing pen in just 20 minutes.He posted pictures of an object, which looks like an unrefined 3Doodler, creating physical objects, such as different-colored stars, and a cube encompassing the words “F*** 3doodler 1.000.000$”. As you can see above, the knock-off version is little more than an extruder, a heating element, the electric motor to feed the filament, and a few power cables. Like the 3Doodler, the knock-off 3D printing pen requires a connection to an external power supply.The Google Translate version of the blog post reveals comments from users that also mock 3Doodler. One user writes that if the blogger had come up with the idea earlier he could have earned a million dollars. Others, however, defend the Kickstarter project, saying that the average consumer wouldn’t be able to drum up this kind of 20-minute solution, and that the $75 asking price on Kickstarter is reasonable.So, obviously 3Doodler is not any sort of scam, but it may be an example of how Kickstarter can be used to capitalize on a hot trend without a ton of substance.last_img read more

John Carmack its weird how close Xbox One and PS4 are

first_imgWith both Microsoft and Sony opting for x86 AMD hardware inside their next-generation consoles, there’s been a lot of speculation about how close in performance the two machines actually are. Rumors have suggested that the GPU inside the PS4 is more powerful, and there’s a lot more memory bandwidth. Digital Foundry even went so far as to create PCs to represent each console in order to compare them.There is no method of comparison to perfectly recreate the hardware without actually having the hardware to test. But some people are privy to details of the hardware ahead of launch, such as legendary engine developer John Carmack.If Carmack comments on hardware then you know that he’s looked at it in depth. And in the case of the PS4 and Xbox One, he knows the details of both under NDA and talked about them during his QuakeCon speech yesterday. His verdict? The machines are “essentially the same.”Carmack comments that it’s actually weird just how similar the two consoles are and wonders what kind of back room meetings went on that ultimately made that happen. He also points out that a few years ago we didn’t think AMD would be a major player in the games hardware market as Intel was touting Larrabee. But here we are, with AMD about to dominate the console market.As Carmack points out, having two machines that are essentially the same is actually great for developers as it cuts down on the work involved porting games. As we’ve said before, it’s also great for PC gamers as developers will essentially have a PC build when they complete the console versions of their games.So, regardless of what performance comparisons are done between now and the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, we have it on good authority that the machines are the same regardless of slight differences in memory and GPU speeds. I get the feeling Carmack would choose to purchase a PS4, though. He isn’t a fan of Kinect and believes it has fundamental limitations with regards to framerate and latency. He goes on to say it’s like a “zero button mouse,” which is his way of explaining the motion controller is lacking as an interaction device–you want more control and it doesn’t offer that (yet).last_img read more

New counselling rooms for homeless people open in Dublin today

first_img Image: Eamonn Farrell/ Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, 7:38 AM Nov 2nd 2016, 7:38 AM New counselling rooms for homeless people open in Dublin today A new suite of rooms are being opened today. On-demand crisis intervention for people with suicidal ideation or who are in emotional distress and a variety of emotional wellbeing groups are also provided.The rooms are located at a secure location in Dublin 8, and are being launched to facilitate the increasing demand.There were 659 cases received by the counselling service between 2012 and 2015.Between 2013-2015, the main reasons for people accessing the service were:Mental Health (32%)Addiction (30%)Grief/Bereavement (19%)Relationships (7%)Minister McEntee said the counselling service and other services offered by Dublin Simon gave people “the key to a new start, helping them leave the trauma of homelessness behind, and move towards a future filled with hope”.Read: “It’s shocking that it comes down to us to do this”: Writers set out to raise €15k for the homelessRead: Noonan defends first-time buyers plan as critics warn it will create ‘bidding war’ File photo Image: Eamonn Farrell/ 10,515 Views Share447 Tweet Email3 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article File photo Short URL A NEW SUITE of counselling rooms have been opened by the Dublin Simon Community, aimed at offering counselling to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.The rooms are to be opened today by the Minister for Mental Health and Older People Helen McEntee.The counselling rooms form part of the Dublin Simon Community’s Sure Steps counselling service, which provides support for people who are homeless or at risk.A report into the service shows that there was a 71% increase in the number of people accessing the counselling service in 2015 compared to the previous year.The report also shows that the service provided 1,712 hours of counselling and one to one mental health support last year.Commenting on the launch of the new rooms, Sam McGuinness, CEO of the Dublin Simon Community said that the counselling provided support for people accessing other services from Dublin Simon.“In addition to one-to-one counselling, Sure Steps offers supports to clients across Dublin Simon Community’s housing and treatment services,” said McGuinness. By Cormac Fitzgerald 20 Comments last_img read more

Heres what Irish parties think about Enda Kenny visiting Donald Trump in

first_img 116 Comments Monday 30 Jan 2017, 4:43 PM Enda Kenny on his first visit to Washington DC as Taoiseach in 2011. Image: Leon Farrell/ 16,688 Views THE AAA-PBP is to submit a Dáil motion calling on Enda Kenny not to attend the White House for St. Patrick’s Day because of Donald Trump’s ‘racist and divisive’ policies.Political pressure has been building on the Taoiseach not to attend the annual shamrock handover ceremony but his department has said it remains committed to the event.The AAA-PBP now hopes to bring the debate to the Dáil floor with a motion that also wants to ensure that Irish airports do not cooperate with US rules that are contrary to the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention.As well as the refusal to attend the White House, the AAA-PBP motion also wants the Taoiseach to release a public statement explaining the decision.“Donald Trump has commenced the implementation of utterly racist, discriminatory and abhorrent immigration policies. The ban on entering the US for citizens of seven majority Muslim countries that are being ripped apart by war and conflict is pure unadulterated racism and must be condemned,” said AAA-PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett. Source: Green Party Ireland/Twitter Here’s what Irish parties think about Enda Kenny visiting Donald Trump in the White House The AAA-PBP want a Dáil debate.on the matter. Short URL Resist #MuslimBan, resist the silencing of science and @EPA, resist walls, resist torture @EamonRyan @cathmartingreen @GraceOSllvn— Green Party Ireland (@greenparty_ie) January 30, 2017center_img It would be inexcusable for Enda Kenny to grovel to this racist bully, by handing him shamrock on St Patrick’s Day. It would be equally inexcusable and possibly illegal for any Irish public official to co-operate with these obnoxious policies at Irish airports.In a further statement issued this afternoon, Fine Gael said that the Taoiseach will attend the meeting with Trump and “will continue to act in the interest of Irish people”.“St. Patrick’s Day provides the Irish government with a unique annual opportunity to hold bilateral talks with the US President and this longstanding arrangement is of great value to Ireland,” the party said in a statement.Party stancesAAA-PBP said it has distributed the motion to Dáil TDs in the hope of securing support.Labour and the Green Party both said yesterday that Kenny should not attend the St. Patrick’s Day event.Sinn Féin has said that the Taoiseach should ensure Irish airports don’t enforce the travel ban but the party stopped short of saying Kenny should not visit the White House.The Social Democrats have said that the debate is about more than whether Kenny attends the White House.“If the Taoiseach is to travel this year he must leave the shamrock bowl at home and travel instead with a very clear mandate to robustly challenge President Trump’s actions,” argued Catherine Murphy TD.Fianna Fáil said that it believes the the travel ban being imposed by Trump is “unjust and unacceptable” but that Kenny should still visit the White House.“It is our view that this annual opportunity to engage with the US Presidency is of major strategic importance to the country and should be maintained,” the party said in a statement.The upcoming visit to Washington DC should be used as an opportunity to press President Trump on his latest changes to stop people from the seven countries he has listed from entering the USA and also on the plight of undocumented Irish. By Rónán Duffy Image: Leon Farrell/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share218 Tweet Email2 Over 30,000 people have signed a petition aimed at halting Enda Kenny from meeting Trump.The AAA-PBP’s motion also seeks to have the Dail note “with extreme alarm and disapproval” a number of Trump’s other policies.These include the intention to build a wall with Mexico, to upgrade the US’ nuclear weapons capability and its “undermining of efforts to combat climate change”.Read: ‘Not in my name’: 30k sign Irish petition against Kenny visiting Trump on St Patrick’s Day >Read: Confusion and outrage over Trump migrant ban as UK secures exemption > Enda Kenny on his first visit to Washington DC as Taoiseach in 2011. Jan 30th 2017, 4:43 PM last_img read more

200000 people ordered to evacuate their homes over dam risk

first_img200,000 people ordered to evacuate their homes over dam risk The evacuation was ordered yesterday afternoon after engineers spotted a hole on the concrete lip of the secondary spillway of the dam. By Associated Press ‘A lot of unknowns’State Fire and Rescue Chief Kim Zagaris said at least 250 law enforcement officers from throughout the state are in the area or on their way to help the people evacuating.A California Highway patrol spokesman said they would have two planes out today to help with search and rescue and traffic control. Short URL Source: William Croyle/APThe erosion at the head of the emergency spillway threatens to undermine the concrete weir and allow large, uncontrolled releases of water from Lake Oroville. Those potential flows could overwhelm the Feather River and other downstream waterways, channels and levees and flood towns in three counties.Officials earlier Sunday stressed the dam itself was structurally sound.The lake is a central piece of California’s government-run water delivery network, supplying water for agriculture in the Central Valley and residents and businesses in Southern California.Read: Trump planning to speed up deportation of illegal immigrantsRead: Calls for UN to step in after Kim Jong-Un ‘personally guides’ ballistic missile launch Monday 13 Feb 2017, 10:21 AM Image: Rich Pedroncelli/AP Water flows down Oroville Dam’s main spillway. Image: Rich Pedroncelli/AP Feb 13th 2017, 10:21 AM center_img 21,266 Views Water flows down Oroville Dam’s main spillway. CHP officer Ken Weckman directs traffic on Highway 70 as residents evacuate Marysville Source: Paul Kitagaki Jr/APPanicked and angry residents sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic hours after the evacuation order was given.Raj Gill was managing a Shell station where panicky motorists got gas and snacks while they waited for gridlocked traffic to clear. His boss told him to close the station and flee himself, but he stayed open to feed a steady line of customers.“You can’t even move,” he said. “I’m trying to get out of here too,” he said.I’m worried about the flooding. I’ve seen the pictures — that’s a lot of water. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Rich Pedroncelli/APLate last night officials noted water was no longer spilling over the eroded area but said the evacuation orders remained in place.“There is still a lot of unknowns,” said Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. “We need to continue to lower the lake levers and we need to give the Department of Water Resources time to fully evaluate the situation so we can make the decision to whether or not it is safe to repopulate the area.”About 188,000 residents of towns in Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties remained under evacuation orders.Acting Director Department of Water Resources Bill Croyle said officials will be able to assess the damage to the emergency spillway now that the lake levels have been lowered. CLOSE TO 200,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes as California authorities try to fix erosion of the emergency spillway at the nation’s tallest dam that could unleash uncontrolled flood waters if it fails.About 150 miles northeast of San Francisco, Lake Oroville – one of California’s largest man-made lakes – had water levels so high that an emergency spillway was used Saturday for the first time in almost 50 years after its main spillway was damaged during recent heavy rain.The evacuation was ordered yesterday afternoon after engineers spotted a hole on the concrete lip of the secondary spillway for the 770-foot-tall Oroville Dam and told authorities that it could fail within the hour.“I’m just shocked,” said Greg Levias, who was evacuating with his wife, Kaysi.“We have two boys and our dog,” said Kaysi Levias. “All the stuff we could fit in the trunk – clothes and blankets”.What they couldn’t fit they piled as high as they could in their downstairs Yuba City apartment and joined the line of traffic attempting to leave the city where they had moved just three weeks ago. Share15 Tweet Email1 56 Comments last_img read more

72hour swimming ban in place at Balbriggan beach due to unacceptable levels

first_img A ‘Warning Do Not Swim” Notice is being raised at Front Beach in Balbriggan due to high bacterial levels and will last for 72 hours. It is likely due to animals/birds and from contamination of urban surface water discharging into bathing areas. The issue is being investigated.— FingalCountyCouncil (@Fingalcoco) September 11, 2019 72-hour swimming ban in place at Balbriggan beach due to ‘unacceptable levels of bacteria’ Swimming in the water may cause illness, Fingal County Council has warned. A NO SWIMMING notice has been issued for the front beach at Balbriggan, Dublin. Fingal County Council said the ban is being implemented due to “unacceptable levels of bacteria in a recent bathing water sample”. The warning was issued yesterday and will remain in place for 72 hours. The council said the likely cause of the bacteria levels is due to suspected impacts from “animals/birds and contamination of urban surface water discharging into bathing areas”.  Thursday 12 Sep 2019, 7:48 AM 12,896 Views Source: FingalCountyCouncil/Twitter By Hayley Halpin Share47 Tweet Email4 center_img Image: Eamonn Farrell via Image: Eamonn Farrell via Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Thu 7:48 AM Short URL 10 Comments Swimming in the water may cause illness, the council warned.A repeat sample of the water was taken yesterday and results are due back next Monday. The council has consulted the HSE on the matter. Investigations are ongoing, the council said. last_img read more

Greek Australians leaders in child protection

first_imgFamily is a big part of what it is to be Greek Australian, and in National Child Protection Week, three Greek Australians are leading the field.Argiri Alisandratos is the assistant director of placement and support services at the Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS), and he says his Greek heritage prepared him for a career in child protection.“My family and our culture and my upbringing in a traditional Greek environment has been an enormous benefit to how I connect with families, and ensure families are a source of support when they can be,” he said.Alisandratos has worked as a practitioner for nearly 20 years, and is now responsible for designing the programs and policies that deal with moving young people away from their families when it’s neccesary. He said maintaining the child’s culture is very important.He said National Child Protection Week was important for highlighting the positive child protection stories. Angela Papoutsoglou is a principal practitioner for the Department of Human Services, in Melbourne’s north-west. She said the successes come from keeping families together. “Our paramount concern is the concern of the child, but also working in creative ways in partnership with the family to keep them together,” she said. She said when children do need to be moved, the first preference is within the extended family network.“You see it in the Greek community,” she said. “I’ve worked with a number of Greek families where, overall, the sense is, ‘we are a family,’ and when there’s an issue and we become involved, it’s amazing where extended family come from to help.”Mary Kyrios is the DHS’s principal policy analyst, working to achieve better outcomes for children in the Children’s Court.“We’re looking at a new model of alternative dispute resolution in the Children’s Court that ensures that children are the main focus,” she said. She said her Greek Australian heritage has made her open to the way different families function. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Ethnic community awards under scrutiny

first_imgAwards given to ethnic communities in NSW have come under scrutiny, since the execution of last years awards by then premier Kristina Keneally. Last year the Ms Keneally ordered the Community Relations Commission to create four awards in honour of Sydney’s ethnic communities, similar to the Premier’s Chinese Community Service Awards. The commission was set the task of organising four separate launch parties and award presentations for the Lebanese, Vietnamese, Philippine and Indian communities, as well as pick award winners and issue medals. The commission’s chairman, Stepan Kerkyasharian, told The Sun-Herald last week that the task would usually take five to six month, whereas last year he was given only 10 weeks. Ms Keneally at the time wanted the awards to be held in February, supposedly to make time for the state polls in March. The communission was given $500,000 and was told to do what was required. The Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Victor Dominello, told a budget estimates hearing last week that he was “surprised” at the outpour of grants coming out two months befor the state elections. A spokesman for Mr Dominello said the commission was undertaking a review of all its grants and awards, with the ”aim of making them inclusive and effective”. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

ASIC seeks more power

first_imgThe corporate regulator Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has joined voices with others calling for financial advisers to hold a university degree, telling the financial system inquiry it supports the move because investment products are “complex and not well understood by consumers and investors”.In its submission to the financial system inquiry, chaired by former Commonwealth Bank chief executive David Murray, ASIC also asked for the power to ban investment products and intervene more heavily in the market.Source: Fairfax Media Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek foreign minister congratulates Greek Australians

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias congratulated the Greek diaspora of Australia for their initiative entitled ‘Speak Greek in March’. The minister says he is confident that the campaign will be embraced by Greek Australians across the globe.“I would like to congratulate you for your collective, multifaceted action to further strengthen and support the Greek language in Australia, especially on the occasion of the national celebrations of March, a month during which we celebrate our national independence.I am sure that the initiative ‘Speak Greek in March’, launched by you who actively and dynamically represent Hellenism in the multicultural country of Australia, will have great success,” the Greek minister said in his message.Furthermore, he added that it will also serve as an example for Greeks in other continents who wish to increase Greek language use, especially in younger generations. This will help spread the language in local communities and celebrate the significance of Greek culture and Greek education over time.“You make us very proud with this initiative. I wholeheartedly wish you every success in your endeavour,” he said, adding that Greece will support the initiative in any way possible.last_img read more

Default imminent without aid from lenders

first_imgGreece cannot make an upcoming payment to the International Monetary Fund on June 5 unless foreign lenders disburse more aid, a senior ruling party lawmaker said on Wednesday, the latest warning from Athens it is on the verge of default.Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s leftist government says it hopes to reach a cash-for-reforms deal in days, although European Union and IMF lenders are more pessimistic and say talks are moving too slowly for that.Greek officials now point to a race against the clock to clinch a deal before payments totalling about 1.5 billion euros ($1.7 billion) to the IMF come due next month, starting with a 300 million euro payment on June 5.“Now is the moment that negotiations are coming to a head. Now is the moment of truth, on June 5,” Nikos Filis, spokesman for the ruling SYRIZA party’s lawmakers, told ANT1 television.“If there is no deal by then that will address the current funding problem, they won’t get any money,” he said.Talks between Greece and its lenders have foundered on Athens’ demand to roll back labour and pension reform as well as lower fiscal targets set under its bailout programme.Among concessions Athens is mulling is a special tax on banking transactions to help raise revenue to meet fiscal targets, though discussion of the levy is at an early stage, two sources close to the talks said.If the talks collapse, Tsipras’s government has made clear it will pay pensioners and public workers before servicing debt.Greek officials have warned several times in recent weeks that Athens could run out of cash, only to then scrape through obligations by resorting to draconian measures such as ordering state entities to hand over cash or in the case of an IMF payment last week, by emptying out an IMF reserves account.Four days before the payment was made, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wrote to EU and IMF lenders warning that Athens could not make the 750 million euro payment – prompting accusations of a bluff that has deepened mistrust.Still, analysts agree the country’s cash squeeze is increasingly acute and fresh aid will be needed sooner or later to avoid bankruptcy. Ratings agency Moody’s said there was a high likelihood that capital controls and a deposit freeze could be imposed as savers pull deposits from banks over fears of a national bankruptcy and a Greek eurozone exit.The European Central Bank’s governing council is due to meet later on Wednesday and will decide whether to dole out more emergency liquidity assistance to Greek banks, who have been kept on a drip-feed of liquidity injections amid the crisis.Despite the spectre of impending bankruptcy, Tsipras has sought to maintain a brave face in public and will lobby European leaders at the EU summit in Riga this week for a political agreement to break the impasse.Briefing top parliamentary officials in his party on Tuesday, Tsipras said the government was aiming for a deal by June 3 that would release over 7 billion euros in pending aid from the bailout, said one lawmaker who attended the briefing.The premier also expressed optimism that differences with lenders on value-added tax hikes, privatisations and budget targets could be bridged to strike a deal now. Greece is pushing to delay discussion of pension reform to later this year, the lawmaker said.Such a delay would be unlikely to win the sympathy of the lenders, who want Athens to offer more concessions and focus on bridging differences at technical-level talks aimed at trying to make the numbers on work.A deal could still be struck in the coming weeks but will depend on the degree of political will as there are still big gaps in the talks on labour and pension issues, EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said.“The Greek government has shown it can be creative in reimbursing its lenders but we must go quickly (in striking a deal with Greece),” he told a French Senate committee gathering in Paris. “It’s a matter of days and weeks.”In a reminder of the early acrimony in talks between the two sides, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis told the German weekly Die Zeit that his German counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble made mistakes in his analysis of Greece.“It is frustrating that we are not able to speak with each other in a context where arguments count more than relative power,” said Varoufakis, who has been sidelined in recent weeks in negotiations with lenders.Source: Reuters Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Still One Lonely Guy

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram As part of this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival, multi-award winning Nick Kesidis will be performing his hilariously entertaining show Still One Lonely Guy.An entertainer crossed with elements of street performance, Kesidis knows how to wow crowds, whether it be with a deck of cards, handful of coins, or his quick wit.The show is also a suitable choice for families, though it is recommended that children are aged 9 and over to attend.A ticketed event, the cost of attendance is $20 for adults, $16 for concession, $60 for a family of four and $15 per person within a group of 10 or more. Children under two years of age can attend free of charge, but must be seated on a ticket holder’s lap.Note that if you’re looking for a bargain, on Tuesdays all tickets are $10 per person. For bookings, call (03) 9481 9500 or visit;jsessionid=C1A768BED35FA7653419CAA330BCB98C?eventId=100791026&presenter=AUDAREBINAEC&venue&event&versionWhen: June 30 to July 4, 2015 at 8.30 pm – 9.15 pm Where: Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote, VIClast_img read more

Turkey rejected PM plane route

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Defence Minister Panos Kammenos has confirmed that Ankara’s refusal to allow the plane carrying Greece’s prime minister to fly over Turkey when Alexis Tsipras visited Iran earlier this month forced Athens to find an alternative route.Speaking on Star TV late on Monday, Kammenos confirmed Kathimerini’s report that Ankara refused permission because the flight plan included a stop on Rhodes for refuelling.Turkey considers the prime ministerial jet a military aircraft and Rhodes to be part of a demilitarised zone in the Aegean.Turkey would only allow the plane to fly through its air space if it stopped at Bodrum for fuel. In the end, the Greek plane refuelled in Egypt, before flying to Iran via Saudi Arabia.New Democracy and PASOK criticised the government for not choosing to land on Rhodes.On Tuesday, 21 Turkish air force planes and helicopters breached Greek air space in the northeastern and southeastern Aegean.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Turkey condemned by EU leaders for illegal actions

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Turkey has come under fire from leaders of the European Union, who during a meeting in Brussels on Thursday condemned the country for its aggression towards Greece and Cyprus.In a draft common statement, the European Council said that it “strongly condemns Turkey’s continued illegal actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea”, and underlined its “full solidarity with Cyprus and Greece”.“The European Council urgently calls on Turkey to cease these actions and respect the sovereign rights of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural resources in accordance with EU and International Law,” the draft read.Meanwhile, the EU also called on Akara to release the two Greek soldiers who have been in custody for over three weeks. They expressing “grave concern” about the continued detention of EU citizens in Turkey and called for the “swift and positive resolution of these issues in a dialogue with member-states” in line with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ encouragement on keeping an open dialogue with Ankara.They may just get their chance to do so on Monday, with a meeting scheduled between EU leaders and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Varna, Bulgaria.last_img read more

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines named wealthiest selfmade female under 40 in Australia

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Fitness entrepreneur and award-winning personal trainer Kayla Itsines has been named the wealthiest female in the prestigious ‘2018 Financial Review Young Rich List’ aged 40 and under.The Greek Australian came in at #5 together with her fiancé Tobias Pearce (#6), who jumped up the list from number 40 last year with a joint wealth of $486 million. They are the wealthiest self-made 20-somethings in Australia after enjoying enormous success with their fitness app ‘Sweat’. Their company is now on track to turn over $100 million this year alone.“Designed as a personal trainer on your smartphone, Itsines and Pearce have evolved what was a Bikini Body Guide e-book into Apple’s largest grossing health and fitness app,” writes the AFR.“The app, which promotes 28-minute workouts, has expanded to offer training guides from US-based Kelsey Wells and yoga sessions with Sjana Elise Earp. With a combined social media reach of more than 35 million people, Sweat is available in seven languages in 155 countries. More than 30 million users have created an account. The subscription based app generated $90 million in revenue in 2017-18.”The dynamic duo who were engaged earlier in the year, have built a fitness empire with more than 10 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, which includes models and Hollywood celebrities delivering an inspirational success story with phenomenal revenue and profit growth in a short space of time.Kayla Itsines on the cover of The Australian Financial Review Magazine. Photo: SuppliedBased in Adelaide, the 27-year-old Greek Australian personal trainer started her journey towards fame eight years ago when she launched her own training and nutrition guide #BBG (BikiniBodyGuides) after completing a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness.Soon after, she developed a 28-minute high intensity workout targeting the whole body, and in 2015 her first e-book and #sweatwithkayla application were released.Within a few years, Kayla created a global community while travelling around Europe, the US and Australia, hosting boot camps and meeting her followers, transforming the bodies of thousands of women all over the globe, inspiring them to achieve their ultimate goal; a healthy lifestyle and body confidence.Kayla and Tobi’s Bikini Body Training Company also won the national prize as Australia’s emerging business of 2015 at the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.Reflecting on her success, Itsines, who has no intention of leaving South Australia told the AFR that she wished she knew earlier that anything was possible.“In Adelaide you are not told you have the opportunity to be a superstar. If I was to grow up somewhere like New York, everyone there is very confident, and everyone wants to make it,” she says.“If I could change anything, I would talk about the opportunity of being an entrepreneur in schools. I didn’t even know what that word meant in school. I was [like], ‘what is that word?’ ‘Oh, you know, someone who goes off and does their own thing’. I was [like], ‘what?’,” said Itsines who together with Pearce owns more than 12 investment properties in SA.The famous trainer celebrates her Greek heritage through her social media and particularly enjoys posting random videos of her Greek grandparents who seem to be part of her everyday life. She is an advocate for the Mediterranean diet, indulges in Greek coffee and admits that one of her biggest weaknesses is her grandmother’s traditional Greek cooking.Kayla with her yiayia and pappou. Photo: FacebookMeanwhile fellow Greek Australian entrepreneur Scott Stavretis also made AFR‘s prestigious list, ranking number 36 with his outsourcing and call centre business, Acquire BPO.A serial entrepreneur, he started at the age of 16 by establishing the first internet service provider on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula 22 years ago in 1996. Now at 38, Stavretis is at the helm of or owns significant stakes in five technology-focused companies.The chief executive of Acquire BPO, made his debut on BRW Young Rich in 2016 with an estimated $46 million fortune. Today he sits at $69 million.The dynamic entrepreneur also operates Degunt, a cloud-based bookkeeping company and SHORE Solutions, a Philippines-based sister company to Acquire BPO that was bought in 2014.However, according to AFR, Stavretis’ biggest asset is Acquire BPO, which turns over more than $100 million annually, providing call centre support for companies in Australia, such as Flexigroup, Vocus Communications and Europcar, and in the US for the likes of cloud-based phone system company RingCentral, a New York Stock Exchange-listed company with market capitalisation of more than $2 billion.For a record seventh year, Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar (joint #1 & #2) top the combined 2018 Financial Review Young Rich List with a record $14.2 billion.Scott Stavretis ranked number 36.Interestingly, only 10 women made the cut in this year’s list overall, just one up from the nine that made the list in 2017 and eight in 2016, showing a serious gap in the number of self-made, super-wealthy Australian women.last_img read more

Découverte de nouvelles mutations génétiques impliquées dans la schizophrénie

first_imgDécouverte de nouvelles mutations génétiques impliquées dans la schizophrénieDes chercheurs de l’INSERM se sont intéressés aux différents aspects de la schizophrénie, une maladie psychique encore mal comprise et sur laquelle portaient jusqu’à présent des études essentiellement axées sur les facteurs héréditaires.La schizophrénie est une maladie psychique assez mal connue. Elle est marquée par des hallucinations, de la paranoïa, des troubles de la pensée et du comportement ainsi qu’une perturbation de la perception de soi. Des symptômes qui seraient en partie due à des facteurs génétiques. Pour certains scientifiques, cette théorie de l’hérédité s’appuie notamment sur le fait que les risques de contracter la maladie sont nettement augmentés si l’un des parents en souffre, explique Sciences et Avenir.C’est donc pour changer d’angle d’attaque que les chercheurs de l’INSERM se sont intéressés aux malades dépourvus d’antécédents familiaux, habituellement écartés des études qui cherchent à repérer les gènes anormaux des personnes atteintes. Les travaux publiés dans la revue Nature Genetics montrent ainsi comment les scientifiques ont cherché à identifier de nouvelles mutations génétiques associées à la schizophrénie. De nouvelles pistes pour comprendre la maladie  Pour ce faire, ils ont analysé chez 42 personnes (des malades et leurs parents) près de 20.000 gènes, en axant leurs recherches sur le repérage de mutations “de novo”, c’est-à-dire présentes chez les patients mais pas chez leurs parents. Les résultats ont alors montré que ces mutations “de novo” étaient plus fréquentes chez les personnes souffrant de schizophrénie que dans le reste de la population. Comme ces altérations génétiques sont de plus en plus fréquentes, cela pourrait, en partie du moins, expliquer le taux élevé de schizophrènes relevé au niveau mondial.À lire aussiPourquoi le rarissime tigre blanc est-il blanc ? Mais l’important de la découverte est que la majorité des gènes repérés n’avait jusque là, jamais été impliquée dans la maladie. Ainsi, la trouvaille fournit de nouvelles cibles thérapeutiques potentielles, des pistes très importantes dans la mesure où 30 % des personnes atteintes sont résistantes aux traitements actuels. “Nos résultats confortent l’idée qu’il n’existerait pas une mais des schizophrénies, hétérogénéité à laquelle les cliniciens sont quotidiennement confrontés” précise Marie Odile Krebs, auteur principale de l’étude. Le 2 août 2011 à 14:03 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Google la mise à jour pour iOS apporte les vidéosbulles

first_imgGoogle + : la mise à jour pour iOS apporte les vidéos-bullesL’application Google + pour les mobiles fonctionnant avec iOS a fait le plein de nouveautés. Une mise à jour a été mise en ligne, apportant notamment la vidéo-conférence grâce aux vidéos-bulles.Google vient de publier une mise à jour pour la version de son réseau social destinée à l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch. Cette mise à jour apporte son lot de nouveautés, dont la plus importante est certainement l’arrivée des vidéos-bulles (hangout), qui permettent d’engager des chat vidéo avec d’autres internautes membres de Google +. Cette nouveauté a été apportée à l’application Android la semaine dernière.À lire aussiÉquinoxe du Printemps : pourquoi tombe-t-il le 20 mars ?Parmi les autres améliorations à noter, la possibilité d’envoyer des photos issues d’un dossier ou directement prise avec le terminal via la messagerie instantanée du réseau social, Huddle étant renommé Messenger. Il est également désormais possible d’ajouter ” +1″ sur un commentaire, mais aussi de gérer de façon plus précise les notifications à afficher, tandis que la recherche des personnes a été affinée. Enfin, on notera l’apparition des messages privés échangés avec une seule personne. Plusieurs bugs ont également été corrigés. La version de Google + pour iOS est disponible au téléchargement sur l’App Store d’Apple.Le 26 septembre 2011 à 19:28 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

La génération Internet naime pas les réseaux sociaux pro

first_imgLa génération Internet n’aime pas les réseaux sociaux proTrès présents sur les réseaux sociaux “traditionnels”, les jeunes diplômés boudent en revanche les réseaux professionnels, au grand dam des entreprises.C’est un drôle de paradoxe auquel on peut assister ces derniers temps. Friands de réseaux sociaux tels que Facebook ou Twitter, les étudiants et jeunes diplômés boudent en revanche les réseaux sociaux à usage professionnel, comme Viadeo ou LinkedIn. Pourtant, ils feraient mieux de s’y mettre, tant les entreprises aiment désormais y avoir recours pour “chasser” les nouveaux talents, explique l’AFP.En effet, l’offre est de plus en plus importante dans le secteur puisqu’aux côtés des deux leaders mondiaux Viadeo et LinkedIn, une multitude de petits sites font régulièrement leur apparition attiré par l’énorme potentiel des quelque 4 millions d’étudiants et diplômés de moins de 25 ans. C’est sur cela même que compte par exemple, qui ambitionne de devenir le premier réseau social professionnel pour les jeunes de 18 à 30 ans. “Plus de 85% des jeunes vont sur Facebook mais moins de 8% sont actifs sur les réseaux professionnels car ils ne correspondent pas à leurs attentes, selon une étude que nous avons effectuée auprès de 1200 étudiants”, explique Benjamin Ducousso, l’un des trois fondateurs de Wizbii. “Notre site a été conçu par des étudiants, et nous disposons d’un algorithme particulier pour ‘matcher’ au mieux les demandes des jeunes et les offres des entreprises. L’idée est de créer une communauté où les jeunes se rencontrent, font des projets ensemble, et trouvent un travail grâce à leurs profils”, détaille-t-il encore. Dans ce cas, pourquoi tant de réticences pour ces jeunes à utiliser ces sites ? Trop de doutes et d’hésitation ? À lire aussiCédric Villani propose un stage pour un ou une bébé araignée et ça dérange”Ces jeunes ont beau être nés avec le web et communiquer via le web pour tout ce qui est personnel, ils n’ont pas encore acquis l’habitude d’aller sur ces réseaux pour des raisons professionnelles”, répond Nabila Moumen, une des trois auteurs de Bien gérer sa réputation sur Internet. “Ils se disent qu’ils n’ont pas assez de réseaux pour s’inscrire sur ce genre de sites, ils ne savent pas quelles expériences mettre en avant, ils ont tellement de doutes et d’hésitation qu’ils s’abstiennent. Et il y a aussi le manque d’information concernant ces sites”, continue-t-elle.D’après l’enquête Régions Job de juin 2010, pas moins de 49% des recruteurs interrogés indiquent utiliser les réseaux sociaux comme outils de recrutement, tandis que 48% d’entre eux disent avoir déjà contacté un candidat via un réseau social, professionnel ou personnel. Des chiffres qui suggèrent que les jeunes ont tout intérêt à se laisser séduire par ces réseaux sociaux professionnels… Le 25 septembre 2011 à 12:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Une nanovoiture fonctionnant aux électrons

first_imgUne nano-voiture fonctionnant aux électronsUn 4×4 de deux nanomètres de longueur a été mise au point par une équipe de scientifiques européens. Elle se déplace sur une surface de cuivre grâce à un carburant original : des électrons.La machine moléculaire présentée hier dans la revue Nature par une équipe de scientifiques hollandais et suisses est un véhicule mesurant deux nanomètres de longueur. S’il ne s’agit pas du premier véhicule nanoscopique de ce type à voir le jour (le premier modèle avait été conçu en 2005 aux Etats-Unis), cette automobile-ci se déplace véritablement en roulant grâce à ses quatre moteurs intégrés.À lire aussiMal des transports : pourquoi est-on malade en voiture et comment l’éviter ?Ces moteurs fonctionnent grâce à un carburant inattendu qui n’est autre que… des électrons. Le passage à la pompe est tout aussi original que le carburant lui-même puisqu’il s’effectue à la pointe d’un microscope à effet tunnel. Cet outil de très haute précision permet d’étudier la surface d’un matériau atome par atome, précise Sciences et Avenir.En tant que véhicule à quatre roues motrices, cette nano-voiture peut soit rester garée, soit rouler de façon erratique ou unidirectionnelle. Bien que le contrôle du déplacement linéaire ne soit pas encore parfait, il est très important pour la recherche dans ce domaine. Un secteur qui vise à imiter les moteurs moléculaires naturels présents dans nos protéines. Ainsi, les machines moléculaires artificielles serviront peut-être un jour dans des dispositifs robotisés nanométriques, ou peut-être même comme transporteurs moléculaires. En attendant d’en arriver là, elles permettent aux scientifiques d’étudier le fonctionnement de ces moteurs moléculaires parfaitement indépendants à l’état naturel.Le 13 novembre 2011 à 09:39 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

WebOS HP souhaite en faire un meilleur système quiOS et Android

first_imgWebOS : HP souhaite en faire un meilleur système qu’iOS et AndroidHP semble avoir enfin une vision pour son système d’exploitation. La société a réaffirmé sa volonté d’en faire un produit innovant, en s’appuyant cette fois sur les compétences de développeurs indépendants.Pour HP, passer WebOS en open source et en publier le code source a été la meilleure décision à prendre pour le futur de son système d’exploitation mobile. Son PDG, Meg Whitman affirme même à son sujet qu’HP “allait bâtir un nouveau projet” avec les développeurs participant de par le monde à l’évolution de WebOS. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Nous allons créer un nouvel OS qui aura d’énormes avantages sur iOS, qui est un système fermé, et sur Android qui est extrêmement fragmenté et risque d’être finalement plus fermé avec l’acquisition de Motorola Mobility par Google”, explique Meg Whitman. HP veut donc se situer à mi-chemin entre l’ouverture au développement et à la personnalisation de l’OS, en gardant un œil sur son produit. D’ailleurs, la feuille de route établie et publiée récemment, qui donne une première version exploitable publiée en septembre 2012, confirme qu’HP souhaite encore investir sur WebOS.Mais quels produits pourront accueillir l’ancienne solution de Palm ? Car HP, après les ventes catastrophiques de la TouchPad ou des smartphones Palm Pre, a pour le moment fermé la porte à une division mobile. L’entreprise souhaite t-elle retenter sa chance dans le domaine extrêmement concurrentiel des appareils nomades ? Pour le moment, rien n’est évoqué du côté du constructeur qui préfère axer ses efforts sur la reconstruction d’un produit qui avait pourtant nombre de points positifs face à ses rivaux d’Apple et de Google.Le 7 février 2012 à 16:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Le papetier APP abat des arbres protégés

first_imgLe papetier APP abat des arbres protégésLe groupe sino-indonésien Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), l’un des géants de la production de papier et de pâte à papier dans le monde, abat illégalement du ramin, une espèce d’arbres menacée de disparaitre à cause de la déforestation, a affirmé aujourd’hui Greenpeace. L’organisation écologiste avait déjà dénoncé la déforestation causée par le groupe Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) et avait fait un coup médiatique en novembre dernier en simulant dans une vidéo la séparation de Ken et Barbie chez Mattel, cette dernière “accusée” par son compagnon de cautionner ces pratiques destructrices pour l’environnement à cause de ses emballages fabriqués à partir des produits APP.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Cette révélation intervenait alors même que l’”Année internationale des forêts 201″ était censée célébrer le monde forestier en général et alerter l’opinion sur la déforestation. Cette fois-ci, seulement quelques mois après le scandale de la vidéo de Barbie et Ken, Greenpeace, grâce à une étude réalisée clandestinement par certains de ses militants, révèle maintenant que le groupe papetier abat des ramins, des arbres protégés, en toute illégalité. “Nous avons pris Asia Pulp and Paper la main dans le sac”, a assuré Bustar Maitar, membre de Greenpeace, lors d’une conférence de presse à Jakarta. “Une enquête révèle que sa plus importante usine est régulièrement alimentée en ramin”, a-t-il ajouté en présentant les résultats d’une étude faite sur une année.Des analyses en laboratoire ont montré que 46 des 56 échantillons de bois prélevés à l’usine de APP contenaient du ramin. Le ramin est un arbre protégé par la loi indonésienne mais également par la Convention sur le commerce international des espèces en danger (CITES). Le groupe APP a assuré dans un communiqué qu’il prenait “très au sérieux tout ce qui peut indiquer une violation des réglementations concernant la protection d’espèces d’arbres en danger. APP va dorénavant étudier ces allégations de très près”, a ajouté le groupe joint par l’AFP.Le 1 mars 2012 à 20:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

MWC 2012 Motorola affirme que rien ne changera malgré leur acquisition par

first_imgMWC 2012 : Motorola affirme que rien ne changera malgré leur acquisition par GoogleDans des interviews données à Barcelone, un exécutif de Motorola affirme que sa société continue de travailler comme avant son acquisition, de façon indépendante. Toutefois, ils ne pourront plus aller jusqu’à utiliser l’OS concurrent sur leurs mobiles, contrairement à auparavant.Il ne manque à Google pour réaliser l’acquisition de Motorola plus, après les feux verts américain et européen, que l’approbation des autorités de régulation en Chine. Ce marché clé est important pour eux, d’après Alain Mutricy, vice-président de Motorola.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?En acquérant Motorola, Google a deux objectifs : l’un est défensif, visant à utiliser les nombreux brevets de Motorola dans le guerre sans merci de propriété intellectuelle que se livrent les grands groupes mondiaux. Le second objectif est de coopération, chacun devant combler les failles de l’autre : Google pèche niveau hardware et les softwares de Motorola sont moins populaires que ceux édités par le géant de l’Internet. Dans une interview donnée à Challenge, Alain Mutricy ajoute que Motorola est encore faible en Europe, mais souhaite revenir. Une campagne marketing aura lieu au second semestre, axée sur leur modèle Razr qui est sorti en octobre aux État-Unis. Elle mettra en avant ses capacités de détections intelligentes «le mien, par exemple, met sa sonnerie moins forte dès qu’il détecte que je suis à mon bureau » raconte Alain Mutricy.Le 4 mars 2012 à 09:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Le zoo dAmnéville inaugure son Gorillas Camp

first_imgLe zoo d’Amnéville inaugure son “Gorilla’s Camp”Mercredi, le zoo d’Amnéville en Moselle a inauguré un espace paysager d’un hectare qui sera habité par huit gorilles des plaines mâles arrivés au parc en février et en mars dernier.Un espace spécialement dédié au gorille. C’est ce qu’a inauguré mercredi le zoo d’Amnéville situé en Moselle. Baptisé “gorilla’s camp”, cet espace paysager s’étend sur pas moins d’un hectare de verdure entièrement conçu pour huit gorilles mâles des plaines occidentales. Une espèce de primates actuellement considéré comme en voie de disparition. Les animaux ont été confiés au zoo d’Amnéville dans le cadre du programme européen de conservation des espèces animales en danger (EEP) comme le précise le directeur du zoo lorrain, Michel Louis.À lire aussiCes 18 animaux méconnus à l’aspect étonnant pourraient disparaître avant vousLes primates sont arrivés en février et mars en provenance des zoos de Stuttgart en Allemagne, de l’île anglo-normande de Jersey, de Barcelone en Espagne et de Tel Aviv. Mais ils ont été répartis en deux groupes, chacun dirigé par un mâle “dominant” à dos argenté de près de 200 kilogrammes. Grâce au nouvel espace, les gorilles bénéficient désormais de 2.000 mètres carrés d’espaces intérieurs représentant un village traditionnel congolais et d’un parc extérieur. Des installations qui ont représenté un investissement d’onze millions d’euros au total. “C’est le plus grand aménagement de ce type dans le monde”, a précisé M. Louis qui en a également profité pour annoncer une autre nouvelle : “dans un avenir proche, nous accueillerons aussi des femelles. Nous pourrons alors envisager la reproduction de cette espèce menacée par la déforestation et le trafic de viande de brousse”. Le “gorilla’s camp” a ouvert au public vendredi.Créé en 1985, le programme EEP vise à favoriser l’élevage d’espèces animales menacées avec un but de réintroduction dans la nature des spécimens qui ont grandi en parcs zoologiques. Ce programme est géré par une association formée de 297 zoos et aquariums répartis dans 34 pays européens.Le 7 avril 2012 à 09:53 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

OVNI le RoyaumeUni a fermé son bureau dédié aux objets volants nonidentifiés

first_imgOVNI : le Royaume-Uni a fermé son bureau dédié aux objets volants non-identifiésSelon des documents officiels du ministère britannique de la Défense, le bureau d’études des ovnis (objet volant non identifié) a été fermé en 2009 en considérant que ceux-ci n’existaient probablement pas. C’était il y a près de 4 ans mais l’information vient tout juste d’être révélé par des documents confidentiels du ministère de la Défense britannique. Rendus publics vendredi, ceux-ci révèlent que le gouvernement a fermé en 2009 le bureau d’études des ovnis (objet volant non identifié) en considérant qu’ils n’existaient probablement pas et ne présentaient donc aucune menace pour la sécurité.À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembre “Toutes les observations d’ovnis rapportées au ministère de la Défense [en plus de 50 ans] n’ont rien révélé laissant penser qu’il y avait une présence extra-terrestre ou une menace militaire pour le Royaume-Uni”, a souligné le fonctionnaire Carl Mantell dans une note adressée au ministre de la Défense de l’époque. Chaque année entre 2000 et 2007, le ministère britannique  a reçu pas moins de 150 signalements. Entre janvier et novembre 2009, toutefois, ce sont quelque 520 rapports qui y ont été envoyés. Or, pour les autorités britanniques, cette subite augmentation s’expliquait par la mode des lanternes chinoises envoyées en l’air et qui apparaissent comme des lueurs dans le ciel. Face à la recrudescence injustifiée, Carl Mantell avait donc milité en faveur de la fermeture de ce service, estimant que “le niveau de ressources attribuées” à ce bureau “a cru en réaction à une augmentation récente de signalements d’ovnis, détournant le personnel d’activités précieuses pour la défense”. C’est ainsi que, se ralliant à son avis, le gouvernement a finalement décidé de clôturer la ligne téléphonique mise à la disposition du public pour signaler tout ovni. Les archives nationales ont également publié vendredi le détails des signalements d’ovnis au cours des deux années qui ont précédé la fermeture du service, notamment autour du parlement et du site millénaire de Stonehenge, dans le sud-est de l’Angleterre, rapporte l’AFP.Le 24 juin 2013 à 15:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

8 Nick Shows of the 90s That Would Make Great Comics

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Nick has announced that the 90’s nostalgia we all love and crave isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nick has brought back some of their classic series in a new subscription platform named NickSplat. NickSplat will serve as a place where you can peep all favorite 90’s Nickelodeon series and game shows such as Hey Dude!, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Wild Thornberrys, KaBlam!, CatDog, The Angry Beaves, Salute Your Shorts, Guts and more.With this announcement, it got us thinking about some Nickelodeon shows that would make great books or comics. We’ve already gotten some dynamite comics from BOOM! Comics in the form of Rocko’s Modern Life and Rugrats and some adaptations of Spongebob, Loud House, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Avatar, The Legend of Korra and more. But what about those old Nick shows? Would those be good comics? Book series? Or something completely different?We’ve decided to bring you guys a list of eight Nick shows that might make some pretty dope books and comics. There are way more than presented here because that 90’s nostalgia is so strong. We want to give you a little taste of what we’re thinking.Aaahh!!! Real MonstersIt’s quite surprising that Aaahh!!! Real Monsters hasn’t been made into a comic series. The premise/plot is perfect for the medium. Think about it. Readers can join the marvelous misadventures of Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm as they go about the city trying to complete their school assignments. Each issue as a different one-shot adventure of frightening humans and epically failing or succeeding in their goal. It would be gnarly looking, comedic, gross-out funny, but in the realm of horror because that’s super important and apart of the overall vibe of the show. It’s somehow unbelievable that this hasn’t happened yet. Also, the show is set in New York City. You craft a mountain of stories with these three (or any of their classmates) in this type of setting.Clarissa Explains It Allvia kategabrielle.comThe concept is totally there to make this a YA series like nobodies business. Clarissa Explains It All helped you get through the typical usual adolescent stuff but also gave her many misadventures and lessons to figure out as she grew up. She tackled a ton of themes and small matters, but wasn’t OVERLY dramatic or had an overreaching message to them.However, making this into a YA series would broaden her explaining more stuff to the audience. Clarissa Explains It All captured children of every gender, and if made into books (or comics), it would be great for another generation to read her explain more of it. There is Clarissa novel as a reimagining of the leading lady called Thing I Can’t Explain: A Clarissa Novel. Also, very fun fact, Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) was the first female lead on Nickelodeon. This is not only very cool but carried a real change in the network that leads to more changes to follow.Are You Afraid of the Dark?via areyouafraidofthedark.wikia.comAre You Afraid of the Dark? would be interesting because of the anthology themed way it’s written. Created by D.J MacHale and Ned Kandel, this show featured teenagers who called themselves “The Midnight Society” as they sat around a campfire scaring each other with terrifying stories that ranged from horror, science fiction, thrillers and more. The show was truly groundbreaking in its way of telling and crafting stories. The stories would connect with the teenagers or relate to an event or just a story to be told. Think of what Goosebumps is doing through IDW and Bedtime Stories with Dark Horse. If Are You Afraid of the Dark? were to be a comic, it would be great to have it aimed towards young adults and scare them out of their wits.KABLAM!kablam.wikia.comKaBlam! was honestly this writer’s favorite show growing up in the 90’s. It was the perfect brand of sketch comedy and different animation to keep me entertained throughout its four-season run. The show had hilarious and mad regular shorts within their episodes like Sniz & Fondue, Life with Loopy, and Prometheus and Bob. You also can’t forget the best hosts and best friends Henry and June. If something like KaBlam! were to work, I’d personally love to see it in comic form. It would be insanely incredible to bring in new bonkers shorts. Honestly, I can see KaBlam! as a comic anthology that carries a team of creators that build those stories in rotation from time to time. It’s a mix of random, bizarre, funny, nonsense stories that don’t make any damn sense, but still brilliant all the same.The Mystery Files of Shelby WooJesse J. Barboza ( Canadian-American show slipped so many radars. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo revolved around Shelby Woo, a teenage girl who lived with her grandfather, Mike Woo who is an innkeeper. Shelby is a smart, rambunctious and intelligent teenager who is also an intern at the police station. Shelby solves crimes with her two best friends (and two friends who replace those friends) around Cocoa Beach. It would be insanely cool if this show were reimagined as Nancy Drew mysteries for a new audience. Think about this though. Think of a tough as nails and gruff reimagining of Nancy Drew in the way Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Call me for this pitch anytime.Legends of the Hidden TempleMathew Grigsby ( like Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, I’m surprised no one turned Legends of the Hidden Temple into full-blown Ranger’s Apprentice-type children/YA books yet. Legends of the Hidden Temple was a game show with a criminally fascinating and inventive concept. Legends of the Hidden Temple was basically Indiana Jones for kids. Kids would have the opportunity to solve trivia puzzles, run (hop, skip, dive) through obstacle courses and go through the hidden temple for a chance to win the big prize. Legends of the Hidden Temple could work both in comic and book form. It would be the perfect opportunity to flesh some of the myth and legend out from the show. Writers and artists would be able to show the history and geography of the temple, plus do a slew of fantastic things with the myths.Gullah Gullah IslandI wanted so badly to sneak in a Nick Jr. show into the mix. They had the best storytelling that taught you so much about culture and life outside your own. One of those shows was Gullah Gullah Island. This show was a musical series that featured a family from Gullah Gullah Island. Oh yeah, they also had a frog that lived with them named Binya Binya. Before you make that face, it was a dope ass show, okay? Gullah Gullah Island taught you to be and take care of yourself while also teaching about the culture of the Gullah culture. The two stars of the show Ron and Natalie Daise were the advisors as well as the hosts of the show.It would be so wild to bring Gullah Gullah Island in the realm of comics, especially for kids comics. It would allow creators to research and teach kids about different cultures and ways of being while expanding their mind and teaching them some cool stuff along the way. Gullah Gullah Island’s theme song should play when you open the page. That song is not going to leave you for years. I guarantee it.Hey Arnoldvia heyarnold.wikia.comHey Arnold still happens to be one of those shows that feels you with all the emotions. The thing that was interesting and peaked a lot of interest from someone like me as a kid was how real it felt. There were so many moments that were hilarious, depressing and satisfying moments with the characters. It felt like they were right in your neighborhood. (Helga’s childhood episode seriously haunts me.) The many vast, admirable and wondrous stories of Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and everyone in Hillwood would be phenomenal if expanded in comics. It would allow creators to bring gut-punching stories, but balance them with funny and hopeful ones. If this happens, please prepare your feelings.While we wait for more episodes to roll in on NickSpat visit our retrospectives on Rocko’s Modern Life, Clarissa Explains it All, and Doug. You can also make your own slime. And watch the four most terrifying episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Follow all the Nicktoon updates here.  10 Classic Nickelodeon Episodes on NickSplatLooking Back at ’90s Nick: Rocko’s Modern Life center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Reduce Anxiety and Sleep Better With These Discounted CBD Products

first_imgCBD Full Spectrum Lotion – $29.99See Deal CBD Tincture – $69.99See Deal This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves Research shows that cannabidiol — more commonly referred to as CBD — helps to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed, suffer from poor sleep, or have chronically aching muscles, maybe it’s time you gave one of these price-reduced products a try.Savage CBD Edible GummiesMSRP: $34.99   |   Sale: $24.99   |   Save 28 percentEase pain, reduce stress and sleep better with CBD Gummies. Perfect for anyone who wants to try CBD for the first time, each sweet and flavorful gummy has been tested to be pesticide, GMO, and THC free. That means you’ll get all the positive benefits of CBD without any of the negative stuff that’s sometimes associated with it. Like these deals? Check out Vault, the best way to secure your online data for just $9.99. CBD Pet SprayMSRP: $44.99   |   Sale: $32.99   |   Save 26 percentProducts containing CBD aren’t just for humans. Pets need pain relief also, especially as they age. And that’s what makes this CBD Spray such a wise investment, especially at this price. Simply spray a little into your fur baby’s food or drink and they’ll be happier for it. It’s vegan, contains no pesticides or GMO’s, and contains a negligible 0.3% THC. CBD Pet Spray – $32.99See Deal CBD Full Spectrum LotionMSRP: $44.99   |   Sale: $29.99   |   Save 33 percentSuffer from chronic aches and pains? Then this lotion could be your ticket to relief. Simply apply to an affected area and rub into the skin. It’s more potent than other lotions so it’ll work fast, it features a pleasant lavender and citrus odor, and each bottle contains less than 0.3% THC so you won’t experience any psychoactive effects. Stay on target Savage CBD Edible Gummies – $24.99See Deal CBD Softgels (30 Count)MSRP: $90.99   |   Sale: $64.99   |   Save 28 percentTake the benefits of CBD wherever you go. These convenient softgels pack easily so you can enjoy them from anywhere. Each one contains 25 mg of full spectrum CBD that’s both vegan and free of pesticides and GMO’s. Choose the option that’s right for you: An eight count package is just $32.99 and the 30 count bottle is on sale for $64.99. CBD Softgels (30-Count) – $64.99See Deal CBD TinctureMSRP: $99.99   | Sale: $69.99   | Save 30 percentHere’s an easy way to add CBD to your daily routine. Simply add a drop of this tincture to your favorite beverages — or even underneath your tongue — to enjoy its many benefits. It features a refreshing grapefruit taste, it’s vegan, and you won’t feel any psychoactive effects as it contains less than 0.3% THC.last_img read more

Exotic Snakes Caught Wandering Around North Carolina Marine Base

first_img Caught on Camera: Copperhead Snakes Mate on Bike TrailRare Two-Headed Timber Rattlesnake Spotted in New Jersey Stay on target Camp Lejeune officials are warning personnel to stay safe after staff members captured two exotic snakes slithering around the Marine base’s property in North Carolina.According to officials, one of these venomous snakes was spotted in the sleeping quarters for Marines, while another could have been living in another area of the base, which is home to alligator-infested swamps, pine forests, and underbrush, The Charlotte Observer reported. Camp Lejeune shared a picture of one of the colorful serpents on Facebook and said that the ball python and red-tailed boa were not native to the U.S.center_img “Base Land and Wildlife Resources staff have responded to reports of non-native snakes on Camp Lejeune. The first was a ball python found in a barracks and the second was a red-tailed boa in a parking lot,” Camp Lejeune wrote on Facebook. “Neither of these snakes are native to the United States and can pose various threats to the environment and human safety.”According to Animal Planet, ball pythons are typically found in Western Africa and Central Africa, and they can grow from 4 to 6 feet in length. Red-tailed boa constrictors are native to tropical Central and South America and they can be up to 13 feet long and weigh over 100 pounds, National Geographic noted.More on Snake ‘Photobombs’ Woman’s Selfie in AustraliaToronto Zoo Saves Woman Bitten By Poisonous Snake in Thailand‘Sunbathing’ Snake Scares Mailman Outside North Carolina Homelast_img read more

Jim Ross comments on upcoming WWE departure, Looks forward to next chapter

first_imgRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipJim Ross Defends WWE’s Continued Business RelationshipVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:02Loaded: 100.00%0:02Remaining Time -0:28 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Facebook Now Playing Up Next Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Jerome Wilen RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Now Playing Up Next WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Rusev Jim Ross Defends WWE’s Continued Business Relationship Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Kim Kardashian ‘Got in Trouble’ With Kanye For Daughter North Wearing Makeup Exclusive Interviews – Oscars buzz is rising at the Toronto Film Fest Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey Launching ‘Office’ Podcast WhatsApp Kendall Jenner opens up about her insecurities Now Playing Up Next Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Google+ We reported on Thursday that Jim Ross will be parting ways with WWE at the end of March, per Ross himself on a recent edition of “The Jim Ross Report” podcast.Ross commented Thursday evening on his Instagram about his upcoming WWE departure, which includes looking forward to the next chapter in his life and that he is working on his next book with writer Paul O’Brien. You can check out Ross’ Instagram post below.last_img read more

Portland man appears in court in fraudulent-check case

first_imgA Portland man accused of cashing more than $67,000 in fraudulent checks around the Vancouver area made a first appearance Wednesday in Clark County Superior Court.Burt E. Wright, 62, appeared on suspicion of first-degree theft in connection with suspicious withdrawals made at various Riverview Community Bank branches in Clark County and Portland.Shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday, Wright entered the bank at 1220 N.E. 88th St., went to the counter and presented a check made out to him for $8,456. The bank teller was aware of several suspicious withdrawals from that account the previous day and contacted law enforcement, according to a probable cause affidavit.Clark County sheriff’s deputies contacted Wright and learned that approximately $67,000 in suspicious withdrawals were made on that account Monday. The withdrawals were checks cashed on the account at various Riverview Community Bank branches. The amount of each check was about $5,000, the affidavit states.Officers contacted the owner of the business associated with that account, and he said that no representative of his company authorized a check be written to Wright. The business owner became aware of the fraud earlier that morning, he said, and no checks appeared to be missing from his business. He said he doesn’t know how Wright obtained his account information or produced a check, according to court documents.last_img read more

Laundry Love in limbo after car crashes into building

first_imgGlass littered the coin-operated laundromat Laundry Love, its front facade shattered by a car crashing through it early Sunday morning.Clearly, the people behind Laundry Love have work to do. What’s unclear, though, is what will happen to the business, a mainstay in Vancouver’s Rose Village neighborhood.Manager Jackie James is most concerned about the customers.“How are they going to have clean clothes now? Because that’s what this place is all about — the helping of the needy, the poor,” she said.Every Thursday evening, Laundry Love offers two free loads of laundry and provides the laundry detergent, dryer sheets and snacks. Churches and charitable groups sponsor some nights. Upwards of 60 or so people show up to do their laundry.Nobody was around at 2:50 a.m. Sunday when a Dodge Charger spun backwards into the glass front of the building at 2101 St. Johns Blvd. About 10 minutes prior, a deputy with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office initiated a pursuit after seeing the Charger driving recklessly on Northeast 88th Street without headlights on, said Sgt. Brent Waddell.“The pursuit was actually terminated moments before the driver lost control,” he said.The unnamed 17-year-old driver crashed into planter boxes and sheared off a telephone pole before spinning around and plowing backwards into the front of the laundromat, Waddell said. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution but was not injured in the crash.last_img read more

National Trust seeks July 4 volunteers

first_imgThe Fort Vancouver National Trust is seeking 300 volunteers to assist at Independence Day at Fort Vancouver on July 4.Individuals, service organizations and corporate groups can help at the gates, staff information booths, assist at the first-aid station or work as parking lot attendants.People can apply at may request jobs and shifts, although organizers may not be able to accommodate all requests.Shifts are a few hours long; there will be a June training session. Volunteers get a parking pass, T-shirt and water bottle.The event is formally called Independence Day at Fort Vancouver presented by Bank of America.For information, visit, email [email protected] or call 360-992-1804.last_img read more

Hundreds attend soccer tournament honoring Kelso 13-year-old

first_imgLONGVIEW — Soccer players and families gathered at Riverside Park in Lexington on Saturday for a tournament in memory of 13-year-old Edgar Vazquez, two years after he was accidentally shot dead by his friend.The Edgar Vazquez Memorial Cup, organized by Edgar’s family and the Kelso Soccer Club, kicked off Saturday and continues Sunday.Jamie Craig, Kelso Soccer Club board treasurer, said 15 teams played Saturday and so far 11 signed up for Sunday. Teams could also sign up Sunday morning, she said.The first day included matches for teams of three players ages 6-7, 8-10 and 11-13. Sunday’s games will be for teams with players 14-16, 17-18 and 18 and older.The tournament will raise money for a scholarship for a graduating Kelso High School senior and for the Kelso Soccer Club to support players who can’t afford to play.Nicole Vazquez, Edgar’s mom, said she was excited about Saturday’s turnout and hopes the tournament becomes an annual event.“It’s just heartwarming to see how many people are here and how many volunteers we got who were Edgar’s friends,” she said.last_img read more

NAMs Adopt Reports

first_imgBy:Kebba AF TourayDeputies at the National Assembly, have adopted three reports as presentation continues to take center stage at the sittings of the National Assembly. Yesterday’s sittings witnessed an intensive scrutiny, debate, consideration and comments of deputies on various papers and reports.The first document tabled before lawmakers was the report of the Hon. Speaker’s visit to the People’s Republic of China, for the period 18th to 23rd September 2017. This report was presented by the Hon. Member for Upper Saloum, Alagie Mbow. The visit availed the Speaker and entourage the rare opportunity to embark on a series of meetings and visits, among them, the visit to the Beijing Friendship Hospital, the Great Hall of the People, the Shanghai Business and Tourism School, meeting with the leader of the standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, Vice chairperson of the standing committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, meeting with members of the law committee, the internal and Judicial Affairs Committee, the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee and the Research Office of the National People’s congress, among others.This was preceded by the presentation on the report of the Hon. Speaker to the 9th Annual Conference of speakers of the Pan-African Parliament, held in South Africa for the period of 10th – 11th August, 2017.The report was presented by the Hon. member for Wuli West, Sidia Jatta.Hon. Jatta opined during his presentation that The people’s Republic of China is an example of a country that has emerged from nothingness to become a world power both economically and militarily; that historically the country was referred to as a sleeping giant of the world, prior to the revolution. He explained that it was sleeping giant owing to it’s domination by Japan and was necessary to wage a revolution to free the country from both internal and external forces.The report on the Hon. Speaker’s visit to the Fifth Ordinary Session of the fourth Pan –African Parliament held in Midland, South Africa, for the period 09th to 20th October 2017, was presented by the Hon. Member for Brikama North, Alagie S Darboe,.After their comprehensive presentation on their respective reports, members unanimously adopted all reports, after having undergone through intensive scrutiny and consideration.During the scrutiny and consideration, Members spelt out the need to invest in youth empowerment policies and programmes. They indicated the need for the youth to be catered for to enjoy the national cake, because they are the cream of society and future leaders of the country. They also dilated on the need to empower youths in the areas of skills and entrepreneurship training with a view to addressing the issues affecting them, with particular reference to the “backway” syndrome that is depleting The country of its able bodied young people.Members called for attitudinal change of the youth towards work and urged them to venture into meaningful endeavors.last_img read more

Man City can make more history next season says Guardiola

first_imgManchester City manager Pep Guardiola is certain that his squad can repeat their feats for next seasonThe Catalan secured his first Premier League title on Sunday after Manchester United’s shock 1-0 defeat to West Brom confirmed City as the new champions.It marked what has truly been a dominant season at the Etihad Stadium with City having only lost two games all season and they are currently on the verge of breaking Chelsea’s points record of 95 points over the course of a single season, as well as their own record for most goals scored in a single season at 103.But Guardiola, whose side contain many young regular starters, is adamant that City have the potential to learn from their experiences from the past year and build on it for more glory in the future.“Sergio [Aguero] is a genius, a top player but about 30 years old but the others are 21, 22 so we won with guys that are so young,” said Guardiola, according to Manchester Evening News.“Playing in the Champions League at that age is sometimes complicated and maybe it’s a good lesson for them for the future and for next season.”While repeating the same feats that City have achieved this season will be difficult, Guardiola has refused to rule out the prospect.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“We will have to try,” answered the 47 year-old when asked.“If you read what people said this week we have a lot to improve. You cannot deny that you are judged on results, okay that’s what it is, but you cannot deny we were good this season, we were good every single day.“To make 18 wins in a row you have to be mentally strong and they again [against Tottenham] showed me how strong they are and this is important to help build up this club a little bit higher.“Manchester City is not like United or Chelsea – the big clubs in England have trophies and a lot of history behind them.“Sometimes you have to do these sort of things to believe ‘wow, we are good too, like the others’.“The way we played helped us reach our target.“Of course next season it’s not going to happen the same, it’s impossible. It’s the target to say we were able to to that and if we are able to do it once then we are able to do it twice so we have to try to be constant next season.last_img read more

Serie A terminate Spanish broadcaster Mediapro deal

first_imgThe Lega Serie A yesterday voted unanimously to dismiss the contract with Spanish broadcaster Mediapro after it said the latter had failed to provide necessary guarantees, so the Serie A TV rights will return on the market.The Spanish broker had previously won the bidding war for the rights in February for €1.05bn, but Sky Sport Italia sued and won a court case to have the tender suspended for not respecting Italian antitrust regulations, hence the deal termination.Sky claimed that Spanish broadcaster, Mediapro bid was in a process reserved for independent intermediaries, but that it was a broadcaster rather than an intermediary, and had no capacity to distribute the competition in the Italian market.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.Even though Mediapro had offered to provide more financial guarantees, the Lega Serie A saw all 20 clubs vote unanimously to terminate the contract.Mediapro now has seven days to commit to a €1.2 billion guarantee to avoid the contract being cancelled definitively, according to Spanish financial daily El Español,That decision will be valid a week today, so Sky and Mediaset are now back in the race to snap up the rights for the 2018-21 seasons.last_img read more

Blanc admitted that he wants to coach in England

first_imgLaurent Blanc has been without a job since he left PSG almost two years ago – and he admitted that he feels like it’s a time to come back and it could be in England as he wants to coach there.The Frenchman claimed that Bundesliga would be interesting as well but he doesn’t speak German so it wouldn’t be a great idea for him – however, there is no problem with England and he has always wanted to coach in the Premier League.The former France national team coach spoke about his future as he said, according to Football London:Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“The Bundesliga is a great league but I don’t speak the language. It’s difficult to manage players when you can’t communicate.”“I know I’m fussy, only a big club would interest me. If not, I’ll face facts and think of something else.”“Every coach is attracted by the Premier League. It is the best league and with the financial power that will still be the case for years to come.”last_img read more