Blog or QQ space to spread self Olympic video illegal

ordinary netizens friends note: even if you use the blog and QQ space to spread the Olympic events and related activities of the self motion video data, is illegal and may be subject to appropriate penalties.

Beijing Olympic events and related activities in China’s new media (Internet and mobile platform) broadcast rights, has been granted exclusively by the Chinese International Olympic Committee CCTV. Without the permission of the CCTV, any other Internet and mobile platforms are not allowed to broadcast. According to reports, there are Sina, NetEase and Tencent three sites to obtain permission to CCTV. read more

Express little brother when joining ten convenience fun community O2O

if you think that the community is just the capital tycoon O2O industry giants arena, then the next thing, will change your view.

in mid March 2016, when ten convenience re transmission of news, comprehensive consideration on ten convenient express little brother to join the project, and soon the ten reached consensus on cooperation, the successful signing of the franchise agreement, with a crisp camera click sound, the first shot was detonated ten convenience store community O2O "". read more

Tanabata Valentine’s day think of the webmaster to learn from life to find innovation

The Qixi Festival

the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is China’s traditional festival of the most romantic holiday, known as "Chinese Valentine’s day". Legend in the Qixi Festival night, look up you can see the cowherd meet the Milky Way, or overheard two people meet in the sky silently whispers in the fruit stand. The origin of the Qixi Festival, do not have to say, here is a long story, you can Baidu or Google, you can learn a lot about the origin of the Qixi Festival and tales. Each year the Qixi Festival, can be said to be in addition to the traditional Western Valentine’s day, China couples the most romantic day, on this day, will also hold a lot of love and holiday related activities, in the summer to add a lot of fun and romantic life. Offline businesses will not miss this excellent marketing opportunities, and the Internet industry is also concerned about the festival, hoping to expand the topic of marketing to attract eyeballs. read more

The Alibaba famous give king kongmin light Liu Pengfei interview with micro-blog

asked: do you think that entrepreneurs in addition to hard work spirit, also need to have what kind of character? A lot of effort now, but 99% of people are struggling in pain, only a part of success, which is the

where the gap?

answer: I have mentioned on many occasions, entrepreneurial success is not how strong a person’s ability, but someone can put the team’s strength to play out. Liu Bei of the Three Kingdoms, his personal ability is very general, compared to the relevant to the very far, but he can put Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, such as the cohesion of the people together, he did a lot of work in the cause of. Entrepreneurs must strive to fight the spirit of hard work, but also have a broad mind and a long-term vision. When I first started, I had two boxes of goods moved over three kilometers. Because the bus is not allowed, the taxi is too expensive. Two boxes of goods to move together too heavy, can only move a box of goods to fifty meters away, and then come back to move another box of goods, so the goods sent to the hands of the guests. The broad mind is very important, every member of the team’s shortcomings you have to hold, such as a personal love sleep lazy sink, someone is slow, someone talk to be out of line and so on, you must be able to accommodate these, and timely carry out, and help them correct, but not recorded in the a day, thought to kill him. So you don’t focus on more people and build a stronger team. The long-term perspective is very important, many people only see the immediate benefits, a list of the next, good can earn one hundred dollars, finally give a guest does not want to, with the guests a big fight, this is no vision. Let him, did not expect the next list of guests can bring you millions of profits. There are reasons for success: the spirit of hard work, broad mind, long-term vision allows you to set up a good team, do more things. read more

Return to marketing SEO

Probably because when the SEO industry began, in favor of technical things, such as packing. Keywords in the page, a hidden web page, now also have a lot of people think doing tricks on their website or textbooks in accordance with the honest technical optimization can achieve the purpose of improving the search engine ranking.

should be said for the degree of competition is not too high for the industry, "the optimization of well done website can really achieve good rankings. But the industry is very competitive website, often do these sites are not enough to adjust their own.

remember a while ago Matt Cutts has an interview, he said in an interview in a word, I’m very impressed. He said that now a lot of SEO experts are marketing experts.

as a line of marketing staff, what factors will you consider? In that way will be promoted? To a large extent can be transferred to the network to use, and at present, the search engine optimization effect is more and more obvious.

read more

China Network local real estate network promotion detailed steps

local real estate website promotion generally use direct marketing mode, such as door-to-door service, telephone, publicity leaflets and traditional media, whether it is how to promote, should have a step, also is the plan, so we can save you money and achieve the best results.

I was set up China network promotion steps:

first: data collection and update, it is very important, first of all to give people a sense of trust, people feel that your site is in the heart to maintain, very professional. read more

Net effect violations peek-a-boo network jurisprudence cloak draped

original title: network covered with yellow cloak

in mid April 2014 so far, a unified nationwide crackdown on online pornography special action to achieve greater results. However, with the help of the network platform, mobile phone software and other emerging means, some illegal behavior Phi invisibility cloak, playing the metamorphosis, more subtle.

invisibility cloak: shop into a pornographic video sales platform

reporter in Taobao search directly before the "porn" and "adult film" Taobao keyword, pop-up prompt: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies related to the baby can not display. read more

Secret died, domestic anonymous social in jeopardy, who will be next

anonymous social applications Secret CEO David · Byttow (David) on April 29th announced that he would close the company, will be returned to investors financing:

"unfortunately, Secret failed to show the vision I had when I started this company. So I think it’s the right decision for me, our investors, and the entire team to close Secret. I don’t think we have succeeded in driving Secret growth."

Secret angel, A, B round of financing $35 million, the valuation of up to $100 million, and then announced the closure of a total of only 9 months. In its heyday, Secret in Brazil, Sweden, Israel, Mexico and other 8 countries App Store download list ranked first. read more

CCTV exposure hand travel data fraud amazing a two channel technology is very brush list


technology news (Le Tian) May 30th news, Mobile Games has always been considered a high income industry, however, found on CCTV before the survey, Mobile Games industry crazy brush single, recharge water and other acts of unfair competition, seriously disrupting the order of the market Mobile Games.

found in the CCTV survey, a self occupied Mobile Games brush list 50% of the market share of the enterprise, the person in charge of the brush standings behavior control more than 9 thousand and 700 ApPStore mobile phone to Mobile Games products, each mobile phone can restart 100 times. read more

Minister of industry and Li Yizhong rectification of personal website efforts will increase

Economic Observer network special correspondent Meng Hong the morning of March 8th, the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong said in an interview with Phoenix TV Sally Wu, during a recent reorganization of the Internet, the website uses some overkill, but not for personal websites blocked. At the same time, Li Yizhong also said the intensity of rectification efforts will increase.

Phoenix TV Q & a Shenzhou host Sally Wu, recently conducted a special interview with the column in the column, involving the Internet, 3G, such as the issuance of licenses. read more

The school graduation man gambling website 1 years 280 million money was sentenced

Original title:

school graduation man opened gambling sites a year money 280 million yuan

A 27 year old man

graduated from technical school, not willing to participate in the "black color" win lose less, so he opened two black color website, recruitment agency, development member. Two black color website registered members reached more than 20 thousand people, hundreds of people online everyday, a day of the maximum amount of bets more than 600 yuan. More than 1 years of time, two black color website absorption of gambling betting $280 million, behind the dealer and web proxy profit nearly ten million yuan. read more

Qihoo 360 informed internal corruption case two employees were transferred to public security organs

Qihoo 360 informed internal corruption case: two employees were transferred to public security organs

[TechWeb] May 15th news reports, after BAT announced after the 360 crackdown of corruption within the company, today also to form the internal mail to employees informed of two internal corruption case, the suspects have been transferred to public security organs.

360 internal e-mail shows that in 2014 the company received the real name of the Ministry of supervision report, said LAN Moumou, Ma alleged fraud. After receiving the report, the 360 companies attach great importance to the contents of the report, the establishment of a special investigation team. read more

MT in 2010 to investigate and deal with the phone off the yellow website 100 thousand

the fourth quarter of 2010 the basic telecommunications enterprise user complaint classification statistics


technology news January 28th news yesterday, the Ministry issued a notice in 2010 the quality of telecommunications services, announcement shows that in 2010, the Ministry of communications and the local authority to accept telecommunications service complaints 71938 people, annual millions of users complaint rate for 62.6 passengers, declined in 2009. Three basic telecom companies a total of more than 178 sites investigated, closed or investigated the mobile phone site more than 10 yellow. read more

Today, QQ chat dialog blocked all the.CN text chat

        webmaster basically 95% in the use of QQ  as instant messaging contact tool.     today 12.18, QQ chat dialog to block all of the.CN domain chat text. In the QQ dialogue, QQ group, have been screened with.CN domain name. All chat with.CN can not be displayed. Easy to cause misunderstanding.   in my personal QQ, there have been many, I sent to each other’s information, others can not see, others sent to me, I can see nothing. One day there are dozens of such problems.   for this reason is the technical failure of Tencent, Tencent or special treatment, there is no official statement. You can test the QQ in the   any one of the www.**.cn domain name   do not send out. When you want to send a chat with domain name information, please remove the WWW to inform the other party, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

  read more

Summit dialogue interpreting the commercial value of the new economy

The first issue of the

Summit: interpreting the new economy and finding business value

webmaster network June 24th afternoon news, the financial tsunami under the new economic development forum on the Internet this afternoon at the The President Hotel in Guangzhou, the webmaster website reported this forum.

for the following text record:

anchor: the next 2009 South China Internet Conference and national tour event second user IDC theme part, commercial half turn crises into opportunities, we will invite the Internet entrepreneur and industry elite, for peak dialogue, the first question is: the interpretation of the new economy, the commercial value, please have the following this summit dialogue Moderator: Yesky founder Lin Jun, the dialogue is: read more

From the mighty YAHOO is almost not worth a hair how to play dead

YAHOO is dying. This time it’s real.

April 18th, after countless struggles, salvation and rebirth, the first to find a business model of the Internet, the first market value of billions of dollars, the company has created great economic miracle of the Internet, announced as long as someone bid about 4 billion to $8 billion, then you can take the Internet once the envy of the world’s core assets.

and the current market feedback, most buyers to bid $3 billion, compared to its peak in 2000 has exceeded the $130 billion market capitalization of the brilliant, a bit like to pass the beggar. read more

Golden week online purchasing tickets quietly restored gray areas to be standardized

According to

China sound "peak Evening News" reported that before the May Day holiday this year, the railway department has issued an important announcement that, in addition to 12306 this website, not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale and purchasing services, while the non line generation point of sale to the electricity supplier to provide votes. For a while, the number of sites to provide train tickets have to leave. But with the double golden week is coming, some purchase train tickets website quietly purchasing business recovery. read more

Micro the domain name registration 19.9 yuan the linkage of the world of micro perspective

Since the WeChat

products, a variety of micro products in the "micro" products emerge in an endless stream someone special inventory, "micro" brand products have 11, WeChat, micro-blog,, and other micro cloud products emerge in an endless stream.

micro products related to the domain name


can also be seen here, "micro" theme product is very promising, and promising industries or products can catch it with the domain name, the domain name is the heat as can be imagined, has done fast products or will launch products related to how high we can know, check the related domain name, all were sold. read more

GJJ type of Web site where to go

      GJJ was successful in the year, a new site like the site, relying on the contribution of IP to enhance the ranking of the site, trendy and exciting, but the rest of the passion is only a near dusk lunch.

      I do not know since when, the type of GJJ a large number of websites on the Internet, is almost a replica of GJJ. This makes me think of that year after the success of the hao123, the web site is overwhelming. Isn’t there always like this? No innovation, see others succeed immediately to copy, others see the article, immediately went to the site of plagiarism. The epidemic, presumably, as long as there is a webmaster should do it, whether business is not operating, casually pull procedures do good acquisition and then put into space to go, perhaps no one hundred years visit. read more

The first nternet domain name registration after 25 years of change

August 28th morning news, according to foreign media reports today, the domain name investment company Investments has bought the Internet’s first registered domain name

computer manufacturer Symbolics registered domain name in March 15, 1985. Although another domain name to create a few months earlier than, but the latter is the first domain name registration process through the domain name. Although the world wide web has not yet been invented, the concept of the Internet has emerged. In fact, the first TCP/IP based wide area network as early as 2 years ago, domain name has begun to operate. read more

Facebook was $200 million investment in Russian network company

                May 27th Beijing time news, social networking site Facebook said, from a Russian network company received a $200 million equity investment, the valuation of the transaction on the site for $10 billion.The

website said in a statement, the Russian company Digital Sky Technologies (Digital Sky Technologies) acquired 1.96% of the shares of ownership, and plans to buy the site at least 100 million dollars worth of common shares from existing shareholders Facebook. read more

YY philosophy of survival not too high value-added services as a booster

1 years ago to play YY company CEO Li Xueling said at a conference on the YY speech growth story, said the product is not mature to low-key, give yourself a lifetime, until they grow. He also suggested that entrepreneurs, when the product is not ripe to give a longer period of survival, do not be too high-profile opponents eyeing.

now play YY company submitted the prospectus, earnings for the first time exposure, the industry immediately noticed the house deliberately low-key company, and for the rapid growth of the speed are amazing: YY registered users reached 400 million, the three quarter profit in the latest quarter net income of 188 million yuan, an increase of 163%. read more

Google why is defeated again

      want to say today is actually very simple, that is what what is the real localization, what kind of things have a market, this looks very simple, before I also talked about is not simply English for Chinese, even reached the localization, localization is the basis of respect the user’s habits, the following with Baidu and Google; eBay and Taobao; Yahoo and SOHU English compared to illustrate the problem.

      first with Yahoo and SOHU English said to portal, although Yahoo in Chinese influence is not how, but in other countries with a great reputation and put aside the management idea, some differences, single page design said directly affect the user experience, English Yahoo and SOHU have great differences. This difference is caused by different user groups, this property contains many aspects, such as the Internet, form the habit of reading comprehension of the network, and so on, even with huge differences between Chinese characters and words English Chinese. The designer I said this, Chinese characters have ups and downs, deformation is also difficult, if placed in a simple line that the entire layout is boring, on the contrary, the lack of fun, English strewn at random is easy to express the interest between the lines. read more

WordPress to do the mother tongue of the nternet

"will come true one day, isn’t it?" said Schneider, chief executive officer of peacekeeping, and how to make use of WordPress.

(Matt Mullenweg) contact Mourinho lunwei blog, or Houston, a 19 year old university of the first grade students. He explained that his personal website continues to develop, the need for more powerful publishing tools to replace the one he liked, but has been forgotten by the market open source publishing tool b2. "If you can develop a set of Movable Type, the flexibility of the TextPattern grammar analysis function, B2 expansion and Blogger easy integration in the software." He enumerated the characteristics of the popular blog tools said, "one day it will happen, right?" read more

The low rate of return does not guarantee the banking P2P platform to increase trust and substantive

low rate of return does not guarantee the banking P2P platform to increase trust and substantive investigation

Huaxia Bank P2P platform is being built, will be launched in the near future, will learn and study the practice of China Merchants bank." 20, the general manager of Huaxia Bank SME credit department Lu Xiaoqun told reporters on twenty-first Century economic news.

Huaxia Bank responsible person believes that to truly ease the financing of small and micro enterprises expensive, or should rely on banks as the main channel, P2P is undoubtedly one way. read more

When the nternet into a large resource competition stage, bitter or people

said the world trend, long, long time. The bitter war between the two countries, are always the people, the Internet resources of the mixed force war battle, bitter or user.

case 1: online video have copyright

in order to support its video mango TV, Hunan satellite TV today determined to limit the new media. Lv Huanbin said in a statement: "in the future, Hunan satellite TV has made a complete program of intellectual property, will only broadcast from" Mango TV "in Internet copyright never distribution, to build their own Internet video platform." read more

Electricity supplier data war behind the interests of disputes touch the most sensitive nerve

a ripple, a "price" data touched the most sensitive nerve electricity providers, Jingdong (micro-blog) and Taobao mall system "war" again. Yesterday, according to Alibaba (micro-blog) claims of "Jingdong mall early in October last year, prices rose more than 15% of the data report Amoy network released its a Jingdong, said prices may not refer to the mall, a Dutch act behavior; strangely, along with the Jingdong mall price war Dangdang net was with Jingdong (micro-blog) standing in the same camp. A data report caused by the corporate war has exceeded its own significance, and behind the interests of the data is more intriguing. read more

Reservation, another effective O2O marketing model

yesterday wrote an article "the pursuit of the perfect O2O closed loop mode, not to make a big cake" post, will soon have a few friends to contact the author, which is related to work a friend is engaged in O2O marketing, his company plans to achieve closed-loop model perfect, then officially listed the operation, while their competitors have started and the next line of business to discuss cooperation matters, so the more anxious friends. The author and his marketing ideas are consistent, want to cultivate a good market, and then slowly realize O2O closed loop, perhaps because each traditional industry channel experience because of it, it will be relatively close to thinking. read more

PHLPS tuniu + lewd cross-border to join the tour to enjoy double vision

recently, the field of 3C display market ushered in the upgrading of tide like a raging fire, one of the most impressive is the number of "lewd +" series display, not only attractive, even the name of cross-border cooperation play fast.

the summer two season, this is the peak travel, the peak will be continued until October golden week. PHILPS and tuniu why go together? The answer is the color! PHILPS’s global headquarters is located in Holland, is one of Europe’s most rich countries and gray, "Randy +" series display is the industry giant Holland PHILPS’s flagship of a wide gamut of star products. read more

2009 the second e-commerce Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Shanghai in June 25th

broke the news: June 25th Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel And Towers, ShopEx with the domestic well-known e-commerce on the school on behalf of the network invited many heavyweight guests, teach the marketing crisis Breakthrough Road, sharing success cheats e-commerce! This forum by Fudan University scholars, the first financial commentator Mr. Jiang Changjian chaired featuring iResearch Yang Weiqing, President of electronic commerce magazine editor, the famous scholar Ting Chao Zhao and Lining group, the Jingdong, the mall, wheat bags, VANCL and other company executives will live on the road. In addition, many celebrities — VC IDG, Softbank, Jinsha River venture, Lenovo investment will also attend e-commerce site reviews participating business guests, looking for potential investment targets. The pinnacle of wisdom, wonderful collision, the climax of read more

Traditional enterprise is the protagonist of O2O in the future how to change the role of electricity

electricity supplier local life service

many users love to open mobile phone map, then search for businesses around the preferential information, such as catering, entertainment, hotel and so on, which is the main performance of O2O mode is mainly at present, mobile commerce. In fact, the mobile Internet is not a mobile provider to the user, but mobile commerce, the protagonist is a traditional enterprise. Electricity supplier to the end of the PC mode translation to the mobile terminal may not work. Mobile commerce era, the role of electricity providers will change it? read more

Baidu Taobao Tencent website alliance to millions of small owners.

China has a number of personal webmaster CNNIC latest data is that the domestic small and medium sites up to 3 million 230 thousand Cai Wensheng, chairman of the site, said the site, which more than one million personal website.

through the Adsense model from Google to get advertising into, after their important survival.

when Google will move to Hongkong China server, these millions of personal webmaster, before thinking ", as one after another to decide on what path to follow" the local Internet giant throwing hydrangea. read more

The social network marketing practice of network marketing

long wanted to write such a network marketing in their own understanding, and the use of skills. Network marketing has become an indispensable way to promote the enterprise, this is beyond doubt. And, in the next few years, the network marketing will continue to heat up.

a few days ago to see such a department of statistics, said in 2009 the most popular professional network marketing ranked third. For the network marketing this new thing, has shown a strong competitive ability, engaged in network marketing staff monthly average of five to six thousand. Network marketing engineers average monthly income of up to seven to eight thousand. read more

Ma came to Putian shoe manufacturers do business, is to combat fake

Abstract: "China made" will exist as a long-term independent channel. In contrast, users easily confused "Amoy brand" refers to the attachment to the growth of Taobao’s brand, is a process from 0 to 1; and the "China matter made" is more like a process from 0.5 to 1, Taobao hopes to help those who already have some basic but not the establishment of brand enterprises, to complete the upgrade.

was originally just an unknown brand of sports shoes in Fujian, Putian. On the night of March 29, 2015, the boss Song Bin overjoyed, a lightweight running shoes to their home in the shop on the line less than two days, immediately sold out 20 thousand pairs. read more

Entrepreneurship by Sheng and Hongkong why not become Silicon Valley

introduction: Hongkong, the low tax preference policy, efficient government, perfect the basic communication network and the global recognition of the legal system, but why Hongkong cannot become the Silicon Valley


"this year, in the end there is no one is willing to be a superman?" Li Jiacheng’s business partner and friend Zhou Kaixuan tell you that the answer is negative, "this year no one wants to be a hero, but no one wants to be a superhero."

over the past few decades, Mr. Li Jiacheng was called "Li Chaoren", is the Chinese entrepreneurs, including the Chinese community in Hongkong. In recent years, however, the entrepreneurial spirit he represents has been challenged in Hongkong. read more

Business search will lead the arrival of the era of network economies of scale

world is a for profit, all creatures were toami (to)! When a new generation of China merchants love network, when businessmen love business search, the world will "to web"!

network economy, with the globalization of the world economy, go forward with great strength and vigour, a trend which cannot be halted. But the real economy over the same period the economic scale of peak time, only when all the businessmen are in the use of the network, to our delight, this era has been coming!

network world, from scratch, from numerous to jane! read more

Legend achievements Chen Tianqiao has not been able to keep the grand group

almost every successful entrepreneur will own success because of the dream and the cause of the stick and stick. The road of entrepreneurship, is always full of thorns bumpy road, can get real, totally depends on success through the 99 to eighty-one. The philosopher tells us that in the face of difficulties, never down, don’t give up. However, this seemingly simple truth, how many people can do it? Chen Tianqiao’s demise, in addition to not be able to hold the heart, what else?

  read more

The world’s largest porn website push charging service no advertising more HD


technology – Beijing morning news on August 7th, the world’s largest pornographic website Pornhub has launched a paid service. The service mimics Netflix, which charges $9.99 a month. Pay service provides 1080p HD resolution, high speed servers, and some exclusive content.

desktop and notebook web users are unable to use this service. The company said it is currently developing Android and Roku applications, and these applications will soon launch. The company even promised to integrate virtual reality features in 2016, but did not disclose the realization of virtual reality. read more

Stationmaster net Shandong branch of the grand line!

Shandong webmaster to rise, Lee shouted out a new

      today, June 6th, is a good day. Shandong webmaster have a happy thing in the good days, admin176 (head up) – station network (Admin5) Shandong Branch officially launched. In the early stage of the preparatory work, a grassroots leader Zhang Zhengjun China Lu graph king webmaster recognized help, was able to successfully launched here on behalf of the admin176 staff to express my heartfelt thanks to graph king, we will put the graph king enthusiasm and selfless dedication to more webmaster.
      Shandong as a big economic province, Haier, Hisense, Luneng, wave and many other well-known enterprises, IT hardware class, Shandong online number second in the country, but the development of the Internet is relatively backward in other coastal areas, due to the far-reaching influence of the thought of Confucius and Mencius, Shandong has always been introverted and the relatively conservative ideology, the emerging Internet industry in Shandong is not good enough, not big enough. Fortunately, Shandong people have been aware of these issues, are trying hard to break through, Shandong webmaster immoderation, emerging Internet grassroots forces are making unremitting efforts. read more

Liu Xingliang micro-blog is the next two or three years to lead the largest platform for innovation

internet lab President Liu Xingliang


technology news January 8th afternoon, Adworld interactive marketing world held today in Beijing, IPS strategic development director Xiabo said Sina Technology interview, micro blog ( may be the next two or three years to lead the largest platform for innovation.

below is the full text of the interview:

Moderator: Sina

friends, good afternoon! I now is the location of the Oriental Jun Yue Hotel, held here today is the Adworld2010 interactive marketing forum, we are happy to have Mr. Liu Xingliang, President of the internet lab to give us a talk last year the entire Internet industry hot topics and features of Internet innovation he paid attention to the problems first of all, please Wu to you say hello. read more

Daily topic Baidu High German navigation navigation navigation free navigation era

webmaster network ( August 29th news yesterday, Baidu announced navigation APP free, followed by High German also announced the High German navigation APP also free. This also allows navigation to enter the free era. This is only one of the two announced after the first free can not help but feel the smell of gunpowder!

Baidu navigation relevant responsible person said, relying on the tide of the mobile Internet, free navigation software is the trend, both the cost of navigation software will be free to subvert the pattern of Baidu navigation. Three hours later, the High German announcement, announced the main profit business High German navigation permanent free. "High German navigation ‘free of charge, is a deliberate decision. We hope that through this move for more owners to provide professional navigation services and a full range of value-added services around the driving trip, to further facilitate their travel and life." High German chairman and CEO from Wu said: free, High German will remain unchanged two. First, the ‘High German navigation’ R & D investment unchanged, two is the commitment to service users unchanged." A high German insiders, in fact is the High German navigation free strategy has long been identified, is preparing for tomorrow held a news conference to announce, did not expect Baidu first announced a free policy, let High German be taken by surprise. read more

Everyone is from the media, everyone can do from the media

I have done since the media has been a period of time, did not think he would have one day, will become a media. People from the media’s loudest slogan is that everyone is from the media. This is undeniable, everyone has the right to comment freely, but, everyone can do from the media?

recently, the circle of friends often see some people from the media every day insist on writing, insist for you valuable dry cargo transportation. However, just do these is not enough, how can we do from the media, I think the need to have the following conditions: read more

Q & a site Quora plans to finance $50 million valuation of $400 million

Quora currently only 30 employees, valuation has reached $400 million.


technology news Beijing time on April 23rd morning news, according to U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reports, informed sources, the U.S. social Q & a website Quora is B round of financing $400 million valuation, the amount of financing between 30 million to 50 million U.S. dollars.

, according to informed sources, although attracted some heavyweight investors, but the company co-founder Adam · DAngelo (Adam D Angelo) also hopes to participate in this round of investment, the maximum may reach $20 million. read more

The first domestic legal business green dog network infighting iffy

a legal insider said, after the green dog network mainly by sending letters to delete the letter to get income. CNR financial network Beijing on June 25th news (reporter Tang Ming) according to voice of the economy, the "world" report, the first domestic legal business green dog network was leaving employee rights, a feud started.

a green dog network employees told the world company, has been submitted to the labor arbitration department to apply for arbitration, requiring the green dog network to pay compensation for the illegal termination of labor relations. read more

Daily topic video sites into the tragedy of the copyright crisis caused by homemade drama into life-

A5 ( station network May 27th news recently, the video industry is news constantly, Ali shares excellent soil soon, then Hunan announced under the program in the future no longer cooperate with other new media, all the mango TV broadcast alone! The world cup this year, CCTV is not open to any video site broadcasting rights, only through their own CNTV broadcast. Video site can be described as a tragedy!

for video website copyright is a big pain point, and good content can bring traffic, so the major video sites have at high prices to buy the broadcast rights alone. read more

The 3Q war the Supreme Court upheld the trial of second instance may

the "3Q war" the supreme law trial


lasted 3 years, continued concern 3Q war Zaixianbolan, Qihoo 360 v. Tencent monopoly case hearing yesterday in the Supreme People’s Court of second instance. The case is not only the antimonopoly law for more than 6 years the Supreme People’s court’s first case of Internet antitrust, and this time the Qihoo 360 raised 150 million yuan compensation, but also China’s Internet history of litigation is the largest amount of monopoly case. read more

Alibaba to enter the search on Microsoft Sogou two ships

"although the commodity search is limited to, in fact, be sure to do a Amoy future full network type" one-stop shopping platform ", Jingdong, mall this electronic commerce website could consider cooperation within the scope of." – – in an interview, informed sources told this reporter, said.

day before the Alibaba, the group’s shopping search engine "a cat" quietly on the line, but it is somewhat surprising is that the partners is a Microsoft Corp search engine (Bing). Because on Monday, the Sohu’s spin off company Sogou search engine has just announced the end of October, the Alibaba of Sogou’s investment plan is nearing completion. read more

Webmaster, still posting f you want to succeed, you should change your mind

before the official start of this article, a brief introduction to personal background: 06 years began to study SEO, webmaster circle, the best time to personal blog SEO keyword row to Baidu’s second page. Later ran the portal, B2C mall, is a veteran in the webmaster business for more than 8 years old, now have their own operating companies.

said so much, is to show that I am not a novice, on the contrary, the time to mix the circle may be longer than most people. The following related content, no advice, just a person’s words from the bottom of the heart. read more and other 7 digital domain overseas stolen value of about $4 million

renamed China ( July 3rd hearing, according to the domain name,, broke the news,,,,, and other 7 days ago in the digital domain name stolen, according to industry estimates, the total value of the stolen domain of about three, four million yuan, at present, the domain name has been transferred to the GODADDY platform.

it is understood that the domain had hosted on the enom management platform, the specific identity for the domain administrator temporarily unknown, for reasons of domain name theft also is not known, but because of theft usually tries to take a relatively low price, fast to get rid of the stolen domain name, so investors do not buy the stolen domain. read more

A gold mine that you don’t know

According to the

security domain and the Internet in the field of global leader Wei Ruixin (VeriSign, Inc.) in 2015, the latest release of the domain name industry, as of September 30, 2014, the total number of registered global top-level domain reached 284 million.

because of the continuous development of e-commerce, in recent years, domain name trading has been very hot. In early 2014, millet phone to $3 million 600 thousand (about 22 million 430 thousand yuan) heavily, the acquisition of the domain name "", and after the Jingdong is to spend $30 million, the acquisition of the high priced 2 letter domain name read more

Taobao Taobao recruitment ultimate cheats customer seller

first article: to understand how Taobao customers choose products

1, Ali mother background search to find


– General will search to the promotion of the target in the background when Ali Mama, baby in the search for the promotion of Amoy who has several major factors that determine your search rankings:

30 days, the 30 day promotion commission expenditure amount, the rate of commission, the commodity price, the cumulative amount of promotion.

so we always want to focus on these factors to grasp and promote your products, comprehensive grasp of good! read more

A wave failed CMS five points on the development of the software industry, the status of China

I was invited to attend the 2014 New Year’s Day held in the ancient city of Ganzhou in the house of the "2013 Jiangxi Internet association," to tell the truth the whole year will be relatively short, but although yet exciting, including A5, 360 Large Hadron Jijun Guo V full scene, the waves from Shanghai CMS beauty director at the end of the small Xian on a thin gold body Heart Sutra calligraphy works, let all participants with a partner due to sit up and take notice, "exclaimed CMS wave first, China IT in calligraphy circles overwhelming step light dust!" also let me into deep thinking. read more

The advantages and disadvantages of physical stores and online stores

my business for many years, in 2002, I began to do a shoe store, now has five stores. Later, around with friends in business, I also opened a shop, with more and more money to earn, I more want to put their own experience and to share with you today, I will first talk about the feeling of the shop store and shop it, I hope to help a friend to do business.

one, investment, operation and risk

my first physical store investment of almost 70 thousand, the investment of the 200 thousand, the third of the 360 thousand, and now, I am in HiShop, my shop opened an online free online shop. You know, open a store generally need high cost, including rent, water and electricity, staff, publicity, and tax! "I open a shop in the shops, these costs are free, but the risk is far less than the shop, the store, such as shop without fear of theft, fire and other irresistible factors. read more

Seven days no reason to return, the effect of the electricity supplier to expand the scope of the sc

[Abstract] electricity providers to expand the scope of the "no retreat" commodity, so that consumers should have the right to discount. 10 appliance manufacturers interviewed by.

original title: seven days no reason to return, the effect of consumer frustration for 3 months

in March 15th this year, the implementation of the newly revised consumer protection law gives consumers seven days no reason to return rights. Law has been in force for more than 3 months, many consumers are in the exercise of the right to frustration. read more

How entrepreneurial companies do public relations, old school a good story


, to give brother

Some time ago,

Luo conference once again maxed out the circle of friends, seems to be the mainstream media are very happy to see a personality kuangjuan are beginning to converge slowly, although in the process of the old Luo more or less showed reluctance, but most of them look out, fat tired. Of course I can’t comment on the old mobile phone, refer to the king freely, after all the small life is important; but the old public relations aspects of the watch is still good. So this article does not blow, not black, simply analysis from the angle of public relations, how entrepreneurs like Luo, tell a good story of resonance. read more

Phoenix nest professional version will take over Baidu search promotion system

October 27th news, Baidu today announced that since the beginning of December 1, 2009, Baidu search promotion professional edition will be the only search for the promotion of Baidu products, the overall management of the promotion of the promotion of all promotion positions. This means that some time ago Baidu search to promote the success of the promotion of professional platform, Baidu management to great confidence.

it is understood that Baidu search promotion professional edition is also known as phoenix nest system. Since April 20th this year on the line, "phoenix nest" because it has more and more management promotion Keywords, more powerful, more sophisticated management features, won the majority of customers is highly recognized in half the time, more than 70% customers take the initiative to complete from the Baidu search promotion version of the classic "migration to Phoenix the nest". Many of Baidu’s corporate clients have said that although the classic version solves the "precision" of the problem, but the requirements for the enterprise search marketing has become increasingly high, "phoenix nest" advocated by the management, optimize the comprehensive marketing system to pursue a better promotion effect for the enterprise more attractive". read more

U.S. online sharing and communications site Meebo financing $27 million 500 thousand

Sina Technology News Beijing time on December 21st afternoon news, the U.S. online sharing and communications company Meebo announced on Monday that the company has completed the fourth round of financing, a total of $27 million 500 thousand.

reported a month ago, Meebo’s fourth round of financing is about to be completed, but at that time reported a total of $25 million. The current round of financing led by Khosla Ventures, other institutions involved include Sequoia Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Time Warner and JAFCO. read more

Parenting Network new domain name is not afraid to be enabled by a low-key cottage

May 3rd, according to insiders, Parenting Network (formerly Aibao Mommy nets) officially opened the domain name, before the old domain includes all two domain names are 301 redirect processing. The new domain name enabled activities in the May Day holiday low-key, which marks the Parenting Network is stepping into the mature development of the road, showing the shape of its image, to create a brand and strategic direction of outstanding personality.

happy to adhere to the rapid development of read more

Phpwind Ji’nan exchange will be awesome Shandong nternet entrepreneur

"search for new opportunities, meet new friends" place in the exchange will be held successfully in Ji’nan in March 5th, the Shandong area nearly 300 owners of the atmosphere overflowing passion.

the meeting by Ali group’s universal station software and service provider phpwind to join the Taobao alliance held, Sohu micro-blog live micro-blog live broadcast. The meeting aims to integrate the Alibaba, Taobao group Taobao platform merchants, payment system, Ali cloud computing, phpwind and large local community resources and valuable experience, the Alibaba’s overall e-commerce platform, community construction platform of excellent technology and products to the Shandong area of Internet entrepreneurs. read more

WeChat reduced enterprise certification threshold in addition to all the materials outside the lette


reduced enterprise certification threshold: in addition to all the materials outside the letter without stamp

[TechWeb] December 17th news, WeChat today announced the simplification of enterprise certification program. The use of the number of 1000 people following no need to submit any scale proof; relaxation enterprise naming; in addition to the official letter of application, all materials are no stamp.

specific from the following five aspects to reduce the number of enterprise certification threshold: read more first appeared Yao Jinbo said the 58 acquisitions will invest 1 billion yuan

Sohu Science & Technology / Yang Shufang

the afternoon of July 23rd, was the 58 city after the acquisition of debut in front of the public. As a new representative is the appearance of the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, including the new development strategy of also announced by the old yao.

Yao Jinbo said that the 58 city is expected to invest 1 billion yuan to support the development of This part of the funds will focus on team building and marketing. Apart from the money, he also intends to tilt in personnel and resources. Such products will be part of the city’s 58 team in, as well as through outdoor advertising, television, film and television drama Title implantation, reshape the brand awareness. read more

Fake website cost only one hundred dollars to regulate the nternet home

fake, although the figure in the Taobao home page layout, but there are a lot of different colors, logo and other identical, did the "spirit" has been reported before, to management for consumer checks.

Mr. Wang in the online shopping, fake Taobao Alipay page cheated 200 yuan, this surprising thing is not the first place. Reporter survey found that the low cost and management of the production of fake sites is not strict, giving a huge living space fake website. read more

Chengdu two men steal 35 million 850 thousand game gold jailed for 10 years

news February 6th, the Chengdu intermediate people’s court before the law concluded together through the network game to steal game player game gold sold for the giant money case, the court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to theft, to eleven years imprisonment and fined eighty thousand yuan, another defendant was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, fined a fine of thirty thousand yuan.

At the same time

crime on the two defendants and detained by the public security organs, 160G 250G hard disk 2, the host computer 27 Taiwan, 29 Taiwan flat-panel displays will be confiscated, the public security organs to arrest illegal income car 1 small town to be recovered. read more

Jet Li founded Kung Fu vertical content site street power into the short video industry


technology news February 21st news, today launched by Jet Li, kung fu class vertical website content and its English force street name officially launched, the future of the platform will be released on its own team to create and place in the world, the original kung fu kung fu series of video. Jet Li forwarded the relevant news in micro-blog.

official, street force is a Kung Fu, to knight spirit and life style as the spiritual core of Kung Fu sports entertainment content production and promotion platform, the target audience for the world. Its core business includes Street based network media community, its own team led original video content, as well as the emerging IP derivatives generated by the above two operations. read more

Google false advertising suspected of being implicated in fraud

            December 4th Heilongjiang TV news night exposure caused by Google Advertising fraud.

              07 years of Guangzhou Honda, 90% new, non non pirates rob, license, not to sell thirty thousand. Longjiang used car network this link advertising attracted the attention of the Harbin people’s attention! Telephone contact, the other party requires one thousand yuan deposit. The money has passed, and the other party has made new demands. Said the car from Guangzhou sent to Harbin, need to pay four thousand yuan of the risk of gold! The other car to a box to pay off the balance! The little sun paid four thousand dollars. But the money did not pay long, the other side of the phone, saying that the car has been opened to Wuhan, but the car out of a small problem, need to be repaired, but the driver did not bring money. Ask the sun to pay five thousand yuan to the driver’s account. The car will be in Harbin in three days! At this time, komago a suspicious, each other again and again for money, grew more and more like television. So the sun with a liar to do a deal, but the other side has disappeared without a trace! read more

Google recently updated a number of stations reduce PR PR

Chutian Webmaster Station CHUTIANZ.COM latest news: the number of owners according to reliable sources said this month Google PR value or range will be big update. In fact, Google PR value of the update in June 15th and June 16th have been updated, this station reporter Liang brother found large website PR a lot of PR7 was reduced to PR4 and PR5, and even some PR8 site was reduced to PR3. Here are some of the sites that have been updated by PR at 8 a.m. on the morning of June 17th, and have been reduced by PR: read more

n the face of copyright disputes today’s headlines

days ago, news aggregation technology headlines today received a new $one hundred million round of financing, but the valuation of up to $500 million. The fall, attendant is denounced the media, saying it violated their copyright. Faced with these questions, look at today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming how to say.

The following

geeks Park founder Zhang Peng and today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming dialogue record:

Zhang Peng: why do you think there is an argument about copyright? What are the critics’ demands? read more

Zhou Hongyi product six words just, pain and high frequency

introduction: enterprise most stupid, is to a nonexistent market in money, and as I said, you see the demand is actually a pseudo demand.

text / Zhou Hongyi

for many traditional companies to embrace the Internet and spend money to buy technology is synonymous with nothing but cloud computing, big data, social networking, mobile terminals, these concepts. But it is the so-called Kung Fu in poetry, the only way to test the technical innovation or the user pay, the product can solve the problem of users, can bring value to the user, which is to promote the sales of productive forces, but also to establish competitive differentiation and promote the progress of the industry strength. read more

Video network 2011 domain name aspect those information change corn

last week, potatoes, Sohu video, LETV announced a joint technical measures on Youku’s database search search shielding, video sites and concern, has been leading domestic video showing a "go" situation, is to increase the site competition, is also one of the domain name right. The most powerful element of competition in 2011, the major domestic video website, what are the domain name "


to abandon the brand name domain name – popcorn

Pinyin domain status has been highly respected, although the domestic video website struggles, but some video sites in the domain name strategy layout is a step not slack off, in 2011, May "abandon" popcorn has been used for the domain name, launched a comprehensive Chinese memory more easily 3P domain name, is more protective take, which shows that the degree of attention and popcorn network for the domain name domain name vision, phonetic domain "pomoho" is indeed better remember. read more

CNNC China’s nternet development is changing from quantity to quality

The development of the theme of

[review] China Internet has converted from penetration upgrade to use a deeper level".

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) January 16th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of December 2013, China’s Internet users reached 618 million, a total of more than a year of new Internet users of 53 million 580 thousand. Internet penetration rate of 45.8%, compared with the end of 2012 to improve by 3.7 percentage points. read more

UC site navigation enabled domain to mimic Baidu hao123

renamed China ( April 10th hearing, UC released the PC version of the UC browser in the afternoon, we all know this, but UC also has its own web site navigation, people know relatively little, the domain name for the site navigation

The domain name is very similar to the Baidu

site navigation, renamed China through domain whois information query, registered in 2005, the domain name holder for UC display. Through the domain name information records management system query display, the domain name in March 4th this year for the record. The rest of the suffix domain name, has jumped to, for the bubble site navigation. read more

Beijing small community biggest websites

added the largest community network "who added" suddenly unable to open, which really let love "irrigation" owners with the back rush, we have added to other forums posting on the forum to ask why close, bluntly, feeling very frustrated".

home page added bulletin

resident Mr. Zhao said, July 12th afternoon, as usual he logged "who added" community network, but that has been cancelled "page to the web page navigation". He thought he was a problem with the network, but still can not log after the check. Subsequently, he logged in "small community", found that many owners are talking about the matter. Since the site did not advance notice, we are not informed, many residents speculated that the site may be black". Zhao refresh the Internet every day, but a week later, the site has not yet returned to normal. read more

Five years of wind and rain DNSPod nternational Edition officially launched in March 9th

according to DNSPod official news, after nearly a year of development and preparation, March 9, 2011 DNSPod international version of the official on-line, committed to providing stable and reliable DNS analysis services for global users. Five years ago today, it is the official registration of the domain name day, after its continuous development, DNSPod on 2009 in October to get angel investment and the establishment of the company, began commercial operation. As of 2011, February, DNSPod has more than 230 thousand users, the domain name, the domain name of the record, the daily processing of DNS request more than 2 billion 600 million times a day. read more

The 30 most challenging days of August

Why is

the most challenging?

in August 1st, the country began to block, block during prohibition system cutover and upgrading construction, telecommunications network engineering, and circuit scheduling, service provisioning and adjustment, until the end of the August 25th Olympic games. While the 6 Olympic city block has been from the beginning of July 20th, and will continue until September 20th.


during block due to the issue of information security has been closed at the end of the rear block site must submit the application for restoration, BLOCKOUTS shall not be during the recovery process. IDC (Internet Data Center), suggest that in the Olympic Games during block, some strength is not strong Internet Co, such as interactive website will bring the best interactive columns (such as BBS) automatically suspended website, in order to avoid disconnection caused greater losses. read more

Monster sale Bailout can not be sold or closed will be the parent company Monster to sell the news recently raised concern. Yesterday, insiders told reporters, the acquisition of has been "I work". did not respond positively to the news of the acquisition, but confirmed Monster seeking to sell

Monster in the third quarter of last year net loss of $194 million 200 thousand, from losses reached $233 million. Monster hopes to reduce operating costs through the sale of read more

WeChat store destabilize Taobao zero threshold access needs to pay 20 thousand deposit

introduction: WeChat public platform yesterday officially launched the WeChat store, who opened a WeChat payment function of the certification service is available on the public platform for self application WeChat store function, so as to achieve quick batch add merchandise shop. "WeChat store" on the line, means that WeChat in the public platform to realize access modes of technology "zero threshold", challenge the official Taobao business.


shop is small "Wuzangjuquan" read more

Cai Wensheng Mobile nternet is an important opportunity to follow the next year

in November 19, 2011, by the Shanghai City College of science and technology venture fund, jointly organized by the entrepreneur and the Global Entrepreneurship Week Chinese Station Committee "new venture Master" Finals held in Shanghai International Conference center.

Cai Wensheng, chairman of the era of science and technology,

networking in Beijing as a judge to attend the competition, and made an impromptu speech. He said today that he learned a lot, but unfortunately did not see the projects in the field of mobile internet. Cai Wensheng said that the mobile Internet has changed a lot of things, has really come to people’s side, which contains a lot of opportunities, entrepreneurs should seize the mobile internet. He stressed that not wait until a few years later, next year is very important to follow the point, if you can occupy a certain share next year, there will be great opportunities for development." read more

Nanchang Baowang won the 10 million first venture investment

Admin5 station network October 22nd news network and treasure Co. Ltd. Nanchang venture capital equity investment signing ceremony today in hotels in Jiangxi held. Network of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda office, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangxi province attended the responsible person, business, media, academia, Internet community leaders and professionals as well as Baowang Baoyou a total of more than 150 people attended the signing ceremony.

Baowang ( won the first venture investment of 10 million yuan, Jiangxi Internet industry risk investment for the first time, to strengthen territorial sites, the development of Jiangxi and Nanchang Internet industry will play a positive role in promoting. read more

WeChat began renovation platform found cash back rebate permanent title

July 5th news, WeChat today released the "public platform on the rebate cashback fraud" announcement, pointed out by WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior, to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi behavior, once found such behavior, WeChat will be the permanent title.

WeChat began renovation platform found cash back rebate permanent Title


announced that the WeChat platform that users use WeChat chain, through the WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior. This behavior is mainly to Consumer Commission cash back rebates, rebates and other multi-level and multilayer cashback (illegal example below), to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi scheme and other behavioral characteristics. Its essence is fraud, with high cash back rebates to attract users to participate in the rebate for new users to return the funds to pay for the original user, forming a laminated chain of funds. read more

nvestment 28 billion 300 million yuan! Alibaba strategic stake in Su Ningyun into the second larges

Alibaba today announced a strategic investment of about 28 billion 300 million yuan Suning, becoming the second largest shareholder, Suning will subscribe for not more than $27 million 800 thousand in new shares issued by Ali shares of not more than 14 billion yuan.


technology news August 10th afternoon news, Alibaba and Su ningyun announced a strategic cooperation. The non-public offering of shares of the Alibaba group will invest about 28 billion 300 million yuan in Su ningyun, accounting for 19.99% of the total issued share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Su ningyun. At the same time, Suning will be 14 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 27 million 800 thousand shares of the newly issued shares of Alibaba. read more

Jiubang digital channel denying closed cuts for the internal optimization of all channels are reserv

Phoenix Technology News October 17th news, recent media reports said 3G portal parent jiubang digital began large-scale layoffs, in addition to retain the sports channel, bookstores, most of the rest are directly off the channel. Jiubang digital denied to close the channel that says all channels are reserved, and the layoffs to internal optimization.

Jiubang digital

this morning announced that the company’s 3G portal business implementation of about 100 of the total number of companies accounted for 12% of the downsizing plan, is expected to be completed at the end of October 2014. Jiubang digital said the layoffs is to redeploy resources to strengthen and expand the platform of GO series products, and improve operational efficiency will enhance the benefit of mobile products. read more

About the global cross-border electricity purchase B $30 million round of financing

self cross-border paramita global purchase (hereinafter referred to as "paramita") today announced the completion of $30 million B round of financing, the current round of strategic investment by Baidu, LB Investment, share investment and capital, become Oude round of investors.

in June this year, has just completed a round of "paramita", investors including recently invested in "micro shop", Vickers Capital became the capital of Singapore (Vickers venture capital), a member of the LG family founded LB Investment 4 venture capital. read more

Ali sports and on-line a platform this time it is the turn of running

Pingyu, gaming, running. Platform, platform and platform.

running may be the lowest of all sports, so companies want to run the business. Participate in the Olympic road race such as large marathon operators, and sports brand Nike, it has developed a running APP Nike+Running. Has always wanted to do, China’s sports industry based platform Ali sports also released in June 30th the international network of road running union WORA.

WORA has always been the most talked about platform Alibaba. According to the idea of Ali sports, settled in these platforms, including event organizers, event organizers, sponsors, professional sports associations, as well as sports APP and intelligent hardware technology company. In the conference site, a dozen such companies came to the scene that joined the WORA, including the sports marketing company CSM, donkey mother travel network, tiger running, Wyatt laps. read more submitted PO application the proposed financing of up to $400 million

April 12th morning news, on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted its IPO (initial public offering) listing application documents, intends to raise up to $400 million of funds through the IPO transaction, to be on the New York stock exchange / Nasdaq stock trading symbol JMEI".

documents show that 2011 net loss of $4 million 29 thousand, 2012 net profit of $8 million 104 thousand, 2013 net profit of $25 million 4 thousand; 2011 net loss attributable to common shareholders was $4 million 745 thousand, 2012 net profit attributable to common shareholders was $5 million 124 thousand, 2013 net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of $15 million 806 thousand. read more

A5 topic Double eleven Tmall winner Taobao customers benefit next year or be canceled

webmaster network 15 reported that today, there is news that Tmall in the creation of a single day trading volume of record of 19 billion 100 million, or will be canceled next year, double the activities of the eleven. But whatever the next "double eleven" is to the party, this year’s "double eleven" Tmall is fully deserve the winner, but many webmaster Taobao customers also really benefit.

double eleven Tmall into the biggest winner

in the last week of "double eleven" on the same day, in addition to Tmall mall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall, shop No. 1, China Amazon, easy fast network, electricity providers have joined, desperately crying for "double eleven" price war. Unlike in the past, this year’s electricity supplier war Tmall has become the biggest winner, due to the weak participation of other electricity providers, the basic has become a supporting role. In this year’s Tmall led 11.11 shopping carnival, Ali single day turnover reached $19 billion 100 million, of which Tmall single day turnover of 13 billion 200 million, Taobao’s $5 billion 900 million, far more than last year’s $3 billion 360 million, thus setting a new record. read more

Quick Taxi network transmission taxi software cheat fill Raiders difficult to achieve

central broadcasting network Beijing on January 28th news (reporter Ji Lele) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, recently, a netizen posted two taxi drivers and cooperation on the Internet, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, the reporter interviewed a quick taxi relevant person in charge.

has released two individual users and taxi drivers cooperation on the Internet recently, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, a quick taxi public relations director Ye Yun said that this strategy is difficult to operate in reality. read more

Electricity supplier microfinance profit model has yet to be questioned policy guidance

days ago, Suning Appliance Company Overseas announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong Suning Appliance Limited company and related parties Suning Appliance Group Co., the company intends to jointly initiated the establishment of "Chongqing Suning microfinance limited, registered capital of 300 million yuan to develop, the purpose is" to provide innovative and convenient financial services products the supplier, solve the financing problem". This is following Ali, Jingdong, Suning began to get involved in the supply chain financial services. Some analysts said the huge profits of small loans also attract more and more electricity providers to join. read more

Huge influx of B2B entrepreneurship early, standing on the air but still in the early

Abstract: since the beginning of 2012, there have been B2B projects to get investment. 2014, B2B total financing of the industry reached 5 times the previous year. The little sheep, who had been hiding in a corner of the grass, finally caught the wolf and the tiger.

if the 2014 business is dominated by TOC, 2015, B2B (Internet plus enterprise service) venture capital is taking the line of sight.

but this is not a new field. Ten years ago or even earlier, some companies do business management services began to try to implant the Internet gene. However, compared with the now tens of millions of dollars in financing, over the past ten years, these companies have been in a state of suffering. read more

NetEase, Baidu, unfamiliar street dissemination of pornographic information being investigated

following the "anti pornography · after the net net 2014 special action, the national anti pornography office remediation efforts to increase the deployment from March to September to carry out the" anti pornography · net net 2015 special action. The special action focused websites and illegal websites, lock the micro field of pornographic and other harmful information dissemination behavior put up a pageantry beat. In March 25th, the national anti pornography Office informed pornography · net net 2015 special action of the first case investigation. These cases, including the case of NetEase cloud reading column dissemination of pornographic information, Baidu mobile client fiction column dissemination of pornographic information case, unfamiliar street dissemination of pornographic information and other 3 cases. read more

Adsense network broadcast Tencent Ali group to give way to subvert the video site

1 Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing: one to one marketing is the electricity business trend

Dangdang to ensure that the book category in the industry in an absolute advantage, but also in the development of clothing category. In the days before the end of the 2013 iResearch annual summit of CEO Li Guoqing on books, clothing category, in his opinion selling books with experience in the field of clothing.

news: 1368002462

2 grand literature split and change: the intersection of interests and destiny read more

Jinhua Zhejiang’s first domain name theft case cracked two top-level domain name to the United State

after more than a month of police investigation Jinhua network, 5·, 5 Jinhua science and technology co.. City Public Security Bureau police detachment Changjiang spring proud told reporters yesterday afternoon, cracked the case for some special network enthusiasts, domain name, domain name and website hosting all the Mailbox Manager sounded the alarm.

two top-level domain name to

May 9th, Jinhua science and Technology Co., a report to the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment net, the domain administrator said the company was found in May 5th, which all of the company’s two international top-level domain and by others through illegal means supporting tube site transferred to the GODADDY domain name hosting site is located in the United States from Xiamen 35 Internet domain name, all people information two names were changed, the company has lost control of the two domain name. It is understood that the purchase price of these two domains in 2009 amounted to more than 110 yuan, the current market price is estimated at about 5 million yuan. read more

The first 18 training Comsenz community operators into the west city tour in July

with the arrival of summer, a variety of training courses also came to the peak season. To the Internet for the training of individual owners will be carried out in the end community operations training activities in the summer to make up the popularity. July, this training is about to move into the west, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and the surrounding area to bring together a webmaster web site operation, technical explanation, imparting experience and skills training feast".

It is reported that read more

The 5 inspiration from the nternet bubble survivor

has been 15 years since the crazy Internet boom in 1999. With the first Internet boom of the past few years as a super – Hot initial public offering, the boom peaked after some time. Of course, it beat faster.

today, the lingering memories of the time – luxurious rooftop party, creating metoric IPOs and wealth (at least on paper) — feel both legendary and strange. As the market valuation of Twitter is 70 times that of income, and the cost of the technology center is rising, the debate over whether another era of irrational exuberance is coming, or has come. read more

Red war, Ali’s city is how you lost

The failure of

Spring Festival Red wars, Alipay. War, WeChat red a total of more than 1 billion times, shake the peak reached 810 million times / min; Alipay red number 240 million, the number of 29 million 980 thousand people participated in. Tencent beat ali. You will say that the current market value is not the largest Ali for two are not short of money for the Lord, the market value is really not important, it is important to confidence and future. For a vulgar idea, the two rulers have a son, a girl practicing sword, a less attention, you said is fortune more or than Ali son? Only future now is Alipay, the city lost his interpretation of this article?. read more

Network letter office shut down 128 marriage website is difficult to become a major positive industr


| Li Qing

(the first easy language in May 17th), led by the national network information office, since the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs and the National Women’s Federation, and other relevant departments jointly carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out for 3 months, had to shut down 128 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites (including marriage website channel), and ordered more than 20 site rectification or stop network rectification. In the network letter office announced the rectification work started, the major marriage sites that sound support. The main brand website that, to carry out special rectification in the dating market chaos serious situation, it is necessary for the long-term healthy development of the industry, the industry is a major positive. read more

Shenzhen police cracked the electricity trade through MLM case involving 2 billion

electric maotong held an opening ceremony in the stadium of high-profile. website screenshot

more than 20 principal, the backbone of "line" were arrested, including 26 provinces and more than 21 people about

during the period of probation, MLM veteran Kwak again, in Shenzhen by means of network, the pyramid wearing glossy coat, "flicker" 26 provinces, more than 21 people in 82 large and medium-sized city has become a "line", involving up to about 2000000000 yuan. After 8 months of investigation, the Bureau of Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau in the province, the country has launched last week to close the net action, will Shenzhen, fled to Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places more than 20 Gang principal, captured the backbone. Yesterday, the police interviewed an exclusive interview with this reporter, revealed the case of the detection of the case of large network mlm. read more

Why do say that the small program is an enhanced version of WeChat wallet

WeChat small program is about to release, the entire industry and the commotion! What hand tear Baidu, kick Ali, as if the minutes of the two giants will hang like.

hehe. (new efforts to control their own expression, so that they can keep enough smile……



WeChat search box so difficult to use, you can use it to search? Your mind is not a disease? Demand for general search platform has always been there, the search will not be reversed, but the user use WeChat search program, WeChat search box and has increased the frequency of use. read more

Change the fate of grassroots webmaster

      under the same blue sky

      over the same cloud

      also experienced wind and rain

      with the outbreak in the network era, but have different life

      some people say that character determines destiny, others say that different environments create different people

      why is he still

      cause too much thinking

      sometimes we blame ourselves born late, sometimes we will praise the world change themselves are too busy to attend to all read more

U.S. electricity supplier is also rampant fake flash purchase frequency gun

[Abstract] do not think only of our existence in a lack of credibility of the business community, before the United States Jingdong, selling, countless stories tell us, where there are people, where there is fraud. Looking at the international, is also so. But, after a heavy punishment the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, set up a commercial civilization, in the forgetfulness stuck in an infinite loop.

below this article from the special author Zhang Xian’s online shopping experience in the United States, not personally experienced, it is impossible to say: read more