Skyrim timelapse shows off beautiful environments

first_imgWith the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda has not only crafted an RPG that sets the bar even higher for the competition and inevitable 6th game in the series, but it also sees the game engine receive a major overhaul.Skyrim‘s engine is notable for two reasons. The first is how little space is required to house the game’s massive world and detailed graphical assets. The entire game fits on a single DVD for Xbox 360 users with room to spare. 3.8GB of space is all Bethesda required. For PC, it still fits on a single disc, but at a significantly larger 5.5GB.The time-lapse you see below demonstrates Bethesda didn’t cut any corners graphically to keep the size down. The game’s environments look stunning with the video showing off just a few of the landscapes from the PC version, with all the settings turned up to 11.It says something about a game when it’s just as pleasurable to walk around and take in the view, as it is to partake in the game’s infinite quest system. Skyrim will do nothing but enhance Bethesda’s standing as one of the top game developers out there. The game’s 3.5 million sales in 48 hours goes a long way towards cementing that position too.To fully appreciate the video below, I urge you to switch it up to 1080p, go full screen, and let it buffer before pressing play. If you haven’t purchased the game already, you may have a much greater urge to in 9 minutes time.via Eurogamer Digital Foundrylast_img read more