Exotic Snakes Caught Wandering Around North Carolina Marine Base

first_img Caught on Camera: Copperhead Snakes Mate on Bike TrailRare Two-Headed Timber Rattlesnake Spotted in New Jersey Stay on target Camp Lejeune officials are warning personnel to stay safe after staff members captured two exotic snakes slithering around the Marine base’s property in North Carolina.According to officials, one of these venomous snakes was spotted in the sleeping quarters for Marines, while another could have been living in another area of the base, which is home to alligator-infested swamps, pine forests, and underbrush, The Charlotte Observer reported. Camp Lejeune shared a picture of one of the colorful serpents on Facebook and said that the ball python and red-tailed boa were not native to the U.S.center_img “Base Land and Wildlife Resources staff have responded to reports of non-native snakes on Camp Lejeune. The first was a ball python found in a barracks and the second was a red-tailed boa in a parking lot,” Camp Lejeune wrote on Facebook. “Neither of these snakes are native to the United States and can pose various threats to the environment and human safety.”According to Animal Planet, ball pythons are typically found in Western Africa and Central Africa, and they can grow from 4 to 6 feet in length. Red-tailed boa constrictors are native to tropical Central and South America and they can be up to 13 feet long and weigh over 100 pounds, National Geographic noted.More on Snake ‘Photobombs’ Woman’s Selfie in AustraliaToronto Zoo Saves Woman Bitten By Poisonous Snake in Thailand‘Sunbathing’ Snake Scares Mailman Outside North Carolina Homelast_img read more