Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton laser emits 85 mile beam of visible light

first_imgWicked Lasers‘ newest product is the S3 Krypton, a laser so powerful that it is 8000 times brighter than the sun, has a range of 85 miles, and can be hazardous not only to pilots (when flying their planes) but can reach satellites in orbit. The laser is most potent when in its $999, 1000mW variant, but it also ships in 500mW ($499) and 300mW ($299).The S3 Krypton produces a generous 86 million lux and is said to be over 8000 times brighter than look directly into the Sun. What this basically means is that it’s no toy, it’s a serious instrument… for what we’re not quite sure, but it shouldn’t be handled lightly. Ostensibly this thing is for lighting paper on fire in laboratories and pointing out tiny objects miles away, at night, in uninhabited parts of the world, but lesser lasers can do both of those tasks.If you haven’t used a (relatively) powerful laser in the past, know this: they can be scary. Even a humble 200-300mW green laser model has a surprising amount of power, especially when used in a confined space. Outside they feel less dangerous, but you’ll still be in constant fear of someone calling the FBI if you wave this thing around or even point it at the sky.Aside from the S3 Krypton’s power, this laser has a number of other frills to it. These include an all-aluminum body, a 100% duty cycle rating (which means it can run continuously for the duration of its 2 hour battery life without overheating), it has seven operating modes, and a number of safety features. The laser weighs a hefty 443 grams and is about 10-inches long.As pointed out above, this high-power lasers can be interesting — in a reckless sort of way — for a few minutes, but there isn’t much you can do with them. The S3 is too big and heavy to used on a gun sight and it’s too powerful for using in most traditional laser applications. The one idea I was able to take from Wicked’s site is that it would function as an excellent SOS/emergency beacon, so long as you don’t blind the people who are coming to rescue you.Wicked Lasers, via gizmodolast_img read more