Professional dilemmas

first_imgProfessional dilemmasOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Do you have an e-learning problem? Then ask our experts to find a solution.E-mail it to the address at the bottom of the page Q We’re thinking of putting some of our induction material online? Isthis a good idea and can you suggest what type of material works well online? A Yes. A common complaint from inductees is that they have so muchinformation thrown at them during their first few days that very little sinksin. The benefit of creating an interactive, online induction course is that youcan check the retention of information every few screens with short quizzes. Itcan also be accessed prior to the employee starting with the company. An online induction can be as brief or as comprehensive as you feel yourorganisation needs. You can include information on international offices,sports and social activities offered and a map of the building with keylocations indicated. Other material could revolve around IT and e-mail policies so new startersare up-to-date with these prior to joining. Progress with reading this materialcould be tracked and this could be added to staff records, which might beparticularly valuable if there were compliance issues involved. Not all induction material should be put online because it might alienatenew starters who like to feel a personal connection with the firm they arejoining. However, there are key pieces of information which many employees liketo go through a few times. By providing this online, it frees up HR personnelto concentrate on those essential areas that require personal interaction, suchas a personal welcome, introduction to team members and reviewing the staffhandbook. It may well be that you look to an external supplier to provide a bespokesolution. If this is the case, make sure you are able to edit, update and addto content yourself, as within any company, there can be frequent changes aspeople join, leave or change their jobs. If internal resources are limited,commissioning bespoke work is one option. Either way, an updateable solutionensures that your induction programme can grow with your needs. Response provided by Gail Nugent, e-learning consultant and project managerat IQdos Ltd – Comments are closed. last_img read more